All Pro Football 2k8 - Season 3 - Week 6

Grumpicus, will you be available tonight? I'll be around.

I should be able to swing that... in about an hour or so. (The kids are still up.)

Rolling the week forward at least here on the message board. Remember that we're on a flex schedule, so stragglers can still get their games in and I can't officially roll the game forward until you've played. But week 6 is old. Ancient, time to keep rolling forward.

So, Ertic and I were finally able to get our game in, after quite awhile.

It was an incredibly close game that I pulled out in OT 31-28. I only stopped his offense twice, but once was the second possession of OT, which gave me good field position for my final drive.

I/He had 74/71 yards rushing, both on 15 carries, 62/63 completion percentage, 127/125 QB rating, etc.

Great, fun game with several lead changes.