So, um, Brett Favre no longer wants to be retired?

Brett Favre, according to various rumors/sources, wants to either come back and be a starter for the Packers or be released from his contract unconditionally (meaning he could go play for, god forbid, Da Bears or the Vikings). The Packers on the other hand have responded by saying that they will not just release him and that he can come back and play second string behind Aaron Rogers.

The Packers at one point in the spring were contacted by Favre to talk about him potentially coming back, but he told them that instead he wanted to stay retired UNTIL about a week or two ago?

Is this poor form on the part of Favre for messing with the 'moving on' phase of his relationship with the Packers or should the Packers be thanking their lucky stars that Favre wishes to come back at all?

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