8700 SLi Vista help.

Ok so, My new system has dual 8700 GTs and should be fine. However, what i am finding is when I switch them to SLi mode, it gives me a significant decrease in performance. This was very noticable when i was running CoH last night. (20 fps at least)

Now, i have gone to the Nvidea website and the program that the company has (the automatic updater thing) says that I have their newest drivers installed. Is there anything i can do to ...

A) check if the upgraded drivers are correctly working/ installed?
B) get my system to run in SLI better?

Im a bit of a computer noob, so would appreciate any suggestions as I am quite frustrated with the problem.

(using vista 32, with sp1 installed)

The sli drivers from NvIdia are still very green for Vista. Their performance in many games is decreased, rather than increased. You could give the Omega drivers a whirl, download them just about anywhere. They are a very trusted third party driver maker.

Company of Heroes, also requires a fair bit of tweaking to get it working in an SLI or Crossfire set-up. I am sure that relic has a guide of what you need to alter.