Car lovers?

As a person that bought a 350Z when it came out at the end of 2002 (2003 model) and still own that car today, this new one gets a big "meh" from me. I like the performance it will likely have if it remains fairly cheap, but the design is just blah. I don't hate it, but I also don't love it.

I do like that it got away from the catfish grill of the 370Z, but this grill just doesn't do anything for me. I also like that Nissan's gotten away from the check mark in the lights front and rear.

I am a fan of the Z but that prototype is a bit meh for me. The 350 was a very nice design and the 370 is ok. If I had the room/money for a project car I would probably get a 350Z.

I like it. If I had the money for impractical car I'd have one.

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Question: How many true SUVs (to use MannishBoy's term) are left out there still being made? Aren't most just tall cars at this point? Like for Nissan, they no longer have an SUV as the Xterra is gone and the Pathfinder is not really an SUV anymore, right? I don't follow SUVs at all since I do not like them, but my wife loves her Xterra (2005), and is really only thinking about a 4Runner TRD Pro (thanks to our mechanic loaning one to us) right now.

Also, count me as a wagon lover. Got rid of my Subaru wagon (sadly, very small almost useless cargo space) for a better family vehicle (Odyssey) and now I drive around bored.

The large GM triplets, the large Fords, Durango, Grand Cherokee, Wranglers, some of the Range Rovers/Land Rovers, Cayenne, etc.

They're out there, but CUV's are more common to your point.

I’m a big fan of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and Lexus GX and LX models. They’re more plush than ever but also very capable. People just happen to mostly use them to traverse mall medians.

Yeah, I missed the Land Cruiser family. Good catch.

The new Z looks like a knock off the F type Jag and an Aston. I do like the rear tail light panel though.

As a parent of 4 kids, minivans are a god send. We had an older (2008) Kia Sedona for a while until I though it was a great idea to get a big SUV (it wasn't) earlier this year we ended up trading in the Armada for a 2020 Sedona, couldn't be happier. Besides the full size Transit and maybe the Suburban's nothing is really close to cargo capacity and people capacity at the same time compared to the minivans.
So currently we have my 2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop and the Sedona as our main cars. Mini does amazing in my morning school run and the 80 mile round trip work commute, I really do not see anything a point in getting anything bigger.

Looks to me like they’re going for a 70s era Z tribute and doing a pretty good job.

I saw the new Supra in a showroom for the first time the other day. I’d go for that instead.

I hope the Z isn't trying to compete with the Supra. Isn't the Supra like 60 grand?

Yeah, for some reason I thought the Zs were more like 50 grand new.

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Yeah, for some reason I thought the Zs were more like 50 grand new.

They've done a reasonable job keeping the price down on the aging platform. I think they go from low 30's to high $30's. Maybe the NISMO gets into the mid $40's?

That's pretty respectable if you consider my fairly high spec 2003 350Z 6 speed listed for a bit over $33K. It is a Touring model. The only model more expensive was the Track that came with the Brembo's and forged Volk wheels.

But if you don't have to redesign the chassis for 20 years, I guess you can keep costs down In fact, the new ones I suspect still have significant carry over from the Z33/Z34's. They just look too close, and Nissan's in trouble right now and isn't going to give a huge budget to a niche seller.