P&C Code of Conduct

Before we get started on the rules I want to make one thing very clear. This is the least visited area of the forums and the most work to moderate, if people can't be civil they will be removed. If things get out of hand we'll just lock the section up. Gamerswithjobs.com is a hobby that Elysium and I pursue in our spare time for fun and we don't consider separating squabbling children a very enjoyable experience.

Read the rules, know the rules and follow them.

1) No personal attacks. This includes indirect "snide" comments and suggestions that the other person posting is an idiot. If you're having problems with someone talk to a moderator or at least take it into private messaging.

2) Stay on topic. Most threads that fall off topic quickly turn into mud slinging and ranting. If you want to pose off-topic questions or change the subject make a new thread and link to it. Threads that completely fall off topic will be locked.

3) If you cannot bend, compromise or respect another person's point of view we don't want you here. If we see someone saying "no" simply because the other person says "yes" in every thread that person (or people) will be warned. Having different views is fine but arguing for argument's sake instead of having an intelligent debate is wasting everyone's time, including your own.

4) Avoid extensively quoting other people from previous off-topic posts to make a point. I'm sure we're all aware of how out of context attacks get people riled up.

5) Show respect. It sounds like an obvious thing to say but it needs to be written here as a reminder to everyone. Be respectful of other's view points, religions, where they're from and their beliefs.

6) You are not always right and that's ok. With the huge amount of information floating around the internet and the media it's easy to mix up the facts once in a while. If you know you made a mistake own up to it and move on.

7) You are not the forum police, we are. If you think there is a problem with a post contact myself or Elysium and we will look into it.

8) Do not quote other users in sigs as a form of personal attack. Snide comments about users showing up in every post you make goes against the whole "respect" thing we try to foster.

9) *NEW* Ad hominem attacks and arguments will no longer be tolerated. If you're not sure exactly what "ad hominem" means check out Wikipedia's page on it.

That's it! This is all common sense stuff that most of you already know. Treat people the way you'd like to be treated and everything should move along quite nicely. We may add or edit rules as time goes by so keep an eye on the topic header.