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Robear wrote:

I bought it, I'll try it this evening. Should be right up my alley.

Interested in your opinion.

Very early, partway through the tutorial, but this is a cross between Battle Academy and a point capture RTS, but just turn-based. UI is a bit wonky, you need to get used to doing things a certain way.

It's like BA in that angles matter, there's front/side/rear/top armor, weapons simulated, etc. Crew members have skills and can "level up" during play. Tactical combat, squads and individual vehicles.

It's like an RTS in that you have skills that can do... interesting things. Like replace dead crew members on the fly (with a 3 turn cooldown lol), or rally to regain lost moral. Crew skills also contribute to movement, spotting, attacks, etc. Scouts can search an area of 3 hexes around them discreetly, without regard to LOS (that's not a bad abstraction). Also, once you get to a capture point (a location assigned for you to attack), and take it, reinforcements instantly appear.

Core units level up and transfer from scenario to scenario in the campaign. Non-Core units are just there for the one fight.

The graphics are beautiful, the sounds seem good, everything is a bit more zoomed in and dramatic than maybe is necessary, but it seems like they have the basics of a turn-based game down. You'll cringe when you put a shot into a Kubelwagen from a Sherman and it doesn't die, but neither does it automatically flee. A second shot in the same turn will likely kill it. Then you can push it out of the way.

There are 3 attacks per turn, which can be 2 attacks and an overwatch/returning fire, or some other combo of the two. You can also fire to suppress a suspected enemy unit in an "empty" hex. That's not a bad system at all.

Overall, still in the tutorial, it's reading like a very good-looking game situated between Battle Academy and a WW2 RTS. Definitely not Combat Mission, but also not Steel Battalions.

Squad Battles: Eagles Strike! is 25% off this week at the Wargame Design Studio store, which is likely the best discount for the next year. It is a very good tactical turn-based game of American vs German combat.

Fantastic blog post on the mechanics of Squad Battles and how they affect your tactics.

Ultimate General: American Revolution is now on Steam wishlist and I really hope it's good.

Natus wrote:

Ultimate General: American Revolution is now on Steam wishlist and I really hope it's good.

It's definitely pretty.