DS: The World Ends With You... the Best RPG You've Never Heard Of?

I discovered that an anime is currently running which summarizes the story of the first game. I don't think there's a dubbed version, only subtitles, if that matters to you.

In the U.S.A., at least, it's being released on HULU:


I've watched the first episode. The story has been changed somewhat and aggressively trimmed to cover all the important plot details as briskly as possible. I'm not sure how it would work as standalone entertainment, but it seems like a good way to learn the plot of the first game, or get a refresher, without entirely (re)playing it.

How does it play in handheld on the Switch?

DSGamer wrote:

How does it play in handheld on the Switch?

My previous comment is at the end of the last page... it's all touchscreen, almost identical to the original. The one significant difference is that controlling your partner now acts basically like another Psych; with Shiki you're tapping foes for her to attack them.