Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!

I have a recurring dream where this guy was standing on the side of the road waving his arms, and I stop. He has a flat, and decide to help him. I'm helping this guy change his tire, and we're having a nice conversation about something or other. It's one of those dream things where you're it starts as one thing and by the time you figure out what's going on, it's morphed into something else all together. It's a little different every time. It's on a, kind of, route 66 type highway in an arid region. I'm working away on the tire and chatting and it's fairly pleasant practical work. Looking down the highway we see the dust cloud of a car coming. It ends up being a light blue 50s car, with some really dick and jane looking kids hanging out the window. For a flash they end up having these distorted monster faces, or Pink Floyd The Wall type faces and roaring, or shouting an evil language I can't quite understand. I look at the guy who I'm helping and he's just waving at them like they said "Hi how are you". I look back at the driver and he's got this look which terrifies me. The kind of look you see in cheesy stories like Goosebumps where one of the characters is a monster in disguise. I usually wake up at that point.

I dreamed last night that I was hanging out with the guys from Idle Thumbs. Then for some reason I felt I had to escape. I kept saying to myself, "If these guys are so great, why do they keep trying to kill me?"

Last night my parents had me dispose of two bodies by putting them in a chipper shredder and mixing them with mulch and having me put this mulch all around the yard. They didn't kill the two guys, they'd killed each other, but they wanted to keep it a secret.

Someone visiting the house was saying they saw something in the mulch, and as they leaned in closer to get a better look -- I was thinking it'd an eyeball or something -- an evil octopus that was clinging to an overhang grabbed them.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Last night my parents had me dispose of two bodies by putting them in a chipper shredder and mixing them with mulch and having me put this mulch all around the yard. They didn't kill the two guys, they'd killed each other, but they wanted to keep it a secret.

Someone visiting the house was saying they saw something in the mulch, and as they leaned in closer to get a better look -- I was thinking it'd an eyeball or something -- an evil octopus that was clinging to an overhang grabbed them.

That's just...awesome.

I dreamed that my older sister lost the use of her left arm and I was very concerned for her. After I woke up it took me a half an hour to realize that she's just fine.

There are gateways that lead inwards into infinite concentric layers of worlds. Beside each gate is a marker that, when decoded by someone who knows the language, gives you the gate coordinates of the next inner worlds. Each world is one of a set of world types: water, underground, air, post-apocalyptic, and others.

A bunch of us were traveling from world to world, trying to escape the conflict we encountered in each. Like the giant sea monster in a water world, criminal elements in a post-apoc world. We realized that if we tracked gate coordinates, we could travel from inner worlds to outer worlds we'd already visited. The group kept splitting up and trying to get back together.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Last night my parents had me dispose of two bodies by putting them in a chipper shredder and mixing them with mulch and having me put this mulch all around the yard. They didn't kill the two guys, they'd killed each other, but they wanted to keep it a secret.

Someone visiting the house was saying they saw something in the mulch, and as they leaned in closer to get a better look -- I was thinking it'd an eyeball or something -- an evil octopus that was clinging to an overhang grabbed them.

Yes, but this is the thread about Weird dreams, not what you get up to in the evenings, stay on topic please Quintin.

Last night's dream was a bit of a hodge-podge. At one point I was getting into fights with a bully while wielding an aluminum baseball bat. Later I took my socks off to search a muddy backyard for a rock big enough to act as an enchanting table. The people next door seemed to be having an outdoor wedding and one of the people asked about renting my grandfather's house. (I had to explain it was not for rent.) Later I had done my first enchantments on a steel wrench, giving it the ability to gently push distant objects, or spray two smalls streams of water.

I had a dream about the ex last night. First one I've had really in a while (we broke up a couple months ago after 16 years.) She came over to my new place and I was showing her around. She brought our cat with her and I was playing with the cat etc. Then I picked the cat up, told the ex to f*ck off and kicked her out.

The cat then gave me a high-five.

Such a satisfying dream (except the cat is still with her..but oh well..)

I dreamt that I was visiting my parents, and they decided to have a party. I was supposed to spend the night, but the house was full of party guests and there was nowhere for me to sleep. I went into this hidden basement and there were party guests there, too, but there was an area I was able to separate off with curtains. I'm hanging these curtains with the stabby kind of curtain hangers, and people start yelling at me to stop. I finally get the area curtained off so I can sleep, but I suddenly have a mouth full of stabby curtain hangers. I started painfully extracting these metal things from my mouth and then woke up. Thankfully, I woke up without a mouth full of metal embedded in my cheeks and gums.

I was being served dinner, but no matter what was set in front of me, it had gravy on it. For me, a nightmare.

A fellow operative inadvertently came across a computer virus that we determined operated on a truly random basis which made it essentially impossible to isolate.

While investigating the source of this virus another operative (whose Gift was an eidetic memory) recalled a device that was given to her long ago, a child's toy whistle that used a unique random number generator to generate music when blown into. The individual had long disappeared from the Project, shortly after our childhood schooling was complete. She pointed out the mural on the classroom wall that we all drew as a group, and indicated a section that was essentially a morass of indiscernible patterns. "That's him," she said. "Find the man who as a child drew that and we find the source of the computer virus. If this thing becomes widespread, we have no way of stopping it."

Well?! Did you find him?!

Yonder wrote:

Well?! Did you find him?!

No, per the inevitable arc of my dreams I woke up after things started getting weirdly sexy.

It does bring back a dream had some time ago, were some crazy old man gave my friend and I a riddle that held the secret to preventing the end of everything. We pored through a bunch of old books on mythology and riddles to decipher it, but were getting frustrated.

I told him, "Well, we're not getting very far. We're just dreaming this, so I'll wake up and see if I can find any clues, and come back and let you know what I find. Besides, I have to pee." So I woke up, went to the bathroom and went back to bed. Unfortunately I did not go back to dreaming. I did sort of check with him the next day, just to make sure he didn't have the same dream.

PS Things did not get weirdly sexy... that time.

The alien invasion was spearheaded by some kind of horrible zombie virus. Some of the humans infected simply fall under control of the aliens and become carriers, but most people become zombified, mutating and turning all soft and squishy, sometimes merging with other infected into real nasty abominations. Think somewhere between The Thing and Peter Weller's Leviathan.

The fight was going badly for us humans. We were being forced to evacuate a city and fall back to a more fortified position. So we're packing stuff for the retreat and the place is a mess and I'm having a hard time finding anything. I'm stuffing board games into my bag because hey, we'll be bored during the siege and need something to do right? Then I see all the movie DVDs and I think, oh sh*t, should I pack DVDs? No, it'll take too long!

I had a small one-handed crossbow that I handed to my brother to hold while I packed, but when we leave, he doesn't have it anymore! So I'm weaponless. And we leave with no time to spare, with infected people right on our heels. Lots of crazy sh*t going on around us and we make it to the fall back position.

I'm bemoaning to someone with me that I wasn't able to pack my gun, that I miss my gun. So I go to the place's armory and ask for a rifle. One of the guys there asks me what kind and I can tell he isn't really taking me seriously. I want to snipe but I want to shoot fast so I say something semi-auto. He takes me to their range where they have this very weird target set up and when I ask for help he ignores me. Eventually I'm able to attach the target and send it downrange, but something happens before I get to fire.

Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of a zombie attack and I've grabbed this really sh*tty pistol from somewhere and it's tough to hit anything with it because it's got this messed up sight configuration. But I'm still headshotting some of the zombies. The fight becomes a cluster f*ck and I'm running and running and that's all I can remember.

So I think I dreamed up the next Silent Hill. Just about everything I write here is exactly as I remember from the dream, and frankly it kicked ass.

I'll write this in 2nd person, since it was clearly a game of some sort. I recall having a random roll against a firearms skill to properly load the handgun, which I failed.

It seems like you have been driving for days, but you can't quite recall why you got on the highway or what you were [running from] sent out to do in the first place. Your car is a wheezing relic of decades past, all cigarette-burned vinyl and faux-wood trim. But she still gets you from point A to point B, at least most of the time. This time you just wish you could remember what point B actually is supposed to be, or when you left point A. No matter... when you see the exit you're supposed to get off of, surely it will jog your memory.

Your cell phone rings, and shocks you out of your reverie. You pick it up off the seat next to you and answer. You recognize the voice of you [ex-?] wife, distant and filled with static. "It's OK," the voice says. "Meet me under the old overpass and I'll explain." That means something to you, but before you can ask her why the voice trails off into static. You'll need to turn around. Crossing lanes through the morning fog and slow-moving cars, you take the first exit*. The ramp curves downward sharply. As you apply the brakes into the curve, the car shudders and stalls. You slowly coast to the bottom of the ramp and manage to bring the old beast to a complete stop. Leaving the car, you see the smoke trails rising from the engine compartment and realize this the end of the road for her. Nothing to be done but find a phone, as trying your cell gets nothing but eerie, whisper-filled static.

The end of the exit ramp turns left onto a long road that veers northward and disappears into the mist. The only road marker is a SPEED LIMIT 30 MPH sign. No indication of what might lie that way. To the right the road peters out completely into a dirt track some ways away from the ramp, that cuts through a rapidly thickening forest area. You also see a battered old wooden sign with an arrow pointing down the track - "FORREST CAMPGROUND". Clever.

Taking heart in even this meager sign of civilization, and thinking that surely there would be an office with a phone, you head towards the campground. The path is steady and reasonably clear, though a bit disused. The fog clears steadily as you walk. Eventually the forest opens up into a large clearing, filled with small clapboard buildings, painted a dull red with green roofs. Each has a single window with decorative shutters and a doorway. Ah, the campground. There is no sign of movement or people, dashing your hopes to find a helpful soul. Maybe the campground is closed this time of year [and when is that?]. Still, there's hope to find a working pay phone, and in a pinch one could break into one of these cabins.

On the largest building across the clearing hangs a simple sign "Office & Restrooms." First things first, a quick washup might be in order. Heading into the men's restroom, you find a room that has certainly seen better days. To your left, there are several ceramic sinks, and only a dim flourescent bulb above one of the sinks is providing any light. At least there's still electricity. The drain in the middle of the floor is choked with leaves, and from the drain emanates the smell of wet soil. On the right the wooden stall doors look damp & rotted, and some have holes punched right through them.

I have a meeting, part 2 later.

*[ed. note Presumably the exit sign said "Silent Hill", though the dream was not specific.]

Yeesh, here I came thinking "I have a silly dream!", and after reading this page it seems rather quaint in comparison.

The other night I dreamed of some sort of big, outdoorsy Goodjer gathering. Most of the forumites were there, but even though it was outdoors we had a crap ton of TVs and gaming equipment set up underneath tents and other such outdoorsy "the sun burns us" overhead coverings.

Someone comes to challenge GamersWithJobs. They are a young male with very fluffy hair, baggy black jeans and either a hoodie or a jacket with too many zippers, I cannot recall. They were very Yu-Gi-Oh in their "I will destory your website! Who can best me in a game of Halo?" Everyone's all very hushed when Sean Sands of all people approaches me.

"You have to do it, Chris," he says with a smile on his face. "You're the only one of us that likes Halo!" Looking back I know this is not true, but it seemed almost reasonable in the dream. "But," I retort, "I only play campaign and co-op."

My protestations are drowned out by the sudden support of the community, and I am shoved forward. The rest of the dream is a weird blur of playing Halo multiplayer. I have no idea if I was winning or not.

I do, however, remember waking up and thinking "Damn, no crazy 80's training montage."

I dreamt I was having sex with my wife. We had weird bodies. I had scales and wings. You guys know where that went. It was good, though.

ccesarano wrote:

Yeesh, here I came thinking "I have a silly dream!", and after reading this page it seems rather quaint in comparison.

I do have to say I'm glad my unconscious brain framed the whole thing as playing a game, because I probably would have pooped myself in my sleep otherwise. I'd take your Halo bash over that any day.

LarryC wrote:

I had scales and wings. You guys know where that went.

You were the dragon, she was the bus?

Here's part 2

What catches your eye, though, is the handgun sitting on the sink closest to the rear wall. Scattered on the floor nearby are several bullets. Creeping over and picking up a bullet you notice they are unspent. Strange. It is then that you hear a rustling from the stall directly opposite you. You did not think at any point that the first person you met would be an armed criminal, but the possibility now rears it's ugly head. You quickly grab the gun and a couple bullets closest to you, and with shaking hands try to load the gun. But the dim light and dampness gets the best of you and the bullets fall to the floor. At the sound, the stall shudders violently. Whoever is in there seems to be trapped, and angry.

You grab the bullets again and this time manage to load a couple into the gun and ready it. Creeping towards the side of the stall you say "I have a gun and am not afraid to use it!", while simultaneously hoping that you're just talking to a particularly ornery raccoon. But... through a rotted hole on the side of the stall, you see the... thing... that seems to be in there. A dark mass of bloody bone and feathers, thrashing against the walls... and as it thrashes a humanlike face peeks out from behind the greasy, blood-soaked feathers. Not pausing to think, you fire two shots into the gap in the door, and run from the room slamming the door behind you.

Nothing follows you out.
As the late afternoon sun [wait-wasn't it just morning?] sends rays of luminescence between the tall, straight trees surrounding the clearing, you're tempted for a moment to think what you saw was just a hallucination - perhaps it was just a regular bird - but this moment of doubt is shattered by a cry from somewhere in the sky. Mournful, yet filled with malevolence. It could be thought to be a simple bird of prey, but no. You now know the impending night brings dangers greater than simply being lost. Perhaps you should risk going back in for those remaining bullets...

Bugatti Veyron.

I headed into town on my roadroller. It was one of those small ones, quite nippy but with little to no steering and a tendency to over shoot my intended stopping point through sheer momentum. Driving through the pedestrianised area I narrowly missed several people. Once out on the road again I faired little better. The traffic lights at a junction were against me but I over shot by several car/roadroller lengths. It took me forever to get back behind the line where I was supposed to have stopped by which time the lights were green and I was off again.

Pulling up at our local railway station it turned out I'd been giving a lift to my auntie Pat. As Pat climbed off the back of the vehicle a guy, who ran the Ice cream concession at the railway station, recognised her. Apparently she had bought the guys previous business out from under him and he was pretty horrified to see her. Pat, who I don't think had been intending to buy him out again, started asking him about his concession. As she went off to talk to her assistant about a possible take over the guy quizzed me. Why didn't I have a tie, he asked, if I was a business man? I said I was freelance, just there to drive the roadroller. The guy showed me the little underground room where lots of women were making incredibly diverse and creative ice creams. I was just starting to feel really sorry for him when I woke up.

I dreamt I accidentally shaved off my beard. I was very sad.

muttonchop wrote:

I dreamt I accidentally shaved off my beard. I was very sad.

That's one hell of an accident.


I dreamt that something happened to my car when I was visiting my parents in some remote mountain area. When I told them I needed a car to get home, they kept offering me an XBox instead. I said I can't drive home on an XBox! Then they started going on and on about getting me a $60,000 car which I knew they were only saying mockingly.

The past two nights I've had serious sinus issues which have forced me to breathe through my mouth. However I wear an acrylic mouthguard to stop snoring so mouthbreathing is also difficult. The result is that dreams the past 2 nights have involved me trying to pull gum-like or taffy-like substances off of my teeth.

I cancelled my wedding to a woman I barely knew, and was immediately ushered into a room to choose a new bride. It was a family room with couches along the walls. I didn't really care about any of the girls, although I recognized some of them. I chose one at random, but with a decisive tone.

Her family was overjoyed, but I couldn't tell how the girl felt.

Some time later, there was an old-timey wagon race on train tracks. I had a birds's eye view of the whole thing, but I controlled one of the wagons. I missed the turnoff to my destination, which I think was the wedding venue, so I took the long way around and ended up in a town with exaggerated architecture.

I flew up one of the structures: a water tower shaped like a barrel. Its side was torn out as if someone had taken a huge bite out of it. Inside, there were what I first perceived to be large insects, but they quickly became human. One of the guys in the barrel asked me to talk to his son about weight loss. I flexed my muscles, but was held back by an extremely tight shirt. I managed to cartoonishly squeeze one bulging bicep out of the shirt sleeve before relaxing and sucking it back in. The boy and I went down to the bottom of the structure to have a little chat. "There's one important thing you should know before anything else," I said, but before I could finish, he ran away.

I realized he was somehow related to my bride-to-be. I'd been conflicted about the whole marriage thing for some time, so I decided I wasn't going to go through with it. I can't remember if I chased him down or found him by coincidence, but the next time I saw the boy, he was bowled over, just outside a house with an extremely low patio roof.

A handful of people came out of the house to see if he was okay. After he regained his composure, I went up to the boy and said "Here's what I was trying to tell you: the most important thing is that you are ready."

Then I woke up.

I was in some sort of dungeon, first person view. But my vision had a game UI but I couldn't remember what hot-keys I set to summon my skeletal minions. I remember getting confused and panicked.

Thrown in there somewhere was watching myself attempting to do a perfect deadlift- I was watching form videos that night.