Crazy weird dreams that you've dreamt!


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Damnit.... i'm disappointed in this thread. Thought it was going to be about crazy weird dreams that people had dreamt.

I forgot to mention one dream I had, where people could make their own threads on the GWJ forums... ;)

And lo... it was! My dream (one of them!) from March 2007:

Two people from a fantasy world: one a sorcerer and the other a different type of magician. They have gone on a quest to find and recover something that will save their empire, however it is a fragile alliance as neither one likes the other and each has his own hidden agenda.

Two men find themselves within a cave system searching for some long lost power. They find a chamber and discover that the cave system once had a guardian formed of pure magical energy. They can hear and feel “things” in the darkness further into the caves that make them uneasy and so decide to re-ignite this defensive entity. But to make it so that they are not attacked they form it of their own magical energy (as there is no other source), a jaw bone they find lying in the chamber – like a dog’s – and some moss etc. The being comes alive and is capable of thought. It has the jawbone as it’s mouth and moss for hair, but the rest is filled by a greenish energy from the magic.

One of the men is the head/or high up in the empire’s espionage society (the magician) and so carries around with him a diary type of thing that, in quiet times, he opens up and scribbles or reads from. He guards the information kept therein like it was worth more than anything else and despite repeated attempts to read the book by the other man, he still continues to read when the other is about.

After several days of trying to find the ancient power it becomes apparent that the defensive entity is slowly degrading. The magician has become like the father to the entity, answering it’s questions and befriending it more than the sorcerer who is aloof much of the time. While they haven’t encountered any hostile creatures in the caves it appears that they have sensed them. At this point the two men are thinking about leaving because their search has been fruitless and they would be better serving their empire by being somewhere else. On the last night they plan to be in the caves, the entity talks about wanting to leave the caves, imagining the “great outside” with a longing in its voice. The magician can see that its energy is fading significantly and that the magic holding it together isn’t strong enough, but he is preoccupied with his book, turning pages, scribbling and reading and says that they will have time to see the outside tomorrow.
It is at this point that the entity looks at the sorcerer and says, “You can see it. Can’t you?” The magician looks startled and closes the book, annoyed that his guard had been lowered enough for the other to glance into his book. The sorcerer walks back to where he will be sleeping for the night.

The next morning the magician awakes to find himself alone. The sorcerer is gone and so is the entity. Then he realises that the jawbone is on the floor with the moss and that the entity is no long with them. Immediately he is filled with grief, knowing that had he paid more attention then the entity could have seen the outside once in its short life.

I woke slowly but filled with grief myself and after a while my thoughts turned to my own mortality.

I usually don't remember them long. The only thing I remember from last night's dream was that I was in a minivan with other Goodjers driving to an amusement park in a town called "Cantus" ("It's like Canton, but ending with 'us'.") Whoever was driving was kind of a maniac.

One was so amazing to me that I'm trying to put it in short story form.

The other was that I walked on new sod and my dad said that he'd warned me not to too many times but he hadn't actually warned me and I didn't know it was new sod and then he broke my nose.

My dreams are normal driving monster trucks over rush hour traffic while being chased by some sort of undersea horror. But I never have a "nightmare" where I wake mid dream in fright.

I had a dream I was running(did cross country in highschool). Then a squirrel jumped on me and I woke up.

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Then a squirrel jumped on me and I woke up.

Many of my dreams end this way.

The most interesting dream I've had in a while was a nightmare. It was a very, very un-PC dream and I wasn't in it. Part me thinks it would make an interesting book but it's just a filled with really detestable views and I'd worry about the reprecutions. I'm well aware that it's wildly inaccurate, it was a nightmare that I wish I had never had.

It was just a normal day and everyone on Earth was happy. In a restaurant somewhere, one of the tables had a child with Down Syndrome. In the middle of dinner the child just snapped and started attacking his family. Very violently with immense strength and no regards to the humanity of others. Tearing limbs from bodies and ignoring any wounds it suffers. As the camera escapes the scene of carnage we are shown a newscast.

Across the world, people with Down Syndrome have turned violent and are attacking anyone within sight. We are shown a scientist explaining the phenomenon. That people with Down Syndrome are actually genetic soldiers designed by an alien race to wipe out humanity in the easiest way possible. All along these sleeper agents had been amongst the populous being taken care of until a sufficient number had been created. The scientist explains how we should have seen this coming. It was so obvious, they all looked alike and acted alike. How could we not see that they weren't truly human like us, no other "disease" made people look identical. The scientist also reveals that Autism is another variation the alien race had injected into humanity but it's a merging of the Down Syndrome and normal humans. Autism is for the clean-up of Earth and to create a subservient slave race, not for combat like the Down Syndrome soldiers.

The newscast shows a supermarket with a few Down Syndrome soldiers, ripping people in half as people scream and flee in panic. These identical soldiers are all over Earth now, killing the population. The image fades away with the words, "It was so obvious" echoing.

The next day I promptly researched Down Syndrome and Autism in hopes of making my brain not be such a hate mongering, fear filled, monster. I'm still looking for books that I could read that would help me understand the condition.

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Then a squirrel jumped on me and I woke up.

F*cking squirrels, they think they can do whatever they want.

I had a pretty good bad dream the other night, an awesome zombie apocalypse dream. After the usual running away from packs of hungry zombies I came upon this big old abandoned house that was somehow secure from the zombie hordes. I set up camp in the house and ventured out during the day to try to locate groups of survivors and bring them back to this house. Slowly the house began to fill.

At some point we discovered this enormous baroque-looking engine in the basement of the house, and figured out that the whole structure could uproot itself from the ground and levitate around the countryside. We decided to use the engine to make short trips into the surrounding country to scout out the area. On our first trip, we began to follow a road and saw a white car pass beneath us. We tried to follow it but the car moved into a small grove of trees that was too dense for our levitating house.

I decided to set the house down outside the trees and take a small group down the road on foot. The car had not emerged from the trees, so we hoped to meet the survivors somewhere inside the grove. As we followed the road, however, it became more and more overgrown, and it became less and less likely that a vehicle could have passed this way. Finally, the road dissolved into a small clearing, choked with half-dead blackberry vines. A single gnarled old tree jutted out of the middle. The entire floor of the clearing had been carefully covered with sheets of white plastic. We cautiously moved closer to the clearing, transfixed by whatever the plastic might conceal.

At that point a bird bounced off my bedroom window, scaring the ever-living f*ck out of me.

I almost never remember my dreams, but I woke up about 5 minutes ago as I was parachuting off a cliff to escape from an evil grizzly bear.

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I almost never remember my dreams, but I woke up about 5 minutes ago as I was parachuting off a cliff to escape from an evil grizzly bear.

The important thing is whether it was armoured or not. Was it?

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At that point a bird bounced off my bedroom window, scaring the ever-living f*ck out of me. :lol:

Sorry, I couldn't find a pebble.

I only remember one dream vividly. Most of mine fade away pretty quick. Once in a while I get snippits that bug me all day until I draw them or write them down. The dream I remember though was a recuuring one that I haven't had in several years, but I still think about it once in a while.

I am walking down a square hallway with no branching doors, just stretching away in front of me, with nothingness behind me. No matter how far down I go the distance to the end is the same, and there is nothing but shadow behind. Then people start pressing their faces through the other side of the walls, kind like when someone pushes from the other side of a piece of lycra. They look like they are trying to get a breath of air. Then their hands start reaching out. They're not specifically reaching for me, maybe I don't know, but they are going to get me. I run faster. The whole hall way is the same. then they start reacing up from the floor, and down from the ceiling. I always wake up before anything really bad happens.

It has taken on a couple different forms, but the basic premise is the same. It's definately the one dream I wish I could forget.

Last week I dreamed that I met Stevie Wonder. We were in the parking lot of a low income apartment complex, as were many, many other people. It was a party atmosphere.
The only thing to dampen the peoples spirit (for whatever reason) was the center for troubled teens right next door. A building of amazing architecture built from wooden planks arranged diagonally and nestled into the side of a cliff.

My favorite is the dream where I spent the entire time trying to learn Romani Martial Arts. If you don't know, Romani is the word that Gypsies call themselves, they don't have a martial art. There were posters everywhere and I kept trying to follow them to the location of the class, but I could never find it, when I woke up I googled Romani Martial Arts and found nothing which is what I think the dream meant.

I had a dream where I was driving a group of goodjers to Cantus...

I don't typically remember my dreams (on the rare occasion my body doesn't spasm before I hit REM), but there is a recurring one where I'm in a zombie town (really slow zombies) and I have a shotgun with unlimited ammo.

God I love that dream.

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I had a dream where I was driving a group of goodjers to Cantus...

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Then a squirrel jumped on me and I woke up.

I'm still trying to decide if it was a real squirrel or a dream squirrel. I'm gonna go with 'real', cuz the picture in my head is funnier that way.

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I almost never remember my dreams, but I woke up about 5 minutes ago as I was parachuting off a cliff to escape from an evil grizzly bear.

The important thing is whether it was armoured or not. Was it?

Heh not that I remember. I know before I jumped I had some type of red wagon (like the ones kids have) except I thought it was a gun, so I don't really know why I jumped.

Dream time.

I was chatting online with someone who was talking about how bad the traffic was. I said, "Yeah, I'm at Thuron street and the traffic lights aren't working." Then the lights came on, but the pedestrians didn't seem to pay any attention to them. In fact, there were some people who just wandered out into traffic and seemed to be struck dumb, like they'd forgotten where they were going. So cars were honking and had to weave around people in the middle of the street. There was a mounted cop who yelled a guy for running out into the street, but he didn't seem to care about the slack-jawed yokels.

So I got past that road and got to the college, where I was apparently going. There was a girl at a table with a bunch of what looked like prizes so I sat in the seat across from her when she asked. She asked me to pick a playing card from her hand. There were about 10 cards and she showed them all to me, so I picked the queen. Then she picked one from the remainder of the deck and it was a match. Then I said, "Wait, I have 3 queens!" Even though I'd only picked 1 card. Not sure how that works. Then she picked up a photo from the table and said, "Aww, isn't that a cute baby." She showed it to me and I politely agreed even though it was homely.

Then she said I should probably just leave because I was being too much to handle. That didn't make any sense to me. Then I realized she thought it was my photo, a picture of my baby, and I was trying to emotionally manipulate her. I said, "That's not mine, I don't have any kids!" "But you're married!" So I said, "But we don't have any kids. We've been married 10 years and we have 5 cats but no kids."

Then I woke up.

Freud says: "The woman represented your mother and your thoughts that you not having babies is disappointing to her. The emotional manipulation was coming from you through your mother.

The wandering pedestrians could be a visualisation of your feelings of helpless 'un'-direction in your life or people who you see just wandering through life without a clear direction but seem pretty happy - even though you may see them as impeding your progress to your goal. There is nothing wrong with what they're doing with their lives and this is why the cop isn't all that bothered... but perhaps subconsciously you don't feel comfortable with their way of doing things."

I've been having some nightmares recently. I'll try and remember them so i can post them.

Disclaimer - I have no degree in psychology or any other relevent field. I'm just spewing stuff

I once had a prophetic dream. I'm serious.
In the dream, I was at my uncle's house for a family dinner. I was standing beside the dining room table, and my mother walked over to the table holding a bag of bread. I looked at the bag and said "What's this? Just bread?". Then I woke up. Several days later that exact sequence of events took place, in the same location and everything.

My one glimpse into the future and all I saw was a conversation about bread.

The ones I have remembered lately are where you are trying to do something, but you can never quite do it. Or never quite reach the goal, endless hallway type deal, except with any task.

The most bizzare dream I can remeber was one in which I pulled my dog's body out of my mouth. I was trying to quit smoking at the time. No one ever told me I might have unusual dreams while using the patch.

i once had really bizarre dream which was a crackheaded mix of webcomics and computer games. I wrote as much of it down as I could remember upon waking which you can read here:

I dream every single night and this kind of dream is about is about average for me. It gets worse if I drink, but I avoid that because it tends to make me wake up halfway and hallucinate while paralyzed.

I once had a crazy weird dream that I was a pretty little girl. Good thing it was only a crazy, weird dream that could never really happen!

... *sigh*

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I once had a crazy weird dream that I was a pretty little girl. Good thing it was only a crazy, weird dream that could never really happen!

... *sigh*

Heh, that reminds me of a dream i had once where i was a woman about to be murdered... That was a pretty scary dream!

I'm afraid my current setup does not meet the minimum system requirements for dreaming.

I plan on sleeping one of these days.

I don't really remember my dreams. I'm one of those people that wakes up and goes "Holy crap! I need to tell somebody!" then I immediately forget what happened. I do remember part of one dream where I was standing with a few of my friends on a cliff and somehow we turned into sunflowers then a man picked my best friend. And the sound of the screaming still haunts me D:

Two days ago: A movie trailer for McCain's Balls 3: The Middle One Fights Back!

I dreamt that there was a user of these forums named Samdogg and that he died.


[Seinfeld]I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating me![/Seinfeld]