All Pro Football 2k8 - Season 3 Draft Thread - Draft Has Started!

I think the penalty for that is you now have to give me Lem Barney.

Or give up Mike Golic...

What the hell... 100. Al Del Greco

with the 103rd pick of this draft I pick ILB Chuck Noll

Prederick you are on the clock

Since I'm the only one with a gold pick left, I'm going to go ahead.

With the 105th pick, I select QB Roger Staubach.

Prederick is still on the clock, but afterwards DSGamer is on the clock.

I select TE Troy Drayton.

With the 106th pick in the draft I select RB Barry "Bananas" Foster.

frankiemumbles is on the clock.

With the 107th pick of the draft Frankiemumbles selects DT:Keith Millard

Firesloth is now on the clock

Good luck to everybody come and get my Title!!!!!!

With 108th pick, firesloth selects Yancey Thigpen (WR).

ertic is on the clock.

The Bandits final draft pick for the season is:

Halfback Matt Snell

One more pick! One more pick!

Finish it up, Bagga! Well done, everybody!

qb Bernie Kosar And I'm spent!