Any advice for DivX to 360

Anyone have any recommendations on which file converters to use to try and get some DivX to work on the 360 media center? I checked out Videora converter but was looking for other advice as well before I start trying it all out.

360 will play DivX sir.

Or is there something else going on? I stream stuff to my 360 without problem from my Laptop (Divx of course).

AVi Support:

Streaming Using Media Center

Streaming Using XP

What he said. After PS3 came in with real video streaming for the masses, Microsoft followed suit. Which just shows what assholes they were in the first place for not offering it then.

I might have misread, but I thought the OP was asking for recommendations on software to use when converting to video to DivX that'll produce DivX files that work with the 360. I've been using mencoder under Linux to do that, but anything that can use XviD for video and MP3 for audio should, in theory, be fine.

If on the other hand the question really was "how do I get my 360 to play DivX files?", the answer is that it does out of the box for the most part, but it won't play every DivX file. The 360 supports the MPEG-4 ASP standard, and XviD and modern DivX versions are implementations of that standard, so it all works. Old DivX 3 files use a different standard, though, so they won't work on the 360 without being re-encoded.

I don't read it that way. Maybe he'll come back and enlighten us. FWIW, every file I've tried so far has worked with no coaxing. I'm told the PS3 is better, though.

I guess it's only a problem if you have a collection going way back, with a bunch of older files. When I had a play with it, there were quite a few older files in my collection that the 360 wouldn't play. It's not an issue for me though, since they're all on a HTPC in my lounge anyway