Google Searches (Redirect Notice)

So I went to search some things with Google tonight, but every link I click on brings up a page that states the following (this particular search was for Stardock):

Redirect Notice
The previous page is sending you to

If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page.

It is very frustrating to have to click a second time to get to the page I was trying to get to to begin with. This happens with every single click from every single result I get in Google, but it only does it in Firefox -- not Internet Explorer. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this or how I turn it off?

[edit] Okay, so after a bit more digging, I now know it is somehow tied to my Google account (the all-encompassing account). If I am logged into my Google homepage, I get the redirect notice (only in Firefox, not in IE), but if I log out of my Google account, Google searches go through in Firefox without the redirect notice. I can find no setting anywhere within Google that causes this behavior.

So I registered here simply to confirm that you're not alone in this. I started experiencing this...infuriating problem..tonight, and started googling to see if I was alone.

Signing out of gmail fixed it for me. Hopefully they either change this or tell us how to disable it....It's starting to get on my nerves.

I just registered here as well for the same reason.

I too am having this problem. Again, signing out of my Google Account fixed the issue.

The "Redirect Notice" does not happen in IE, whether signed into my Google Account or not...No setting within Google seems to control this as previously mentioned.

I am running Firefox 3 Beta 5. I have a friend with the same setup, and everything seems to be working fine for him.

I've been digging through the " about:config " in Firefox but can't find anything that jumps out at me, although I'm not an expert with the innards of the browser.

I am stumped right now.

Hm, I can't reproduce what you're seeing. I'm using Firefox 2 and I'm logged into my Google account.

sheard or kcackler, what version of Firefox are you running?

developing here as well...

creating a new firefox profile resolves the issue, dont know if there are changes you can make to current profile though...

Here's the beautiful thing. I'm running FF

Yes, at one point, I did have FF 3 BETA installed, but have since gotten rid of it. So somehow the 3 BETA screwed up my 2 installation...Which sucks.

It seems to have cleared itself up overnight. Definitely was a Google issue. I'm using the latest stable release of Firefox 2.