Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

I had a dream similar to the plot of the Harrison Ford movie Regarding Henry.

I was Dolly Parton's ex-husband, on a reunion tv show of our old variety show. I had lost my memory, but knew I was a terrible husband, and everyone hated me. I could remember the keyboard parts to all the songs we played, but kept thinking of how I could find out what I could do to atone, and how I could break the news that I didn't actually remember any of them, especially the love of my life...Dolly Parton.

Not the weirdest dream I've had.

I've watched Tiger King before falling asleep for the last seven nights. My dreams have been sufficiently weird and NSFW.

I've been having tons of strange dreams lately, likely the anxiety of the ongoing apocolypse. last night featured spaceships, talking trees, and ducks.

Yeah, I keep having more and more of them as well. Last night was a Hunger Games type Get Out of Quarantine dream, but we were shooting these long, red, plastic strings at each other.

Nobody got hurt.

Last night I dreamed I went grocery shopping and there was a ton of flour available in the baking aisle.

muttonchop wrote:

Last night I dreamed I went grocery shopping and there was a ton of flour available in the baking aisle.

PROTIP: Get there when the store opens, and your dreams may come true. That's the only time I've been able to get flour or butter lately.

edit: nevermind, I thought this was the kitchen users thread. Doh.

Two weird dreams focused on trains. A crush sneaking in and driving the new, unreleased train. Sneaking in to train driving training, without being registered. Losing my backpack with a fried egg and salad sandwich in it because it was my birthday. Crazy fast deep beneath the earth trains, and the beeping sounds and red triangles of collision proximity alarms.

Weird and fun dream. An arcade is being robbed by a group of people armed with guns. They keep everyone playing games so it is loud enough that no one notices. Then leave.

Then the genre changes to martial arts. The bad guys get tracked down to their base and attacked by kung fu masters and their clans. The smart guy for the bad guys realise they are screwed. Hides and pretends to be a clan member. The rest die.

Not a bad start to a story.

I was part of some heroic-spy organization, but our enemies had figured out some way of mind controlling out agents. We had finally discovered a countermeasure and where beginning a raid to rescue our special agents. I don't know if I entered the dream after the fighting was done or if the base was just undefended, because I only remember walking into an area that looked a like indoor farm-themed playground, which was were our special agents were being held.

It turned out our special agents were waist-tall My Little Ponies. Strangely enough they glowed while under mind control.

After freeing all of the ponies from the mind control, I was looking around making sure we hadn't missed any when I noticed a clear trap door. Below I could see what looked like a library and a large monkey walking around. I notified my fellow agent and open the door, descending a flight of very narrow stairs apparently booby-trapped with discarded books, which made it easy to slip of misjudge a step.

As I neared the bottom, I noticed a black cat nearby on a pile of books apparently reading. I asked the cat what was going on down here and it looked at me, opened its mouth as if to reply, and then suddenly turned away and tried to ignore me.

Somehow this made me realize that these animals had been experimented on and were highly intelligent. I announced that we were there to rescue our comrades and that we would be happy to have their help against the organization that was keeping them imprisoned there. This caused a commotion among the animals, who didn't trust humans. They immediately called a council, gathering around a long conference table (mostly monkeys, with a few other animals in the mix).

I asked what we could do to gain their trust. One monkey blurted out that they had a list of scientist they wanted to be brought to justice. The other animals seemed upset that this monkey had let that information slip, but I didn't hesitate to snatch the list form him and inform my team to get on it.

And then I woke up.

Master Hand attacked the city. The Earth forces and Sonic was trying to stop it. Then Crazy Hand showed up and started killing people also. The the dream prospective changed to show a giant me and Master Hand and Crazy Hand were my hands. I was the one killing and destroying everything.

Everything was in real life instead of a cartoon video game look. Kind of freaked me out. Haven't played smash bros in a long time.

Last night I dreamt that I possessed a handheld device that appeared to be a plastic maze toy, but was actually a device that destroyed planets, turning them into waffle-cones filled with chocolate, mints, caramel, taffy, and other basic sweets.

According to the dream I had last night, in Nazi Germany, fascists's favorite Lego set was the gas chamber set, and not the windmill set. (For the record, from Wikipedia, Lego did not exist until 1949, the gas chamber set never existed. )

There was time travel involved, because one of the people I was with forgot his iPhone somewhere, and a young man brought it back to me saying a nice picture shows up if you press the button (it was a Star Wars wallpaper). I then gave it back to the person (a former coworker of mine), asking him to be careful because we don't want an iPhone to be responsible for changing history.

Crissakes, don't give the neo nazis any ideas.

Last night I dreamed I got it on with Counselor Troi.
That's it. That's the dream.

I’ve been having trippy dreams this weekend.

Last night I was at this fancy award presentation and everyone was in formal attire but I was just wearing a black shirt and black linen trousers with black shoes and white socks.

My girlfriend was receiving an award for some fiction she had written. I was sitting with her friends.

She couldn’t see us where we were seated so I got up closer to the stage to give her a thumbs up. There were these old men ushers that chased me back to my seat. By the time I got back there the ceremony was over and everyone was leaving.

Somehow I had some fancy silverware in my hand and the ushers were chasing me trying to get it back.

I escaped just as I woke up.

I have no idea who the woman was who was supposed to be my girlfriend. Did not recognize her after waking up.

I have recurring dream where the toilet is broken and I have to take poop. This always happen in my childhood home and I'm always a kid in the dream. I never woken up with the need to poop after these dreams though. This actually happen in real life but the dream plays out differently each time.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

I have recurring dream where the toilet is broken and I have to take poop. This always happen in my childhood home and I'm always a kid in the dream. I never woken up with the need to poop after these dreams though. This actually happen in real life but the dream plays out differently each time.

oh nooo. Toilet dreams are a trap! don't give in!

I don't have a recurring dream, but I have a recurring dream theme where I have to take a leak but I can't find a working toilet or the toilet is in the middle of a room of people and I want them to GTFO or I try to piss in something that's not a toilet and it doesn't work out so well.

I never wake from these dreams needing to piss, believe it or not. These dreams seem mainly focused on the anxiety of the situation. Like when I dream I'm still in college and I can't find my dorm or I can't find my class schedule or it's the end of the semester and I realize I haven't been to class.

Super detailed dream.

Starts with a group of heisters. Me, my friend the mastermind, barbarian big guy, mermaid, tough chick, smooth talker man the face, coward pig man and tough chick.

We go armored and masked to a vault. Then mermaid can sing it open. Her voice is a key due to a crush from a guard. We Rob the place but friend freaks a little and we quickly leave. Ditching the armor.

Make it back to base. Everyone is given some of the money. Rest in storage. Tough chick asks for more for big purchase. I show support. I change clothes. Mermaid is flirting. Wind up dating. Love triangle starting with tough chick too maybe. Might off wound up with barbarian instead.

Have a bit of relationship discussion with mermaid. Discuss alien physiology and what is uh safe. Settle for cuddles.

In bed with mermaid when my sister arrives and shoots her. She's dokkabei from rainbow six siege. She's there to recuse/take me. I wake up in bed in the dream. I'm freaked out and decide to bail. Dream was prophetic.

We are getting attached by pirates. I beat up one and ask who's doing this. It's frigging superman. We pissed off the league for a reason I forgot. Now it gets weird.

I shrink to escape and run away with my twin. I'm now super boy with my twin brother. Superman chased us but gets attacked. My twin is a failed superman clone and is mentally challenged. Huge fan of superman and goes to help. He's like a deformed dragon. Breaths fire. Fight starts then I actually wake up.

Fun dream. Lot of detail I lost.

More dreams. First one is simple. I'm on the bulls as a three point shooter. I'm great at it. I play a game where I scored nothing but threes to win. We also become champs.

Another dream. Weirder this time. First I'm at my apartment with my family. I go to have a drink and down it cause I'm so thirsty. Actually woke up and was super thirsty.

Second part of dream changed. I became part of a space crew. Got to go up in our ship via space elevator. That was genuinely cool. Then did some work but made a mess knocking stuff down. Think it was in the aliens ish universe. Woke up and got a drink of water.

Last night in my dream, I was a kid who lived with my mom, we weren't well off but life was good. Also we had brown skin (which for the record I do not, so apologies in advance for the ensuing white dude processing stuff about racism-ness).

The dream revolved around my mom finally finding a house we could afford to rent. It was lacking in curb appeal, the interior vs exterior geometry was weird, and there were staircases that seemed to go to other rooms on the same floor, but whatever, it was so much better than an apartment and we loved it.

One day I discovered a hidden elevator that led to a hidden second story - amazing! My excitement started to turn as I realized it was fully furnished and lived in - then the white family that lived there came in, sat us down, and launched into some very racist casual criticism of our behavior since we moved in.

Then they gave my mom the rundown on how they use inescapable toxic rental contracts to entrap people like us and how they would be tormenting and draining us of everything we have over the next few years. They showed us a stack of Subway sandwich wrappers, each one illustrated with a caricature of other POCs whose lives they had destroyed the same way, how much money they'd been able to wring out of them, what ultimately became of them. Most of their stories ended in suicide or prison.

I guess that hit the awfulness threshold for me so I woke up.

Sounds like a twisted version of Get Out with less brain surgery.

I always forget my dreams, but most of them are oddly vivid, and I wake up thinking I'm still in the dream situation. Sometimes it takes a day to shake it, worse they can affect my mood. I tried to write down what I saw in my dream once when I got startled awake, and when I read what it said the next day, it made absolutely no sense.

I dreamed I was visiting the town where I grew up, and I somehow ended up traveling with Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael. We took a ferry to get there and as we arrived at the harbour there was a giant tugboat that made a pretty big wake so it was kind of a bumpy ride. We discussed the return trip and June and Paul really wanted to fly back but I wanted to take the ferry again since it was cheaper.

We split up and I went for a walk around the harbour, as I was walking by the docks I saw a mermaid down in the water. We started to chat so she came out of the water and grew legs and put on human clothes so we could go for a walk around town. She told me that if mermaids ever eat human food they lose their tails and get stuck with legs forever, eating pork was particularly bad for some reason.

We started talking about Ireland and the mermaid told me that there was an ongoing campaign to rename Ireland to "Baldwin". We both thought that was a terrible name and made fun of it for a bit. We started talking about other names for Ireland and we both agreed we liked "Éire" the most.

Last night I had a dream where I was upset about the menu changes at the steakhouse I was living in. So, I decided to move out. As I was leaving, I was absorbed by light and the G-Man showed up to warn me about something. Then I woke up.

I had a dream that a friend of mine came to visit, and we were talking and she was acting all goofy. We talked for a while, and I introduced her to some friends who didn't want any part of saying hello to her.

So we went for a walk, and we walked over a bridge that was falling down but not closed to traffic. It was called the Queen Nefertiti Bridge (no idea why.) I ran across it and it was shaking a little, then she ran onto it and started jumping up and down. The bridge started to sag and I yelled "Run!" and she just stood there jumping.

The bridge started to fall and she tried to run but the bridge collapsed and she screamed and fell into the water. I remember thinking "she'll be ok" and then the rest of the bridge fell on top of where she fell. Then I said "Maybe not. How am i going to explain this to her boyfriend?"

Then I woke up.

Had a very simply dream where I was out shopping with a friend from college. Bought a bag of caramels sweets and ate them as we walked. Rather nice.

I wrote up a comedy TV pilot and dropped it off at NBC 30 Rock. A page who was like Kenneth, but not Kenneth, took my script. I asked if I could discuss it with one of the producers, as I was sure I had a winner. I was told no. So I put in on top of the big pile already on the desk.

I then walked out of the office. The music playing in the background was the goodbye song from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Got to the street and woke up.

But it got picked up by the network!

My son informed me over breakfast that he dreamt he was acting on a TV show. But he was frustrated as they kept not getting to the punchline. He woke up just before the punchline was said.

TraderG wrote:

My son informed me over breakfast that he dreamt he was acting on a TV show. But he was frustrated as they kept not getting to the punchline. He woke up just before the punchline was said.

Sounds like he was dreaming he was on Saturday Night Live.