Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

I was dreaming that I was sleeping, in some kind of big tent, the kind that's big enough to hold forty or fifty people in chairs. I was near the front of the tent, on a couch or something, and there were a couple of guys messing around working on something, which I didn't mind, I just went back to sleep.

Then they set up behind me and started trying to sell me something, even though I was sleeping. They were projecting an image on a screen at the front of the tent, and there started to be this steady clank-clank noise, and they were talking about this amazing algorithm they were selling that could predict changes in repetitive events. They were upset that the clanking was so steady, because they couldn't show how good their predictions were, and were arguing about how to make it change.

Then a larger noise woke me up, and I realized that the clank-clank was a neighbor's drainpipe emptying on something... it was a very steady drip that sounded like it was hitting a piece of metal about the size of a jar lid. (My window was open so I could hear it.)

I was very impressed at the way my subconscious instantly created a whole scenario around that sound.

Two things I remembered from my dreams last night:

I was backstage at a concert. Tiger Woods was standing next to me and he had a handful of Advil that he was eating like candy.

I was being trained to be a grocery store clerk. The first thing they taught me was how to change the rubber conveyer belt, as if it was a daily thing that had to be done.

Not an especially weird dream, but I started using a cpap machine several months ago. Shortly before waking up this morning, I dreamt that I was wearing a pair of hearing protection earmuffs over my nose and mouth. When I woke up, found myself trying to take off my cpap mask.

At least twice, I've gone to bed wearing it, and have woken up the next morning with the mask hanging neatly on its hook. I'm guessing something similar happened those two times, too.

Had a weird dream where I was able to bring back people who had died, if it was done very quickly after their passing. I think I had just finished helping someone, and then became aware that there had been a big explosion at a Disney ride. (hey, don't ask me). So I went through the front of the ride and got to where they'd laid the corpses out, and I was trying to help a lady who had passed. She was coming back, everything was working, and then she realized her husband was dead in the explosion, and decided she just wasn't coming back, and died again. (apparently I needed permission to raise anyone.)

So I was just absolutely heartbroken, crying and just really upset, and then someone else who had the power said that it doesn't always work, and you can't blame yourself for someone else's choices. He indicated some guy and said he wouldn't come back because his wife was dead... the one I'd tried to raise. And then I became aware of someone disabled who depended on the man to live, and also refused to come back because he had no idea how to take care of himself.

So there were three dead people who all stayed dead because they didn't realize we could bring them all back. That might be the saddest I've ever been in a dream.

I dreamed that I was back in high school, back in my mom's house. Only the house had some problem with the foundation, because as long as I stayed in the center of the house, everything was stable. If I ventured too far towards an outside wall, then the whole house started tilting that direction like a giant seesaw. In the dream, I was really afraid that I would put too much weight on...something...and the whole house would sink.

This transitioned to me starting a new school, completely not like Hogwarts, except for the fact that they teach you magic. I was looking for the school office, so that I could get my schedule, and maybe a map. I woke up before I found out what classes I would be taking.

Sort of curious now, what classes I would have had...

When I’m manic, or have low blood sugar I tend to have really vivid dreams/nightmares. Like exceedingly vivid. In addition, if it’s not obvious, I have several major medical conditions that will only progress as I get older. I’m gonna spoil this because it is a bit graphic and I don’t wanna trigger anyone, but it was basically my 3 biggest fears regarding health in one neatly wrapped nightmare, it turned out my blood sugar IRL was 65 and I was coming off an 11 hour manic episode as well, so it was probably the worst nightmare setup in years, and it definitely shows. For reference if you decide to read I am not even 30 yet.


So in the first part of my nightmare I had woken up from a nap (something extremely common in this specific dreams) and noticed I couldn’t see. So I try and use my hands to see if for some reason my eyelids are closed and I can tell based on where the eyelashes are that they’re open, at that exact moment I fall to the ground (another major fear, I’ve damaged both hips and my back to the point of surgery in the past) and start vomiting and spasming, luckily my parents were nearby and I couldn’t speak but we managed to get through that and I eventually stood up. We then discovered that the reason I can’t see was basically a sudden onset cataract in both eyes and when I tried to take a step to start going to the hospital we find out I lost my sense of equilibrium as well. As I fall I black out temporarily and when I come back I’m in the hospital and was there for quite a while as apparently they had been doing a number of expensive and obscure genetic testing and found out I have an exceedingly rare genetic disorder that appears within year or so of my current age. I black out again and basically I’ve developed a sedentary lifestyle as there’s nothing I can really do, I lack the ability to stand, see and move. My friends had mostly abandoned me at this point and I recall this feeling of resignation of just dying in this chair without even being able to see my dog again. I decide just to try to stand up because it’s apparently the only thing I can do for entertainment and I just end up falling backwards into my chair, waking me up.

Again just a really bad nightmare, but god it really terrified me.

The other night I dreamed that some neighbourhood kid was on my patio messing with my plants. I woke up steaming mad at this imaginary child who was threatening my precious tomatoes.

I guess this means I'm officially Old.

Had a weird dream where I was in the Hispanic grocery store near me shopping for peppers and then I went down some crazy twisty hallway with fancy wood paneling and stumbled into some kind of party/gala where nobody was wearing a mask even though it was still a grocery store somehow. Got angry and went to report these maskless aholes and then woke up.

Guess I still have some anxiety about working in a retail environment during the COVID times even though I’m vaccinated!

Had a weird dream where i thought my cell phone broke. Like I was holding the chip that split off. Then i look at my cell and it's fine. It a calculator that broke. Then I look at the calculator and it's fine. At which point my body decides this dream is dumb and turned it off.

Another dream was going to my conveyor belt sushi place and staring through the window while people ate. But me not going in to eat cause covid. Clearly starting to miss going out.

So I had one of my long, narrative dreams. I was in Italy, some kind of college student, and hanging out in a hospital for some reason. A woman in front of me pulled out something like an uzi, and tried to spray the ER waiting room with bullets, but ended up mostly spraying the ceiling, as the gun kicked up quickly. I grabbed the gun from her and "shot" her (I didn't see any damage at all. Maybe we were both pretending).
It was at this point that I looked across the very crowded waiting area, and saw two things: none of the Italians seemed to notice or care, and there were three other "terrorists" all wearing maintenance uniforms and looking rather furtive. I ran through the crowd after them, very carefully "shooting" two more. Again, no damage, no blood, no actual bullets, but it seemed to work.

Here's where it got weird, because the above isn't a weird dream for me. I chased the last guy into an elevator. He had a hand gun, and so now I had a hand gun. He missed; I didn't. (again, no actual bullets/blood). But as he went down, I saw what he had been dragging along: Some kind of box with a bunch of wires, connected to some weird material. My brain said, "Uh oh, bomb." At which point the scene changed quite a bit, and the weirdest part happened. His body turned into a big blob of acid (like the guy in first X-men movie turning into water), and i thought, "uh oh, catalyst/chemical bomb." And I ran out into...the giant combo-hospital and shopping mall (with escalators that weren't there before). I start shouting "There's a bomb! Everyone out!" which is when the Italy part kicked in, because nobody seemed to understand me or react. So I start shouting, "Bomba" which for some reason I knew was a correct translation (and yes, it is the correct translation...weird). And still nobody gave a crap or moved. So I run to the information/nursing station and start shouting at them. They pull some kind of alarm, which is really loud. Half the people look up and shrug, and the other half start running in random directions. So I start trying to get people to go to the escalators (which is the only real exit), and finally some people do leave. And then the bomb went off.


Part of a weird dream last night that I remember (some of which involved giant Mech combat -- I was piloting a mech and rescuing people from an alien invasion):

I was trimming my toenails and once as I lifted the edge of a toenail I could see inside my foot, and it was hollow except for the bones. Another toenail came off in my fingers.

Hey, you ask for crazy weird, you get crazy weird.

An interesting twist on the "back in college" dream: last night I dreamt I was late to my Astronomy class. I settled into my seat and listened as the professor just kind of rambled on and on. It wasn't until the end of the class that I realized every other student was taking a test! There it was sitting in front of me and I hadn't answered a single question.

Not a dream - I took a literature survey course one semester. The teacher was so awkward about teaching and her reading list was boring, so I didn't last long reading the assignments. I walked into class one day and sat down, waiting for class to start so I could tune out... Until the prof entered and started passing out blue books. It was an exam day and I hadn't prepared at all.

I read the essay questions and could not answer any of them, because they were about the reading material and I had read none of it. I wrote down some cursory answer that I knew wouldn't pass muster, handed it in super early, and immediately walked to the admin building to withdraw from the class, because that test was 1/3rd of our grade.

Agh. I had a ‘got on the wrong bus’ dream last night. I have them every now and then and they always get me frustrated and anxious. The basic format is: you catch the wrong bus to somewhere you don’t know and then, for various reasons, just cannot find a way to get back to your original location. It often feels like there is a solution moments away but you never quite get there.

This one was set in Italy (although I remember maligning the fact that I didn’t speak Spanish.) I was on a coach tour. We were all waiting at a coach park when someone said the coach had arrived. Everyone rushed round and got on the coach, including me despite me being dazzled by the sun. When my vision cleared and as the bus set off, I realised I didn’t know any of the faces around me and I’d somehow gotten onto a different coach (although it looked like a local bus.)

We ended up on top of a mountain which has a spectacular but impossibly high view of Florence. I looked for someone who spoke English and Spanish or a ticket seller who could help but the usual frustrations and roadblocks appeared. The dream ended when the area was attacked by dinosaurs which looked like those cheap, poorly painted dinosaurs toys. I hid in a stairwell as people ran screaming.

I did once have the experience of getting on the wrong coach when a different group of ramblers were picked up at our stop. I rushed up, got on and then realised I knew none of the faces I was seeing. I’m pretty sure I said, “I think I’m on the wrong coach. I don’t recognise any of you people,” before getting off again.

Sleepwalking for the past few days. Each time I get up and close the door to my room. Which is annoying since the room gets too warm.

I had a really disturbing and vivid dream last night where, in response to the Iranian Hostage Crisis and 73 and 79 oil embargos, the United States went full electrification and 100% renewables. It also started down a path of racial truth and reconciliation. Neoliberal "greed is good" capitalism was laughed out of existence. We adopted universal healthcare. Climate change was arrested and there was no plastic trash monster in the Pacific.

The disturbing part was waking up and realizing I had to return to the dystopian young adult novel that is America today.

No joke, I dreamt that I accidentally replied to an old ass, beginning-of-days thread, bumping it to the front page. I was like oh no, because that was bad.

I had a dream where I was in bed sleeping complaining to three different women about how tired I was. Trying to sleep more. Probable would have been a different sort of dream if I wasn't so tired. And yeah I woke up absolutely exhausted.

Not so much a specific dream, but a question for the hive mind. My cousin and I were talking and noticed that we both have a series of non related dreams that occur in kind of a specific order over the course of the year and the newer dreams have very little… “action”, so to speak, whereas the older ones we’ve had before are much more fleshed out. So, does anyone else have recurring dreams that get more and more detailed as the amount of times you dream it increases?

I have a dreamscape I've been to a few times that I remember nothing about awake, but I recognize it dreaming and can kind of lucidly explore it. I feel kind of bifurcated in that dream, like another me knows what's going on and is running an RPG for the actual viewpoint me. It seems like as I go I'm finding out finer details rather than exploring broadly, so I think that fits your pattern, Doc.

I also deal with that, and the dreams can be connected. I call it the dream world and am so familiar with it I have a mental map of where my house is relative to the = of the grocery store, school, library etc. is. I just wanted to ask because out of my whole family, (like 30+ people) only 3 of us have both the dreamscape and recurring dreams, so I was curious if other Goodjers also had a similar thing.

Counter point: The lucid dreams are real life and this is all a dream. Why else am I tired now but have energy in the lucid dreams? Clearly I am currently asleep after a long day reality jumping trying to fix the timeline and my brain is working though this in the medium of me getting ready for a dull office job and being tired.

My lucid dreams are more like concepts of places rather than real places you can map out. I don't think there are hallways as much as portals that can take you to the beach level from the snow level.

My niece lives in New Orleans and had to evacuate because of Ida. Last night, I had this very vivid dream where I was in my childhood home and floodwaters were eroding the ground around it to the point where I was alone on a hillock surrounded by rushing muddy waters.

I woke up and texted her to make sure she was okay.

Stealthpizza wrote:

Counter point: The lucid dreams are real life and this is all a dream. Why else am I tired now but have energy in the lucid dreams? Clearly I am currently asleep after a long day reality jumping trying to fix the timeline and my brain is working though this in the medium of me getting ready for a dull office job and being tired.

My lucid dreams are more like concepts of places rather than real places you can map out. I don't think there are hallways as much as portals that can take you to the beach level from the snow level.

Honestly? Just because I like the idea of it, I consider dreams as a small view into the (with the assumption that it exists) multiverse and experiencing what alternative versions of us see and do. To explain when we can control our movements I would posit it’s similar to when we black out due to stress/illness/other. As for shaping the dream itself, I don’t really have an explanation, but perhaps some parts of the multiverse can be affected by an outside (to the current location) force. That last part is where the theory breaks down, but I like the idea as a whole. And if it really is a glimpse into the multiverse, god damn I’m an asshole in the majority of my incarnations. But infinite realities, infinite reflections and such. -shrugs-

I was in India in a Subway-a-like called Sameway. When I got to the front of the queue, I was trying to ask if they had cookies. I woke up before I got one.

Last night I had the kind of weird dreams that I haven't had in quite a while. I was at a hospital, anxiously waiting for an appointment that was now several hours late. I got frustrated and left, running into another doctor on the way out who I collared to ask about previous test results that hadn't come back. They went over the results with me, explaining how the tests had showed that my maternal grandfather, George, was originally named Tarrant Wasp and was a prominent beatnik poet, that my grandmother, Connie, was actually named Contempt and had been raised in a cult. Then I was interrupted by my boss (not my RL boss) who urgently needed me to assemble her desk, which was currently a pile of flat pack boxes and loose parts that had been sitting on a curb across the street for weeks.

Had a fun dream where a bunch of humans and aliens were basically playing Calvinball. I was an alien but was unique in that I could fly or hover to be precise. So I played for a bit having fun.

Then I wound up talking to a few people from the deep space nine show. Who were on planet to see if I could leave my planet. They said yes then learned my flying is psychic based by lifting a tiny screw with my mind.

Fun dream.

Renovations on our kitchen are about to start next week, but I had a strange dream about it last night:

I was in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when a bunch of men in hardhats and safety vest entered the backyard. I was surprised there were so many of them and that they had shown up early. These men when to the corner of backyard and started removing boxes from the corner, including parts for the kitchen.

I panicked for a moment, thinking this was some strange robbery taking place, before I saw that the wall between the backyard and the southern neighbor's wall was partially removed. This made me realize that they were there to start installing an outdoor cooking area next door.

The next time I looked however, all of the walls to the backyard were gone as well as all the trees and bushes in all of the neighboring backyards. The workers were setting up a volleyball court and were starting a game. The first round of the game ended with the team farthest from me making an apparently powerful spike. Apparently because it cause part of ground to collapse, revealing a sizable cave formed by the roots of the tree that had stood there only a short while ago.

Stuck among the roots of the tree were various items, including a shopping cart, a half full carton of eggs, neatly folded clothing, and a tricycle, all covered in a sticky, brown coating. I somehow understood that this is why the backyard had been flooding recently, all these things had been washed away and were clogging the water.

For some reason I choose a few items and took them to the shower to try to clean them. The clay coating them refused to come off. I woke up while trying to scrub a head of lettuce clean.

Good old dream logic.

I don't remember much, except that I worked in downtown New York City and I was lamenting how it was basically impossible to go home for lunch because I had to take a ferry to get to work.

Also there was a part of the dream where one of my front teeth was very loose and about to fall out.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in the Star Wars universe, but I spent the entire time talking about how Jedi and the Skywalkers are overrated, and they are the whole reason why we are in this sh*t to begin with. The war never had to happen if the magical space wizards didn't get into a tiff with each other.

It's hazy, but I think I then got cut down by a laser blast. Or a lightsaber. I'm not sure. I think I was just some dude in the background complaining in a smoke-filled bar.