Ottawa Goodjer looking for Room/Apt. for rent

Hey there,

After our landlord mentioned a desire to add a third tenant and raise our rent, my roommate told me she's looking for another place to live. Seeing as how I'm already not crazy about the place, especially not interested in paying three times the rent, nor willing to find two suckers who would live here with me, I'm eager to find somewhere else to live.

Thus, if anyone knows of a a free room or batchelor apt. available in the Ottawa/Gatineau area for a 28-year-old male who is slightly introverted, relatively quiet and clean, and gets outraged when discussing PC game piracy, dropping me the info would be much appreciated. Since I don't know if my roommate has finalized a moving place, 2 bedroom setups are also a possibility although that would require acceptance of a Siamese cat to share the tenancy at the same time.