WoW: Sunwell/Isle of Quel'Danas Portal on Blackhand (Open)

It's only 1-way at the moment (though it appears as though that will change later in phasing), but the new Daily's reward is a teleportation scroll that takes you back to Shatt.

The new Daily is a bit of a pain, because the 3rd reading you need is in the middle of the naga. There were so many people around, though, that I just followed the flow.

Can't wait until Phase 3 starts. The good stuff will come off of that.

[Edit]: Oddly, there are also two Orbs of Translocation in the building now, too, which go only back and forth. Again, only can assume that they will lead somewhere as the phases are unlocked.

The building with the phase 2 daily quest people has a portal back to shattrath in it. It's up the stairs and you have to use the translocation orb thing to get to the roof, but it's there.

Edit: Okay the orb thing, it's not the teleporter, it's what Blood Elves use because they're too stupid to have stairs like normal people. That building has two walkable areas, connected by those orbs. The portal to Shattrath is on the upper level and it looks just like any other portal.