Car lovers?

mrtomaytohead wrote:

Speaking of chips on cars. My current Impreza wagon has no significant noticeable damage to the hood, but multiple spots on the front of the roof. Has anyone else seen that previously? Also, is there an effective patch on spots that have long since began rusting? Any tutorials? I'm not looking to do tons as this is a 2006 and I just would like to not see rust, but am not super motivated (obviously since I've let it get like this).

Where bugs and rock chips hit I theorize has partially to do with the aerodynamics and shape of the front of the vehicle. Also, it may be that the urethane bumper might lessen the impact of rocks, and save you some chips.

There are lots of sites that will sell you touch up paint. I have never used them, but for basic stuff, I've heard that Dr. Colorchip is relatively easy for what it is. Don't expect miracles. There are youtube videos of the process.