Baseball College World Series

Well this has been quite the story. Fresno State, being the lowest ranked team to be in a finals in 'any' NCAA sport is a cinderella team of dreams. I'm talking just making it to the Champion Series, let alone playing for the(!) Championship. Against them and playing excellent ball with 8th pick of MLB White Sox and other notable players, are the Georgia folks ranked 8th in the Nation. AND now, after both winning a game in the best of 3 series, tonight is the night for one team to play, win and be National Champs. Good luck to both teams.

Legion must be out getting drunk!


Grats to Fresno, I know it means more to them in the big picture, but winning the CWS would have been a good lead in for the Dawg's football season.


Next up: football.

*Legion* wrote:


Next up: football. :twisted:

I would be thrilled with a Dawg vs Dog rematch in football, say in Miami the second week in January. I think the winner might be a slightly different breed of Dawg.

Man, what an amazing tournament they played! Say what you will, but they played big in big games which is what you need to do to win championships!