Official Age of Conan Wiccana - PvE


wickbroke wrote:

Awesome, awesome. It is just good to see the guild hammering out some groups together. It is good to see plans for guild interaction, maybe the first that I have been aware of in the past month. Besides resource gathering and donating. I am very much looking forward to get grouped up with guildies. Briz/Stengah are in my range. I have checked into Ventrillo the last couple times I have been on, and Wiccanna has been a ghost town. I will load Vent before I start the game from now on.

My work week is a bit chaotic at this time, and I don't think I can make the planned meet tonight, but it sounds like the 50's are set to go on a 5 man rampage.

On a lark, I did start a Barbarian, but I am not enjoying Tortage. I keep trying to maximize my exp/hr. Kinda kills a little of the enjoyment (Yeah, yeah Tina, brother in trouble, whatever, ).

If you want people to use vent then you have to remind them to get on it when you log on. Very few people check it for AOC anymore because its been empty, but that doesn't mean we don't all (or most of us) have it and are willing to use it (maybe with a little prodding )

I always log into vent while I play, but I'm usually the only one in there.

Anyone else back playing since the merger to SET?

thinking about it.

I just got the following in an email from Funcom:

King Conan is calling on all veteran warriors to return to the battle-fields of Khitai!

With new rewards and balance in place since you last visited those eastern shores, great riches are on offer for those brave enough to visit these most dangerous of territories. You can claim a bumper pack of premium passes to each of the Khitai playfield for FREE, just by logging into your account and claiming the item from the store. Completely free, no strings, offers or upsells! This is a limited time offer and you must stake your claim before October the 8th 2012 in order to claim your free premium passes!