Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

Bubs14 wrote:

Scary driving dream

Ugh, I hate out of control car dreams. Mine usually revolve around my body moving out of position or out of the driver's seat entirely while I'm not paying attention, then being unable to get back into position to regain control of the car.

I'm assuming mine stem from the time in high school when my girlfriend (now my wife) was trying to teach me to drive (teenagers teaching other teenagers to drive = BAD IDEA) - I hit a huge curb on a too-sharp right turn, my foot slipped off the pedals, and in the panicked interval before I regained control I plowed through some bushes into 2 parked cars. The incident itself was bad enough (no injuries thankfully), but having to explain, apologize, and work out a payment plan with her father was possibly the scariest moment of my life to that point.

The only "out of control" thing from dreams, I can remember, tended to be:

I'd jump, but instead of falling, it was as if I was in zero G. That awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as the ground just kept getting further and further (farther? I can never remember the distinction) away, and wondering when gravity would kick in again. Sometimes, I could translate that into flight, but mostly the terror of falling back, or maybe even worse... NOT falling.

Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:

The only "out of control" thing from dreams, I can remember, tended to be:

I'd jump, but instead of falling, it was as if I was in zero G. That awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as the ground just kept getting further and further (farther? I can never remember the distinction) away, and wondering when gravity would kick in again. Sometimes, I could translate that into flight, but mostly the terror of falling back, or maybe even worse... NOT falling.

It's funny you mention low/no gravity, I had a dream a few months ago like that:

I was back on my college campus, in the building where I spent most of my time, a crumby dump from the 60s. Strangely, though, I think I was in some tiny little room (that I'm pretty sure was not actually there) working with a guy from my time as a postdoc in LA, he was the sysadmin for the lab and I worked with him extensively.

I leave that room and I head down one of the stairwells (it's a three-floor building, not huge). Then from down the hallway, I hear a voice. It's another person from LA, and not someone I want to see again. This guy single-handedly made that miserable postdoc about ten times worse. I hear his voice, and my stomach drops. I hear him coming towards the stairwell, talking to another person, so I start running down the stairs as quickly as I can, desperately trying to avoid him seeing me. As I got farther down the stairs, I kept hearing his voice, echoing in the stairwell, but not getting farther away, maybe getting closer. As I raced down the stairs, someone turned down the gravity like it was on a dimmer switch. I was floating down 4-5 steps in a single bound as I neared the ground floor. It was scary because it felt like it was taking me longer to get down the stairs and clear of the building, and I wasn't gaining any ground on the man I was trying to evade.

I woke up shortly after that, didn't get "caught", didn't escape, but that feeling of trying to flee as the gravity got weaker and weaker was a wild sensation.

If you had been recording video of yourself, you would have seen that you were sleeping above your sheets.

Six feet above your sheets.

Oh, and I teased the melatonin dream I thought I'd have last night, it wasn't anything special. I was preparing to give a presentation like I was at work, my manager was there (and maybe the COO?), but it was in a hallway that resembled an airport terminal, and there wasn't much there except a crowd of people in front of the podium where I was standing (standing roughly where the gate agent takes your ticket, I had a door behind me I think). I think I went up or down a floor (we had to relocate?), and the floor I came out on was really dim and deserted. Vivid, but not as wacky as it might have been.

I can only imagine this was inspired by my car accident over a month ago. I was driving down a road for my commute in my new car. For whatever reason, I began to lose control, but fortunately at low speed. I slam on the brakes, but still have to steer my car off the road to the grass on the side. It manages to pull back toward traffic, though, and my car rubs right up against this big work van.

I'm expecting to have to pull over, but the van keeps on going. Moreover, my car, going slow as it is, won't stop. So I gotta try and keep it in this slow moving traffic until I can find a place it'll roll to a stop. But at this point, I'm on the roof of my car and everyone else is just walking in the road. To my left are two women that work in the office upstairs to me, women that I've never spoken with and based on what I've overheard from them in the lunch room, are women I'd really have little to speak about with anyway. But they're there, and I'm just trying to avoid anyone and everyone.

I finally pull into a parking lot, but I have to let my car roll into a diner and let it circle around the first table before it stops. That's when I finally get off the hood and notice the entire hood, windshield, and front-tires are completely removed from the rest of the car. So I kneel down, inspect the damage, which doesn't at all look like I scraped a van. The best I can describe it is large burn marks in the panel of the car exterior. I then hop back on board and get ready to ride it back to find the rest of my car, all the while sitting there thinking "How the Hell am I gonna tell my Dad I got into another car accident?"

Then my alarm clock went off and I was extremely relieved.

Was having a nightmare last night, of sorts, and apparently realizing you're in a dream that's horror based and then daring your subconscious to bring it is a bad/great idea for me.

At one point a group of people I was with splintered off I became more of the over-all viewer than actual participant. One woman saw this weird looking leech like thing about the size of a football crawling towards her. She proceeded to pick up a rock and smash it over and over until it was paste. She's standing there, panting and recovering from the exertion, when a large shadow looms over her and she turns to see it's an adult one of the things she just killed. It's about 15' long and rises above her by a few feet. The underside was black and had what looked like bands of scales of some kind and there are no apparent feet of any kind. On top it is sort of pink and fluffy with rose colored scales for reasons you'll understand in a moment. The face was squashed in a bit and it wasn't furry or flesh-like it knows what it was. The head had no ears and the mouth had buck teeth, rather like what you see in Halloween stores for costumes. Oh, and the face was that of Falkor the Luck Dragon.

The woman screams when seeing this (yes, my mind is apparently a horror-trope-a-thon) and the thing strikes and bites down on her left arm and blood is spraying everywhere as she screams. She's writhing and trying to free herself when another shadow looms and she turns a bit to see another one of the things there. She starts screaming even louder and a giant tongue launches from the second creature's mouth and wraps around her neck silencing her and she struggles more as the tongue starts trying to pull her toward the second monster. Finally her left arm is bitten off and she moves more quickly to the second monster which proceeds to release the tongue, bite down on her head, and slowly crush/bite her head off while she screams. The thing swallows, turns to look at me and then winks (just like Falkor does...) and disappears in a puff of pink..glitter? sparkles?

Then I woke up.


That's an amazing dream.

The clown was back last night. He was familiar so I've had dreams with him before I think but this morning was the first time he carried over into waking memory.

His makeup and the colors he wore were dark for a clown and they changed often. Every time I glanced back at him or even blinked my eyes they would change, sometimes incorporating darker plaid patterns behind them.

We were in a warehouse near the water. He never moved and was not threatening and I was not afraid of him. He wanted the same thing he always wants when I see him: To know if I am ready to leave this life. He says I have no work left to do here and I should go. I always refuse, saying I'm not ready yet and he never pushes the matter. I'm genuinely curious to know how it would play out if I took him up on the offer.

Dr_Awkward wrote:

He says I have no work left to do here and I should go. I always refuse, saying I'm not ready yet and he never pushes the matter. I'm genuinely curious to know how it would play out if I took him up on the offer.

You die in real life.

I have had a few crazy weird dreams over the last few weeks. They are deserving of a recap:

- I was driving again, but I think I was lost and tried to make a U-turn using a house's turnaround driveway. When I got to the other end of it, though, there was an abrupt drop. There was an exit like a car could go through it, but it led to a set of stairs, which started below the driveway I was sitting in. So I had to back out of the driveway, very carefully. Not sure whose bright idea that design was. There was a party going on across the street, too, like a kid's birthday party.

- I was at some summer camp in the nondescript woods. It was a camp from hell. I remember getting out of a van and being ordered to hike from the roadside to the camp. I remember being in some primitive cabin, with a bunch of crappy beaten-up old board games, and they called it "the daycare". I remember wandering around outside in the middle of the night, I think I was trying to escape, but people were looking for me, and I was terrified. I looked up into the trees, and I saw an elaborate network of ropes. The last scene was me in my bed: I looked at the clock, it said 2:30 AM. Then suddenly someone was on top of me, strangling me. I wanted to fight them off, but I was so tired that I didn't know if I had the energy. I felt the sleep paralysis, and I woke up abruptly at about 8 AM, real-world time.

- I was in some foreign country, in a relatively metropolitan city. I was part of some group going to a symposium, we were all walking down the street and I managed to overtake everyone. After a lot of walking, I looked back and no one was behind me. I wasn't sure if I was just that far ahead of everyone or if we had all been going the wrong way and everyone else had turned around. I realized that my destination was going to take a while to reach on foot, so I somehow ended up behind the wheel of my own car. I was driving, and trying to read Google Maps, and all the signs are in Arabic or something. I eventually found my way to my destination, but the event was over and I ended up walking to a restaurant with some of my colleagues (real-life work colleagues) that was a good ways away from where I parked. I remember leaving the restaurant and starting to walk back to get my car. This part of town looked a bit more sprawled out, industrial. I walked through an area that looked suspiciously like a housing project, then I heard gunshots and I just started running. Woke up shortly thereafter.

- This morning's took the cake though. I was in what, at first blush, looked like a house my aunt used to own here in Nashville. But it was huge, and people I knew where everywhere. Then people start disappearing. And the remaining people say they don't know what's going on, but I'm suspicious. Some people look like they've been fake murdered, then they show back up with just an "I got better". I feel increasingly like people are conspiring against me. Paranoia starts to reach a head. I start to walk into where the kitchen should be, or maybe it's the basement, but I see a table of people whom I think are innocent and I think will be able to help me, but I see suspicious types in the back of the room at another table, so I start panicking and shuffling myself in and out of the room, trying to decide whether or not to say anything. Then, I see one of my coworkers, a trusted friend, and I suspect him fully. I turn to run from him, bounding up the stairs to the top floor of the house as I hear him tell people he's been taking "acting lessons" so he can mime how to dig or something. While I think it's all a huge joke, I'm still terrified and fleeing from I-don't-know-what, but I practically leap down another flight of stairs into the living room, when I come across a fellow about a head taller than me, also someone I suspect is up to no good. I back into the foyer, where a mix of innocent and suspicious people are gathered, and I comment, "Now is when I wish I actually knew jiu jitsu", since this guy was definitely bigger than me and I felt like I needed self-defense. I attempted a wrestling takedown on him as he's just standing there going, "Okay, okay..." Someone watching from the second floor says, "Hey, there they are!" I look up, and through a rooftop skylight, there are at least three rows of people, all lit by the screens of their phones and tablets, recording the scene. Immediately my mood changes and I know how they all got up there: an emergency ladder on the second floor, behind some weird brass-trimmed doors that look like oversized fireplace doors. That feeling of relief is the last thing I remember before I woke up.

I have no idea why I've been remembering so many of these dreams recently, or why they've been so vivid. It does seem to happen to me more often when I fall back asleep, this morning I had that crazy dream after I woke up abruptly at 6:45 AM (my mom sneezed really loudly). I do feel like my habits and recent exposures influence my dreams; I had a dream about fighting after I spent an evening watching MMA. My coworkers seem to be popping up in my dreams more often these days, not sure what that's all about. It definitely makes things more interesting, though.

I had a dream involving massive ceiling spiders. Always fun.

I was staying at a friends student digs and they had gaudy red, black and white wallpaper/carpet that went up the walls and onto the ceiling in the living room. I was staying over night on the sofa. As I settled down for the night, enormous, sand coloured spiders with black stripes on their legs crawled out from under the carpeting and moved about on the ceiling. My friends pet cat ran up the carpeting onto the ceiling to attack the trespassers. Unfortunately, as it arrived, an even bigger spider emerged into the light and grabbed it. The two creatures fell to the floor and slid under a sideboard where it appeared the spider had come off better in the fall and the cat was being eaten.

In the morning I told my friend what had happened. She sighed and said, "Yeah. So far it's pet cats 0 ceiling spiders 9."

I also dreamed that Brian Cranston was my Dad and, after bumping into him in the local shopping centre, I realised that he and my Mum had sold the family design business and invested in an oddly shaped restaurant without telling me.

I was "taking notes" about this in the dream to explain to other people, so here we go.

I was playing an indie game or something, there were five train tracks and you were a cute plasticine person on a little train. The tracks all went under a mountain with tunnels in it. Somehow, moving under the mountain, everything was a large pizza that got folded in to a calzone as it went under the lip. Now forget the whole pizza thing .

On the other side of the mountain, you get off your little train and sit at a cute little school desk with cute little stationery and things on it. There's a chalkboard at the front and a lesson happens. Then you get back on the train.

When you're back on the other side, you turn into me on a real Melbourne train, it's going very fast. Then suddenly you're at home in a fancy apartment. Then you're dying on the floor. You're waiting for someone to notice to come over to help. Donald Trump is in a distant room stuffing cheesecake leftovers into his face. It seems like he notices you for a second, but doesn't come over to help. He goes to leave.

You're now not me, but an android butler with a big glowing bluish circle at the middle, on the floor, dying. It's now a mystery to find out who left you there. Trump and some of his goons are now wandering in, looking to destroy evidence. They get close but don't hit on it yet.

Things are repeating, you're at the school desk, picking up the plasticine stationery and stuffing it in your pockets and under your clothes, because that will be evidence. At some point in the repeats, I'm talking to the developer of the game and telling them it's really good.

An open world paintball game that operated like an RPG.

I was a vampire detective solving a murder with my partner that was also a vampire. One of the other vampires killed a guy and we were on the case. It was a hard boiled crime drama but with vampires. When I woke up I wanted to go back to sleep to solve another crime.

I almost got mugged. Twice. I stabbed a fellow with a screwdriver to avoid the second one. :/

About a year ago I had a dream about the end of the world. Skies turned black, massive earthquakes, ground started splitting in all kinds of places, boiling lava and flames coming up through the cracks, I could feel the heat. I remember trying to keep my family together through all the chaos. Right before I woke up we had all taken shelter in the remains of an abandoned house and I could hear the chaos that was going on outside. It was so realistic I literally went from room to room at 3 in the morning telling everyone I loved them. I usually don't remember my dreams, even right after waking up. This one I've never forgotten and I doubt I ever will. I normally don't get scared, rarely ever cry, but this nightmare truly shook me to the core and I did both.

Dreamed I triple posted.

So I'm having some friends over at my apartment for our regular D&D night, and while everyone's arriving these four other guys show up. These guys are either really skinny orcs or really lanky goblins, they're all tall, thin and bald with green skin and pointed ears. That part doesn't surprise me though, I'm just confused as to why these four strangers are standing in my apartment.

I ask them why they're here, and they give me a couple vague answers but eventually clarify that they're going to be the new tenants after I move out. I explain that I'm not planning on moving out, there must be some sort of mistake. They seem quite surprised and concerned by this and they all leave to find the property manager. I also leave to go looking for her, and somehow I find her first.

The dream version of my building is much bigger and fancier than it is in real life, and also the dream version of Joanne the property manager is much younger and sassier. She's sitting outside on the front steps (that my building doesn't have), eating a sandwich and arguing with two other tenants. They're trying to get her help with something but this isn't during her regular working hours so she's refusing to hear them out. I interrupt and try to let her know about the whole goblins-trying-to-move-into-my-apartment situation, but she just gives me the same lecture about working hours. I tell her I have a serious problem and she says "well, how bad is it?" and then starts giving all these really weirdly specific examples of different tenant problems and trying to get me to compare my situation to them in terms of severity. I manage to convince her that my problem is in fact quite serious, and she finally agrees to hear me out but then I woke up so I guess I'll never find out if Dream Muttonchop managed to keep his apartment.

I was in some kind of VR game where I was in charade of an airship (the flying galleon style, a la Final Fantasy) on a scavenger hunt race. My crew was Joel, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo. My opponent's crew was made of evil versions of those three, complete with the over-the-top "mirror universe" wardrobe: Evil Mike had a red cloak with rhinestone decorations around the neck and shoulders; Evil Servo was basically a Derek with a gumball machine's globe on top; Crow, oddly enough, was a man is an air-inflated costume.

I lost the race to the last item and was respawned, along with a friend of mine, at the steps of a gigantic, classical style building, which served as a player hub and was basically a city-sized shopping mall. My friend and I discussed how the developers ment to put in a feature where you could call your airship to you, but it never worked right. We checked to see where our airship respawned and we're relieved to find it wasn't too far away.

We entered the building and wandered a bit until we came to an arcade area. There my friend started to play a strange game. On the screen you could see a woman, from the shoulders up, who was moving vigorously, judging from her rhythmic bobbing and the speed of the scrolling background. She let out a pattern of grunts, which my friend copied with presses of the game's one large button. After that initial series of grunts, the woman was silent, but my friend had to continue pressing the button in that pattern for as long as he could. He actually looked kind of bored doing it, as he leaned on the neighboring machine and casually tapped out the rhythm with the tips of his fingers.

Eventually he lost the rhythm and lost the game. When he did so the camera in the game finally pulled back and I could see the woman was riding a bicycle on an Excitebike-style track. He immediately wiped out as the game over message showed on screen.

At which point I woke up.

Had an amazing choreographed fight scene. Basically just walking along a pier and fighting. Think Kung hustle or shoot em up. Was rather funny too. Pretty sure my head pulled some parts straight from some movies. Was nice.

So, while asleep, when all the weird and impossible seems to make perfect, logical sense, this dream was disturbing enough to wake me up, but,once awake, proved to be rather silly.

So here's another long weird dream:

My father, brother, two of my nephews, and myself were driving to an aquarium and found ourselves at the end of the road on the artificial outcropping where the aquarium was located. There was a large shopping center there with underground parking, into which we headed.

My father, who was driving, found a space fairly quickly, just in front of a line of cars that were being washed. However I noticed the parking space, which seemed to be drawn on the cement with chalk, was labeled as reserved for some store, so we continued our search for parking.

We found that my brother, who at the beginning of the dream was in the same car as us, had found parking for his car and was getting out with his wife and child. My father continued to look for parking, but I decided I probably could find a space for my car quicker.

I headed up to the top level of the parking garage and found a space that my small car could squeeze into. However I didn't trust the car parked next to it, fearing for some reason the owner would damage my car, so I looked to the other side of the lane. There I sound another space, smaller than the last, which would work, since my car was now box sized and in my hands.

This new space was dirt between two concrete curbs, but my car (now a bag) fit in it perfectly. I suddenly realized that the dirt was just looks dirt crammed into a gap in the garage and grabbed my car away, only to find the bottom of the car fell out, leaving my personal items, including my wallet, passport, keys, and phone on the now sinking sand!

Before I could grab any of them, the sand gave away and my items dropped to the floor below, onto a similarly sand-filled gap. I remember down to the next floor and managed to grab a couple of my items before the rest of them dropped to the next floor. As I continued to run down the parking garage grabbing a couple items on each floor, I slowly became aware that the size of the gap seemed to be increasing.

I eventually found my father, but to my horror I found that he could neither see nor hear me. In fact no one in the garages seemed able to. The gap in the garage had grown to be larger than surrounding cement, forming a huge, gapping abyss that seemed to have to bottom. The cement and metal of the garage seemed to have aged and eroded, as if it has been there, abandoned, for decades, if not centuries.

As I tried to get back up to safer levels, a bit of the floor collapsed under me and it was all I could do to grab onto the underside of a nearby set of stairs and desperately hang on least I be swallowed by the endless void below me.

Needless to say this situation jolted me awake.

In my dream and irl I was taking a nap. For some reason in dream one of my roommates came in to wake me up asking if I wanted my half of her apple slices. Being woken up in dream I said no, I was clearly napping, and rolled over. She walked out, closing my door.

Next thing I know I'm awake irl and she's coming in to let me know she's headed to the library. Sleepception was strange.

In a surprising twist, this morning I dreamt about playing sudoku in VR, because that's what the power of VR is all about!

Dominic Knight wrote:

In my dream and irl I was taking a nap. For some reason in dream one of my roommates came in to wake me up asking if I wanted my half of her apple slices. Being woken up in dream I said no, I was clearly napping, and rolled over. She walked out, closing my door.

Next thing I know I'm awake irl and she's coming in to let me know she's headed to the library. Sleepception was strange.

I had something like this recently.

In the dream I was being visited by friends and I dropped a small usb stick on the ground. It's one I own in real life. It's slim and rounded at one end. It had landed under a table so I crawled under to get it. As I backed out and climbed to my feet I popped the USB stick in my mouth and promptly swallowed it. I could feel the stick stuck at the top of my throat so I started gagging and coughing to bring it back up into my mouth. I woke up still trying to stop the thing going down my throat. After a second or two I realised I'd just woken up from a dream and there probably wasn't a USB stick in my throat. Following that logic I stopped trying to fight and relaxed. There was no stick there, of course, but my throat felt weird and if I hadn't have known the stick was still in my car I could have believed I'd just swallowed an awkwardly shaped object.

That would be a spider.

Yes. I considered that. A USB stick sized spider.


Fallout themed stuff seems to feature a lot for me.

Also trains and being on train tracks.


You're welcome, Julian.