Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

Vrikk wrote:

Last night, I dreamt that I was in the Star Wars universe, but I spent the entire time talking about how Jedi and the Skywalkers are overrated, and they are the whole reason why we are in this sh*t to begin with. The war never had to happen if the magical space wizards didn't get into a tiff with each other.

I think that's supposed to be the average-person-on-the-street's viewpoint by the end of the Clone Wars?

Now if you're still saying that after the Emperor builds the Death Star and dissolves the Senate, I could see where that would rub people the wrong way.

My dream did not make it clear which war I was bitching about. I'm assuming the Rebellion to Save the Alliance War, but could have been the Clone Wars, Mandalorian Civil Wars, or some random ambiguous thing my dream old man self was grumbling about.

Really short one. I was playing a slot machine when I won over a million dollars. Was happy and told my family and friends. Was rather disappointed when I woke up and had to go to work...

A co-worker set three animals loose with the intent that they attack me. I was outside at the time and the three animals appeared out of thin air.
The first was a bright red lion. It had a terrible roar and a look in it's eye that let me know it was hungry.
The second was a lime green leopard. It jumped at me and tried to scratch me with it's claws.
But the most terrifying was the third animal: a emerald blue giraffe. It charged right at me with murder on it's mind, it's legs kicking crazily as it ran. I remember it moving even faster than the leopard. Just before it slammed into me, I woke up.

Feels like a fever dream induced by my booster:

Harry Potter and I were at Hogwarts. Harry was dating some girl named Esther, who gets stabbed to death by this other girl for unknown reasons. Professor McGonagal, (played by Maggie Smith) shows up. As all the students are being assembled somewhere for some unrelated reason, Dumbledore asks Harry and I to exit the crowd. He says something to Harry, then asks me to follow Harry on broomsticks. There are some fireworks over Hogwarts as we fly away. I lose sight of Harry over a city. I manage to avoid getting entangled in electrical wires. Then my broomstick falls apart after failing to go over a mountain. I grab a sandwich from my backpack and, as I am putting the plastic container in a bag so that I can dump it in a recycle bin, some dude walks to me and starts talking about how much he loves using MAME.

There was another dream where I was trying to figure out how my name ended up on a movie script I didn't remember writing.

It's been a weird night.

Had a dream I was climbing the blocks like in Catharine. I was upset because I didn't cheat on anyone. There was a part of the dream that I think was in the bar. Everyone was a anime person. Not from the game or anything they were just animated in anime style.

Was on the tonight show playing the drums. As a guest/audience member. Jack black was there. I played a simple beat super fast and got cheered. Even in dreams my drumming skill/knowledge is pretty limited. Left to a smiling cheering crowd. Was nice.

A few days/a week ago I had taken a nap and in my dream I had been going to the pharmacy and I found out I had been given an incorrect prescription, so I started arguing with the dream version of my dad. He was involved in some way or another that I can’t quite remember. However partway through the argument in my dream I woke up half way, but I was gargling half words, almost like I was having a stroke/aphasia, and apparently my conversation went from dream only, to real life as well. In addition my dad started responding and my dream somehow twisted it, and I continued to argue in these choked out, half words making my mom think I was having a stroke, but dad realized I was half awake and my impaired speech was because of that. So they shook me awake and I was able to speak again. While to me it didn’t feel like a nightmare at the time, it was horribly frightening in retrospect. Especially for scaring my parents.

Damaged my car when I didn't pull into my garage far enough. The overheard door came down, scraping the back bumper. I felt the impact through the car. I decided that perhaps it wasn't really that bad and that the best way to deal with it would be to go inside without looking at it. So I did.
That night the front of my garage burned down. Unrelated to the car damage.
So I'm suddenly at the hospital. After asking around if I was there sure to the car damage or fire, I was informed that I wasn't. It was much worse. A doctor came out to tell me that they had to replace a part of my wife that was broken. When I asked what part and why, as I was unclear as to the specifics, my Sales Director from work appeared. He told me that they were replacing her not with a prosthetic but with a plastic trash bag. I was obviously stunned. To help me process the news, most of the sales force in my area appeared and watched me judgingly. As did another manager, who I've never seen before in my life and had no idea who he was.
Before I could decide to ok the surgery, I was outside in the parking lot. Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer were with me. Kramer was arguing with the parking attendant. Apparently the charge for one day parking was $187. Kramer was upset because either it was too much or that he had hit the daily maximum charge. If it was the latter, then he didn't want to pay now, as parking for longer wouldn't cost more.
So we got a coffee from Tim Hortons in the hospital. Kramer got a small black coffee and paid with a $2 Canadian coin.

A surprisingly serious drama dream.

Basically I was with family when I learned a child died at my cousin's due to an accident with a gun. Who getting quite sad about it.

Then I had a conversation with the father of the child. We connected and I gave my sympathy.

Then the father goes to talk to my cousin. Interestingly enough who the cousin is changes to some random stranger. Probable because I can't imagine my family behaving like this.

Basically new stranger cousin is remorseless and doesn't care at all about the father or the dead kid.

Father flips out and tries to kill him and or himself. Have to talk him down and restrain them. Ambulance comes. And then the dream ends.

I dreamed that I was a guest on the GWJ podcast. And then it got weird(er).

To my surprise, I discovered that the podcast is actually recorded in a church, during Sunday worship. The actual service is a typical Catholic / mainline Protestant liturgy, except instead of the sermon, the GWJ hosts gather around a table in front of the altar and chat about video games.

In the dream, I realized I was woefully unprepared for my appearance, having not given much thought to what I was going to say, nor having printed out the Scripture reading I was supposed to be doing. So as soon as the service began, I ran out to the IT lab down the hall (don't ask me why a church building would have an IT lab) to Google the correct reading from Isaiah and print it out - all the while cursing myself for my mismanagement of time during the preceding week.

With the reading printed, I sprinted back to the sanctuary just in time for my part - but then I had no idea whether I supposed to read from the front of the church, or the lectern, or whether I needed a microphone, or what. I became extremely embarrassed and anxious. And then I woke up.

I assume it was a dream and not a prophecy.

So I played the Triangle Strategy demo for like five minutes or so. Not so much really played as much as listened to the opening setup (three kingdoms, each controlling a vital resource at war; a politically connected marriage, etc.). Didn't actually control a character, just got to a menu screen, decided I was too tired, and passed out.

I literally had a dream where there was a wedding, every character had a murder plot to take control of the world. EVERY ONE. And it played out in an isometric view. Red wedding, JRPG style.

I need to restart the demo and see how much I dreamed and how much was played.

Not so much a weird dream I've dreamt lately, but it's topic adjacent, so this is the best place I thought to post this.

I have memories of having near-crippling shin splints. Walking across the quad in high school was an exercise in agony. That being said, I don't think this was ever my reality. I'm pretty sure a very vivid repeating nightmare somehow became woven into my psyche and taken on the quality of a memory.

Just curious if anybody else has had dream inspired false memories.

Clumber wrote:

Not so much a weird dream I've dreamt lately, but it's topic adjacent, so this is the best place I thought to post this.

I have memories of having near-crippling shin splints. Walking across the quad in high school was an exercise in agony. That being said, I don't think this was ever my reality. I'm pretty sure a very vivid repeating nightmare somehow became woven into my psyche and taken on the quality of a memory.

Just curious if anybody else has had dream inspired false memories.

I dream-invented detailed memories of entire house that my grandparents lived in (or rather, didn't), far as I can tell in comparing descriptions with relatives.

Was having a walk in a garden with my mom and sister. Taking about the vision tv show. Which I've never seen. Someone says if you have superpowers you'd do crazy things. I say that'll get boring fast and you'd be normal fairly quick. Then I start floating a bit. Which my sis says it's unfair. And I land in a bush and go 'see, boring '.

What an oddly calming dream.

Edit one more apparently:

A cyberpunk dream where I'm a female courier of a flying ship. My shady boyfriend has a job for me but I think it's suspicious. Do it anyways. Deliver something technical to a group which include a bunch of my friends. Don't chill and try to fly away. My ship was sabotaged and I'm attacked. So we're my friends. Then I wake up when it starts getting interesting.

Dreamed my computer's water cooling loop had sprung multiple leaks and I was running around looking for a way to patch it while also refilling it. At no point did it occur to me to power the computer down. Temps were fine (I checked!). What a nerdy anxiety dream.

The problem about dreaming you're in an escape room is there's literally no solution.

I was with a group on the way home and we happened into an escape room so of course everyone was like 'let's do this' when I just wanted to go home. We were getting nowhere and three cardboard boxes just had a bunch of bugs spilling out of them.
I looked at my phone and Roxane Gay had posted a picture of the solution, but it was from one in the US and the one I was in might not be the same. I didn't want to ruin other people's fun, seven though they were being stupid.

Last night I was listening to some episode of planet money/the indicator talking about drug dealers turning into successful (legitimate) business people, so of course I dream of Idris Elba being sexy in some movie. It was set in London streets.

I had my first celebrity dream ever. I was at some kind of nerdy get together, playing some kind of card game that was not MTG. I "knew" two of the guys at my table, but the guy seated across from me kept keeping his head down and not making eye contact. At some point, the other two guys start ripping on the movie Deadpool, and finally the guy across from me, Ryan Reynolds, looks up at them and says something like, "Ha ha, very funny guys." A very young Ryan Reynolds.

He makes eye contact with me and it is clear from his look that he does not want to be recognized, so I hesitate for a moment and then ask him, "Is it alright if I just call you Bob?"

And then I woke up.

I had a dream where I told a joke so stupid it made me wake up laughing.

I had a job interview at some sort of academy that was run by Tony Stark. I was taking a tour with the interviewer when Stark walked by wearing some sort of jump suit. He farted which caused the suit to inflate and he started floating around like Baron Harkonnen in the Lynch Dune movie. I asked the interviewer guy, "Is that all he does? Fart around all day?" Dream me started laughing uncontrollably which caused me to wake up and real life me was chuckling at the stupidity of the joke.

I dreamt that I joined the science division of the Nazis. We were making horrors. I didn't like that dream.

I was stuck within a dream inside a dream of an alternate dimension and trying to wake myself up multiple times to get back to reality. At one point in these realities I was explaining to someone how creators need to start from lived experience but extrapolate those experiences in plausible ways to create believable alternate realities rather than start from nothing, which is why dreams are never completely divorced from personal experience. For some reason I cited Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks as a strong example of personal experience extrapolated to create plausible alternative realities.

I also left my laptop in the shower for some reason one reality back and needed to get back there before someone tried to use said shower.

I've had so many weird and vivid dreams since I started my new medication. The weirdest one I can remember at the moment is me interviewing Pee Wee Herman about murdering people, but he was in Hannibal Lecter's glass fronted cell. He kept staring into space after I would ask him a question, and started each answer with "I know you are but what am I?"