Economists Slam Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday plan

Robear there is hope for you yet, you threw gasoline in as an essential... But what you said back there about record price and record profit isn't true. Say you make a flat rate per unit in profit, lets say $.10, now your costs are $2.00/unit last year, and this year do to increase in demand there is a shortage of raw materials, so they went up in price to $3.00/unit, so you sell 10% more than you did last year, while the price has risen by nearly 50%, and your profits are up 10% compared to last year. You make both record profits (because you sell more of the goods, at the same profit per unit) and the price is at record levels (because demand has caused a spike in price). I don't think i'd even call it gouging if you made $.15 per unit of the gas maintains the same ratio of profit to raw material costs.