Age of Conan virgin quick question

I saw Elysium's blurb on the front page and I'm kinda curious about this game (also Certis pimping it constantly on the podcast...).

Is there like a free trial available somewhere? I'm a total non-MMORPGer except for some time with Ultima Online, hope it's casual-friendly.

There are 7 day guest passes. There shouldl be a thread discussing them somewhere on this forum.

As far as casual friendly... no idea how it plays post 40. Up to then quite soloable and most quests seem very doable in small time chunks.

7 day guest passes huh? I'd be in on that. Doubt my computer could run it but worth a shot.

Mex referring to himself as a virgin is like Ghandi claiming he's a big eater.

You can request a guest pass here. You're just gonna have to wait until Funcom enables the feature. Right now they're waiting for all the people (400,000 + now) who bought the game to settle in.