Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

Another strange dream to be written down before I forget. I dreamed up an episode of Seinfeld. Basically plot was they were all forced to share a small room and bed for the night with a guest. Some hi-jinks happening and trying to figure out if Kramer was a swinger without actually saying that word. Actually rather funny and I swear the voices were right.

Course then I woke up late for work.

I had dream that my dog Ruby called me at work whining like she was in trouble. When I got home I couldn't find her and began to panic. Then I stopped and wondered how my dog called me from home when I don't have a land line phone. Then I wondered how could a dog even call me even if I had a phone. Then realized I didn't even have a dog. Then I realized I was dreaming and woke up.

Ruby was a husky by the way with pretty blue eyes. I have the worse luck with dream pets.

Ok, I had a weird one. I was Adam West Batman and I rode my bike to an abandoned JC Penny. Not a Bat Bike or even a decent bike but, like, a ten-speed you could buy at Walmart. Going inside the JC Penny, it was full of hallucinogenic gas but, as far as I can remember, Scarecrow wasn't in the '60s Batman so it must have Lord Ffogg which implies that there was once a JC Penny in Londinium. I had to stab a bunch of henchmen with safety scissors because that was the only thing lying around. Then it somehow turned into a Lost thing where I was just hanging out in the hatch with Desmond and Frank Lapidus.

Oooh, this looks like a fun thread.

The other night I dreamt I'd lost a pen. Nothing special, the kind of pen you could pick up anywhere. But for some reason I was distraught over the loss of this pen. For most of the dream I was sat staring at my empty hands, wishing the pen was there. It was like I'd dreamt that I'd gotten drunk and wrapped my car around a tree, that's the level of guilt and sorrow I felt over losing this everyday pen. It was so bad that in the dream I eventually said 'It's OK Stephen, maybe this is just a dream...' and woke myself up.

I dreamt the other night that I had a job interview at a large company. I felt very confident, and I killed the interview while sitting out on a terrace outside the company's high-rise on a gorgeous day. (I could end this post there and it would certainly constitute a crazy weird dream in my world!)

Afterward, on a tour of the building, we stepped out onto an exposed breezeway a dozen stories up between two section of the V-shaped building. I leaned over the edge of the breezeway far enough to get a close look at the nearest of its apparently famous logo-imprinted window ledges, then realized that all my weight was on my hands and that the breezeway had no railing. I just sort of stuck there for a while, panic growing, unable to muster enough force to shift my weight back to my feet. Then everything shifted at once and I was flung backward, wedging weakly between the opposite side of the breezeway and the exterior wall of the building with nothing but empty air below. Thankfully that was enough to trigger dream awareness and wake up.

I was heading home from a shopping mall, but didn't feel like driving my car on the freeway. So I ditched my car and grabbed a bicycle and started pedaling my way home.

After a few miles I realized I needed my car for worl tomorrow and had to go back to get it.

Perfect dream logic!

Last night I dreamt that I was a Paladin of Voltron. I think I was Lance...which makes no sense... I didn't get to fly a Lion or anything but I was wearing the suit and got to use my Bayard, so pretty cool dream overall!

I was being chased by lizard people, but they couldn't climb or jump so I was getting pretty far ahead of them. Then someone stopped me to point out that a single suitcase could be recycled into thousands of water bottles. Somehow that was a very comforting thought given the circumstances.

I was in my apartment getting ready to go to bed when a bunch of my coworkers burst in and started messing around with all of my stuff. Some of them went into the kitchen and started changing all the settings on my appliances. One of our interns just kept picking up everything in sight and fiddling with it while another intern tried to steal change off my dresser. Another coworker sat down on my armchair and started scooting around on it, making me worried he was going to scratch up the floor. Finally I managed to shoo them all out so I could go to sleep.

I woke up at like 4am the next day. My apartment was in complete disarray. Someone had messed around with my oven so much that the display was now showing the character creator for a Japanese fighting game. While I was trying to fix the oven, I felt warm water drip on my head. Tons of water was dripping from the ceiling. It was warm, like maybe the upstairs tenant’s bath was overflowing. sh*t, what do I do? It’s 4am on a saturday, I need to call the weekend caretaker, will she even be awake at this hour? Crap, this is a lot of water, this is bad.

I woke up. It was all a dream! What a relief! Just to be safe though I got up and checked the kitchen ceiling.

Water was dripping from the ceiling. It was less water than in the dream, and it was cold this time. f*ck, I really do need to call the caretaker. It’s still 4am on saturday though, will I even be able to get through to her? Wait, why is there a bunch of half-defrosted meat on my counter? It looks like someone completely emptied out the freezer. Oh right, the whole apartment’s a huge mess right now after being ransacked by my coworkers last night, I should try to tidy up before someone gets here to fix the leak.

Wait, wasn’t the thing with my coworkers just a dream?

I woke up. I was really awake this time. I got up and checked the kitchen ceiling anyway. It was fine.

Very weird dream, probably influenced by my art class atm. We were in a classroom, about 20 of us and I didn't see everyone but I knew it was 20, we were all rpg npc class archetypes being educated about art incase the pcs came and asked us. Even the villians and generic enemies were there, I was also using a lengthened tea spoon as a book mark. We were looking at a version of the scream, I guess the dream's equivalent, but it was actually more of a fusion between cubism and dadaism and the people in the picture had masks and he were learning how to describe it because the pcs would eventually need to know how, we were also told not to give them the full answer until they did a few tasks for us. Then I woke up, before we learned what tasks the pcs would have to do. I kinda want to know what they'd have to do in order for us to describe this artistic monstrosity. It looked very cool but I couldn't replicate it even if I remember it 4 or 5 hours from now.

I was dreaming last night of talking to a guy I swear I knew. we were having a conversation at a bar like place or work and then he said to me I need to stop making fun of his back so much. I took pause and said I am sorry. Then he proceeded to remove a tick from his mouth and tried to get me to laugh about such a thing. I thought it was gross and he said he would stop doing it. Then I woke up...The weird thing was I knew this person from something before but the more I thought about it I realized I had met this person in another dream, we had a great time chatting and hanging out only for me to think they were real...Then comes this dream and realization that the person isn't real at all feels so odd. Almost like Deja Vu of a past life experience of knowing someone. In my head I see it all through foggy interpretation. The more I tried to think of how I knew the person the more my brain figured out they don't exist.

I don't know if anyone does this, but I've started tracking my dreams in an app on my phone, it's called Capture. I haven't gone for the premium version (yet), but I do like the idea of having them all in there. Some of them I wouldn't want to share (it gets dark in there sometimes), but I still want to log. I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole "lucidity" thing, but... *shrug*

In a dream that was pretty weird in general, I got a phone call. I couldn't understand the man talking to me because he was trying to talk over a recorded message that was accidentally going out as part of the same call. Dream-me was straining to hear it but couldn't make out either voice.

What I want to know is whether, at some level where I was telling this story to myself, I knew what the guy was saying, or if it was all just two tracks of gibberish. I *feel* like I knew, but I can't retrieve it.

poke to follow

thrawn82 wrote:

poke to follow

I can't decide if this dream is fun or terrifying..

BushPilot wrote:
thrawn82 wrote:

poke to follow

I can't decide if this dream is fun or terrifying..

I'm quite sure it's a mix of both. Eyes in the dark...

Had a nightmare that I was in a pub with a friend. The proprietor announced that he was stepping out but alcohol could still be had on the honor system, just check the price on the bottle. Guy in front of me was pawing through a cabinet of whiskey bottles, said "oh, this is the good stuff, and cheap!" and pulled one out. The label pictured a wounded yet fierce-looking man in military uniform glaring out, flanked by a crowd of indistinct human-shaped silhouettes. He poured himself a glass and downed it.

Immediately he changed, was swallowed in a cloud of dust and fire with the malign visage of the wounded soldier flickering within. On the bottle, the man on the label had vanished, the silhouettes resolving into a crowd of bedraggled soldiers with featureless expanses of burned, stretched skin where there should have been faces. The dust-fire man began tearing around the room from person to person, reaching out to each face to engulf it in searing, sooty heat until its owner slumped lifeless.

On the label, his army began to grow.

Wow! You have cool dreams. The ones I get, are boooorrring.

I dreamt that I was on an Avengers movie set, because in the dream, my stepdaughters were in the movie. I had to keep moving because somehow I was always positioned so that I would end up in the background of a shot. Joss Whedon was very cross with me.

Unfortunately the only dream lately that I vividly remember was about work...

I was covering one of my coworkers while he took his lunch break. I watched him get in his car and drive off. Then I see another coworker drove by. I wondered where she was going and remembered she refused to use the restrooms at our facility ate “too dirty,” so she was going to one down the street.

Suddenly a third coworker of mine jumped in the driver side of the pickup I was in (not sure why I was sitting one) and drove it to the far side of the building. He then announced he was going on break too. I told him he couldn’t because we already were down two people and there was no one on the other side because he had drove me away.

He just gave me an uncomprehending look.

It honestly felt like a typical day there...

I dreamed I was watching an action movie that was set during Christmas. There was a big shootout at a nativity scene. Suddenly, the statue of Joseph's eyes glow red and it is revealed that it is actually a Terminator sent from the future! Terminator Joseph goes on a murderous rampage.

The dream kinda glossed over the middle of the movie but there was a kid involved somehow, with lots of Baby Jesus allusions. It was unclear whether the Terminator was trying to kill the kid or save him, either way eventually Joseph is destroyed and normalcy is restored.

Then, in the final shot of the movie it cuts back to the nativity scene. The camera pans over the wreckage before focusing in on the statue of Mary. Her eyes glow red.


roll credits

@benign1 - that has the makings of a terrific short story. You should expand upon it and either publish it or enter it into a contest...

Last night, I dreamed I was on some sort of weird space station, and there was this supernova that kept imploding (yeah, I know, the science is all wrong, don't even go there) and killing everyone, but it only rebooted something like 5 hours earlier.

Yes, I am aware that this sounds a lot like Outer Wilds and I haven't even played it.

Sometimes you wake from a dream with the realization of something profound, or with an equally profound question to seek an answer for. This past night that question was: "What year did 3 Ninjas Kick Back get released?"

No idea where that came from, but that was the question.

Had a really fun space adventure dream. Very star wars. I got chased by Vader and his master on a carnival like space station.

Had a disguise scene where I got new clothes. Including an ugly hat. There was a side scene about an Asian female space gang forming and getting destroyed. With hints of them joining the rebellion afterwards.

Got chased by space dogs/beasts but they let me go as somehoe I had possessed a double agents body. I pretended to check in and then snuck away to Samuel l Jackson who was an ally.

Finally I got on a ship with the princess and escaped. Met the resistance and chatted. Told princess she'd like her sister mysteriously. Then summoned my ship.

This point I actually had some control of the dream. I summoned the Normandy from Mass effect with crew and boarded it via shuttle. Which was scary cause I thought it might not have air. Was fine then I woke up.

Crazy long and detailed dream. Want to write it down since I'm forgetting so much detail.

I had one of those dreams where I'm suddenly back at university in a bunch of classes I don't remember signing up for, except social distancing is in effect so all the lectures were done via videoconference. Apparently even my subconscious is social distancing now.

Andre Braugher was one of my professors though, so it wasn't all bad.

I dreamed that Putin murdered Jean Luc Picard's family and Picard got revenge Taken style.

Chairman_Mao wrote:

I dreamed that Putin murdered Jean Luc Picard's family and Picard got revenge Taken style.

I would watch that movie

I had a dream I was driving to work and realized I was supposed to be working from home and did a u-turn in the middle of the street because there was no traffic.

muttonchop wrote:
Chairman_Mao wrote:

I dreamed that Putin murdered Jean Luc Picard's family and Picard got revenge Taken style.

I would watch that movie

Holy sh*t I would too. Need this movie now.