Anyone ever heard of GoalLineBlitz MMO football game?

It is a browser type game where the emphasis is on building a player and/or a team. You as a player get a team to pick you up for a contract or as an owner search out players to fill your team out. Players have a lot of stats and skill plus you set your personal strat for each game, while the owners set the team strats and hopefully everyone is communicating and on the same page.

I listen to the podcast all the time and am a lurker/reader on the site but I seen no mention of GLB and it has gotten popular on a couple other sites I frequent. I just started a player there this week which is free then paid to get a couple more after my first game. It may be just dots and numbers but there is a complexion level that calls out to the football fan in me. If your interested check it out here:

If you use that link then I get some points for the referral. So once in and if your interested then I suggest you post your own referral links too. Take care folks and maybe this will pop my bubble and get me off the lurker bench here.

Kind of a weird situation which forum this should go in. Fun game even if you don't really watch football.