Toy Home PS3 game impressions

Has anyone tried this game? I'd nearly written it off because it uses exclusively sixaxis control, but then I found out there was a demo.

What a fun game. You pick a windup car and drive around some courses in a house-- bedrooms and kitchens. Each environment is loaded with coins to pick up, and a number of checkpoints to hit in order to complete the level. There's a countdown timer, but it increases if you hit a checkpoint, or knock over enough stuff.

The base game comes with two cars and a few courses. I'd say it's worth the $10 asking price, but for another $7 you can buy six additional cars, more courses and some new game modes.

The reviewers haven't been kind to it-- they lamented the lack of cars and courses (which is remedied if you buy the expansion pack) and the imprecision of the controls (which doesn't matter so much when you remember the object of the game is to knock stuff over)

Has anyone else played it? Apparently there's an online battle mode which might be fun.