Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

Dreamed I was going to email Epic telling them if they were going to demo Fortnite at PAX Australia they should hire me to do it.

Chance of that is like one in a billion billionty


Mermaidpirate wrote:

Dreamed I was going to email Epic telling them if they were going to demo Fortnite at PAX Australia they should hire me to do it.

Chance of that is like one in a billion billionty :P

Go for it! What have you got to lose?

1. The ensuite in my house was the end of this tram. One of the nice, new trams that are pointy at the end. It had a toilet and a sink in there, so it was better than my actual toilet, but I digress. One day as I was using the toilet naked, the tram left the house to go on its normal route. I struggled to pull my clothes on.

2. I borrowed an omelette from the library. I did my best to take care of it, and went to return it, but as I was doing so some other person said "nah man, it's free food!".

Had a video game car racing dream where I was racing in modern off road cars but in Skyrim.

Dreamed that I had gone on a hiking vacation in China with my boss, but he was too jetlagged or drunk to leave the car we had arrived in. Meanwhile a stereotypical American mid-western family arrived in a quadcopter. The Hawaiian-shirt-wearing dad got uncomfortably close and starting asking under his breath if I was there to help with the "trouble" in the "North" (air quotes his). Once I finally got myself disentangled, I found that my boss had finally left the car and was attempting to order fish and chips from the nearby border guard.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Had a video game car racing dream where I was racing in modern off road cars but in Skyrim.

I can't find this on steam?!

Had a dream the other night that I couldn't sleep and keep doing the double wake up. Was a long night, need totem.

So, I'm either this guy or following close by or in an over-the-shoulder third person camera. He's traveling and sad about his ex-girlfriend. He comes across a small town. It seems normal at first, but videogames (random simple ones, none from real life) seem to come to life a lot. Everybody is fine with this and joins in whenever they're close enough. It doesn't look like people get injured.

There's always one constant about these games though, and that is a woman who appears and disappears with the game and is a player or the main protagonist. The guy is absolutely intrigued and directs his energy to interact with her more. It's not certain at first if she's cursed or real or what. She always acts within context of the game or genre and disappears when the game is over.

Dream time being what it is, not sure how long it takes, but he does start taking part in every game event he can find and tries talking to her and she is sentient, at least. She doesn't seem unhappy if it is a curse. Her powers are not solely for use within and strictly defined by the current game scenario. In the final scene, they are sitting at a diner booth and have eaten and she does a trick of making milk flow out of her straw via her mouth. Guy wants to know if he can have some milk too. They lean over and kiss. End of episode one in a web series apparently. There were only three main actors, the guy, the girl, and a pixellated horse. They did all the voices of nonhuman characters.

The credits' text was written backwards. I can read backwards though, but I couldn't concentrate enough and their last names looked like some funny characters like Cyrillic or Czech or Thai or whatever so I only got the name "Lucie". I don't know if that's the girl character or the actress. She maybe looks like Jessica Biel or Lucie Pohl (voice of Mercy in Overwatch).

So yeah, I dreamed of a literal Magic Pixie Dream Girl. I feel pretty happy.

I had dream with squirrels in it. The odd thing was that they had black tails. I never seen that before. Turns out some squirrels really do have black tails.

I have odd dreads dreams.


It starts with me standing on the stairs in my grandfather’s house. I take a moment to get acclimated as I was not here a moment ago. I do not know where I came from but I know I was not here. Somehow I know my grandfather is dead and that I must take care of his pet that is in attic/top floor. As I climb the stairs I figure out why this feels so wrong, apart from the fact that he has been dead for years. The stairs are the correct color and feel but the walls are slightly off color. Never the less I climb on a growing weight in my stomach as I feel my insides twist in apprehension. Time is definitely twisted for effect here as I should have been able to climb the stairs twice by the time I make it to the top. I am at the top floor yet the attic door is in front of me rather than a landing. I remember a general feeling of "ah f*ck it" as I opened the attic door and climbed up. Again things in the attic are not quite right. Small details like colors and shapes are wrong but the general idea is correct. As I am examining things I hear a sound that is a mix of a cat's squawk and a goat's scream. My right leg has a shot of pain like a cats claws. I look down to see a skunk that clearly wants to cuddle. We sit down in the only chair in the room, (the chair my other grandfather died in in an entirely different State). I pet the skunk and he looks happy.

Hey you asked.

You really want to see another one?


I lurch awake in bed with a sand like grit in my mouth. I use my tongue and right hand to remove a dark grey sandy matter from my gums. After playing with it in my hands I notice there is more in my gums. As I proceed to wipe it out I pull out an eye tooth. As I examine it and wipe away the blood I see that the inside of the tooth consists of the grey sandy materiel. Testing the tooth between my thumb and forefinger I easily crush the tooth releasing the tooth-sand all over my hands and bed. Thoroughly confused I slide my hand back into my mouth and proceed to tear out all of the teeth on the upper right hand side of my mouth in one fluid motion. As I examine the teeth still stuck in the bone my blood mixes with the now black tooth-sand and pools in my hands.

Had a fun dream where I was in a military school and we were playing dodge ball. I did so well they called me Capitan air because nothing could hit me. Fun dream.

so, first off, as a sign of maybe playing a game too much, while sleeping off a fever the other day, I kept dreaming about how the various characters in Fate/Grand Order would have tried to nurse me back to health.

This morning I had a dream that the town/community I was living in was having an outdoor meeting about not adopting a couple of dream-vague policies that would apparently have a negative impact on some of the community members and their ability to work. As the meeting came to a close I realized the bunny-girl, who I was suppose to be watching while she lived in the country, was missing. I hurried downstairs to a cafe/restaurant that was there and found her sitting on the porch working as a sommelier. The head waiter, who was an elderly rabbit, came to her to let her know a customer was unhappy with her selection, to which the girl demanded he bring her certain wines for her to choose a better one from.

I could tell the old rabbit was getting worn out from fulfilling off the bunny-girls demands, and was about to collapse, so I stepped in to take his place helping her. Thankfully I knew the restaurant well, as they had wanted to hire me, but I had turned them down. As I entered the ridiculously large storage area of the restaurant, I quickly realized everything was organized by the color of the top-left corner of the product's label.

I woke up trying to remember what color the requested wines' labels were...

I had a dream last night where Ian McShane, a Hagrid Bearded Arnie Hammer, and I were stage magicians that were also working as Private Investigators on the side and we were attempting to track down a kidnapped girl in an abandoned arctic town.

Best dream I've ever had.

Flintheart Glomgold wrote:

I had a dream last night where Ian McShane, a Hagrid Bearded Arnie Hammer, and I were stage magicians that were also working as Private Investigators on the side and we were attempting to track down a kidnapped girl in an abandoned arctic town.

If you hadn't started that with it being your dream, I'd almost have thought this was a movie that was in production.

For the first time in a year I have started having dreams again. Baby is 14 months and finally I am sleeping long enough to have a dream cycle. My last two have been pretty great. One the Packers were having a playoff game and had a huge comeback to win (yes I know they are out) Aaron Rodgers came out to play after pack recovered the ball and scored a touchdown. Then got the ball back again and won it in the final seconds.

If I recall the one from last night I'll post it but it was great.

I think I know why we forget dreams. I woke up this morning after a really great roadtrip. It was not real. I also shouldn't have waited so long to post cause I've forgotten it. It involved a really good, long-term female friend of mine that doesn't actually exist. So that was my first clue it was a dream. Second, while it was a nonrealtime dream, it felt like everything happened yesterday, when in fact I went to work yesterday in an office like normal.

Was woken up tonight by a dream that felt like a nightmare even though it wasn't. Started out very simple, playing a video game that doesn't exist wherein you control a realistically depicted female Ronin, with haggard clothing and actual Japanese appearance, etc. Big, open space of gorgeous grass and rolling hills that lead up to a mountain, and at some point had to fight a sh*t ton of evil possessed Elk type creatures that seemed out of Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke. After they were all dead, a cut-scene ensues in which their shapes dissolve into the visage of the villain, a caucasian woman doing a taunt of the heroine. It seems like it's going to be one of those games where the villain is at a distance until the very end, taunting you the whole way, only as the bodies of the Elks, and thus her visage, fade into the grass, the heroine turns and is captured by the villain and a host of baddies from out of nowhere.

This is where it gets a bit weird and uncomfortable. Heroine wakes up in a sort of penthouse high-rise, overlooking the valley you just fought in. Tied up, she's in a large but mostly empty living room, a kitchen to her left, the door out just ahead, and between them a spiral staircase leading up and a more open, dim room where the villainess is painting. Beyond that is like a club room attached to the Penthouse, where thumping bass and electronic dance music not to my liking is playing. The living room seems empty, and there are some women in the room where the villain is painting, but there are plenty of women unseen. The heroine frees herself from her bonds, and suddenly it's a stealth section.

What makes it weird and uncomfortable is that, while I have the distinct feeling of having a controller in my hands guiding the actions, and a number of the execution moves use camera angles like a game would, these aren't graphics. All the previous parts of this dream looked distinctly like 3D character models, including all the modeling and texture tricks and glitches when the Elks melt into the grass. But now, everyone looks like real people, and due to the stealth nature there's already this element of "don't get caught". So I control this woman – a sort of female Kenshin as portrayed in Samurai X – and have her go to the door and skewer a large, burly woman entering with... groceries? Food? Her size and facial structure indicate she's the Odd Job to the villainess' Bond Villain, but she's about to handle domestic cooking duties. I sense this, and it tells me enough about her as to make her a person. A woman begins to leave the painting room, heading for the kitchen. I drag the larger woman's body behind one of the massive couches, then go and kill this woman in the kitchen, also dragging her body behind that same couch. It is then I notice a drugged out young lady just watching me, a mixture of fascination and fear in her eyes. This is when I realize these are no longer 3D character models, but people. Still feeling my hands on a controller but feeling as if I'm in the head of this female Ronin in a third person camera, I press forward and select the X button, gently pressing the blade into her heart before adding her to the pile. Two more ladies descend the spiral staircase in a conversation, oblivious to the violence going on silently (this is when I notice a lack of pooling blood trailing the pure white carpet), taking a seat on one of the couches. I slide behind them, hold the Left Trigger to prepare for a multi-person execution, and upon pressing X the blade slowly glides across both of their throats.

I wake up, with the strangest sense I just had a nightmare. Part of it was likely due to the tense situation of stealth sections, but I also felt very unnerved by it. I suddenly realize that, with the exception of one woman, I was largely killing non-combatants, and the fact that they weren't 3D graphics has me increasingly disturbed.

I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to come here and write it all down.