Suggested settings for MLB2k8 season

Frankie and I were talking, no sense in waiting for 2k to release a roster update. It'd be football season by then.


I'm thinking Pro difficulty and tweaking wild pitches and batter power down a bit. Anyone else have thoughts?

However, as I just mentioned in the tournament thread, it appears slider's are not available for 2K8 for league play. Bummer (and many voice this disappointment).

Couple mentioned using sliders for a more realistic game (can slider's be used for on-line, league play? If so, we should agree on some settings and everyone use them. This person mention a few for better play).

EDIT: Here's a nice thread on Slider's from 2k forums. And some links. I think I'll be trying SFGiant's to see how it goes:

ROSTER UPDATES: Came out for April 16th. Mod in 2K say's 'will do this monthly'. But as always, don't hold your breath. As it is, this 16th roster update seem's to be lacking in allot of roster moves (so say's the XBL forums. I've not looked).


ya this update is pretty jed lowrie for the red be honest none of the red sox roster from mlb to single a has changed hardly at gettin sick of this ...'

EDIT: NOTE OF WARNING: A few folks have trouble with freezing when trying to load the new roster. One guy said he finally got it to work after 2 hours of deleting, loading, deleting loading etc. It does not affect the game (the roster freeze). Again, we are recipients of the 'excellent' 2K Sports QC it seems:>)

EDIT 2: I mispoke. It must of been some weird thing with the couple folks that downloaded it (or a secret patch to it went out), but I had no problems with the 'new' roster. Downloaded it fine and loaded it up to play. No problems. And from my view, it had made all the moves for the Seattle Mariners that were current as of 4/16/08. So it seemed properly updated.