Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Catch-All

I didn't see a general topic about this, so.. here we go.

Did anyone pick this up? I had heard that it was receiving stellar marks, and considering the last PSP game I bought was Jeanne D'Arc I decided to give it a whirl.

So far.. I like it. It's picked up the Final Fantasy VII atmosphere easily, and it's great to see some events unfold that you only read about in Cloud's story. For example, I received an email while walking around the city that stated that Rufus Shinra "has been happily instated to the Vice President position". I thought it was rather amusing, yet creepy since many of us who will be playing the game know what happens later down the road.

I like the story, love the voiceovers and cutscenes, but the battle system and leveling take a bit to get used to. Rather, the battle system will take an hour since leveling is completely out of your control as far as I can tell. It's more of a slot mini-game that will sometimes nab you leveled up abilities or stats, but usually just give you immunity to damage or a chain-like "Limit Break" attack.

The battles also seem sorta easy to me, which hopefully will be amped up a bit as the game progresses.

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