All Pro Football 2k8 - Season 3 - Week 7

Rolling the week forward at least here on the message board. Remember that we're on a flex schedule, so stragglers can still get their games in and I can't officially roll the game forward until you've played. But week 6 is old. Ancient, time to keep rolling forward.

DS when do you want to play our game. I free anynight just let me know

I can be free tonight after like 7 or 8 PST. Otherwise tomorrow at 8:30 PST.

As a starting point.

i will be on so i will look for you

I know it's Week 7, but since Grump already gave me my spanking for the week, I'd like to get in my last game of the season. A quick look at the schedule reveal Mr. Prederick as my Week 8 opponent.

What you say, Pred? Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Prederick -- We're up! I'd love to find a time after 10 pm (East) some night soon. Does that ever work for you?

Ertic -- We still need a week 6 match-up!

Totally works for me. Name your night.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all work at 10:00 PM or later for me Firesloth. I look forward to you annihilating me soon.

Prederick and I played our game last night, and I won 35-23. So, I now officially have more wins in this season than the last two combined. However, I think I get two losses every one time I play against Ruthless...

The deciding factor may have been a 2nd Q interception return for a TD by one of my redshirts...either that, or the fact that Prederick had both more beer and more shots than I did. When I was on offense, it was pretty much the Earl Campbell show. Cunningham threw 8 completions, 6 of them to Campbell, and big Earl ran for 167 yards. (On the other side of the ball, Barry Sanders ran for 160 yards...good running or bad tackling last night...given the amount of alcohol, I'd say the latter.)

There was much laughing throughout the game.

So, like this is embarrassing... I don't know who Albo7 is. But I'm playing them this week. Buh?

Albo7 is Ertic...but I haven't seen him in awhile.

I'm still looking to get in a week 6 match.

DS when do you want to play and can we tape to put it on the site. For those fans wondering what scored will be. lol

I can play tomorrow before 9:30am PST and after 12pm PST.

DS i can be anytime now just let me know if you are around or tonight

Bagga you ready to get our game out of the way?

ertic wrote:

Bagga you ready to get our game out of the way?

This reminds me, did Bagga play last week? I show his game as still not having been played.

ertic wrote:

Bagga you ready to get our game out of the way?

I sure am, when's good for you? Tonight around 10:30 or 11 EST would be good, as would Saturday during the day.

DSGamer wrote:

This reminds me, did Bagga play last week? I show his game as still not having been played.

We did play, not sure why the game didn't post. If it were possible for both teams to lose, I'm sure Frankie and I would be the ones to find a way. Actutally, I forget the score, but I did win

bagga you ok for any time today or is Saturday best for you?

Saturday day is much better. That or sunday morning or sunday night.

One game left this week...should we move on to Week 8, the last week of the season, in the interest of getting to the play-offs so we can start season 4??

Oh, and congrats on your win, frankiemumbles!!!

so i guess we will never get to week 8

We can play week 8 now. I'm on my 10th anniversary vacation. I'll create the thread when I get back. I've given up on badgering people to finish their games.

One straggler game left. Otherwise get your week 8 games in and once the straggler game is played we can roll the league forward officially, then hopefully into the playoffs soon.

Ertic, when can you play? We've got to get this game done. Any night this week after 10 PM EST, I'm good. What say you?