All Pro Football 2k8 - Season 3 Draft - Tactics, Discussion, etc.

I spent all that time at work considering ways to undermine you.

Jayhawker wrote:

Yeah, waiting for 18 picks has not been a picnic.

By my count, you only have to wait for 16 picks - 3 through 18, inclusive. So that being said, someone wake me up in 18 picks.

Jayhawker wrote:

Damn you, Prederick! Lem was next on my list! SO I drop down to another silver oldie, but goodie. Is Bagga still awake?

Man, I *wish* I picked now. I'm gonna have like 4 quarterbacks

If you're going to sort the draft doc, please reset it back when you're done. Just click in column C and then hit sort A->Z and then click in column A and do the same thing. This will leave it in alphabetical order by last name with the already picked players at the top.

Prederick wrote:

I spent all that time at work considering ways to undermine you.

Dude, sorry for being a jerk about how long it took to make the pick. I'm not trying to ruin this for everyone. Just trying to make sure that (when possible) the draft moves as efficiently as possible. I'm just a facilitator as I've always said. I'm just trying to make things work for all of us. I guess I assume that everyone hits refresh on this site at work constantly like I do.

Dang, firesloth. I thought I could sneak one more round in before someone took my beloved Randall.

Some real interesting names are coming off the board. Saleamua was a great pick! Grrr...

Jayhawker wrote:

Some real interesting names are coming off the board. Saleamua was a great pick! Grrr...

Yeah. I thought he'd last at least a round more. Same with Randall with so many gold QBs available still.


I get home, turn on my console, stick in APF and I get disc unreadable error.

Stick in COD - Disc unreadable.

This will be my second 360 to fail on me. After my first one went kaput I actually sold the replacement unit to a friend and bought an elite.

Elite my ass


Just put a rush on it. We're only in round 3.

Can you put a rush on it? I just ordered a coffin online, not sure what else I can do

That's all you can do, but they have been having quicker turn arounds as of late.

For now, though, you need to check in here.

I want to say that overall, the draft is still going very well. I am a bit concerned with how much the pace has slowed down, though. I'd really like to ask people to try an check the thread a bit more often, and to try and predict when you think you may be up, based on voting patterns. If you do a little research and keep a list of who you want, it shouldn't take too long to hit the site and make a pick. Heck, DS or I will even edit the docs for you if you need to hit and run.

I know many of you have "priorities" like work and family, but let's call these what they really are. Distractions. Let's not let these "distractions" hold up our draft anymore, 'kay?

Ok, that was just a joke. the main thing I want to do is try to keep the excitement up. The early rounds of the draft are always the best, as we get our favorite players. Then it gets a bit less exciting as we start settling. That's normal. What I would hate to see is for each round to grow exponentially longer every round as it gets less exciting. the draft won't go one forever, so I am asking for just a little more time than some of you would normally give to the site for a just a little longer.

I don't want to pile on anybody. We all have more important things to do than sit around and draft for football videogame league. Had my turn come up yesterday morning, you all would have been waiting on me, as I took my daughter to Jefferson City to meet our representatives, as we push to get specific funding for gifted programs reinstated to the budget. As it was, my turn never came up, so no one happen to wait on me. But that was luck of the draw, not great planning on my part.

So even if you have some huge times between picks, understand that we all know why, and that is real life really is more important. But any thing you guys can do to help move this along is always appreciated. We are 30 picks in, with another 80 to go. I'd love to see us get this done in a week or so. If we drop to 4 picks a day or so, we are looking at three more weeks. Of course, that might be just the ticket for ertic, who has had to order a coffin.

So, becasue I am obsessive, I have been tracking certain things in this draft, and I thought I would share here.

13 of the 20 Gold picks have been selected, with four teams already capped.
11 of the 30 Silver picks have been selected, but no one is capped yet. Two teams have chosen 2 Silvers.
8 of the 60 Bronze picks have been selected. Obviously this is not capped, but one team has picked three Bronzes.
5 Halfbacks and Cornerbacks have been selected, more than any of the other positions.
While every position has been selected, only 1 OLB and DT has been taken.

So I stand my console vertically and voila it can read discs. Lay it back down horizontally = no good.

So I can play until my coffin arrives and then I will still be sending her in for a tuneup while the warranty is good.


Wow, I am a master motivator.

Thanks, Jayhawker.

Darn you, Prederick. The second QB stolen from me because I waited one round too long.

Just a heads up. I edited Mike Haynes in the draft pool. A recent patch had taken him out of the pool, and replaced him with Mark Smith, which is who I made Haynes into. Apparently 2K had signed up the wrong Mike Haynes.

Wow, interesting that Ottis Anderson lasted so long...

Yeah, I kept almost taking him, and then moving on. No one had picked any halfbacks for some time.

Yeah. I almost took a flier on Anderson myself. I was getting close. But there are so many running backs and with Okoye gone I'm not convinced I can really consider the run a viable option. I may go all WRs.

Hopefully the draft keeps ticking along at the nice clip of the last 24 hours!

Yes, it has been a good day. If we can get down to Bagga's picks, and someone can keep him awake, I think we could hit the halfway mark tonight. That may be extremely wishful thinking, though.

I think we're stuck on Elliot for now as he may be en route to vacation.

Jayhawker wrote:

Yes, it has been a good day. If we can get down to Bagga's picks, and someone can keep him awake, I think we could hit the halfway mark tonight. That may be extremely wishful thinking, though.

I fully expected the draft to be waiting on me, yet here we are.

Ok, so we are waiting on you now, Bagz!

No matter how impatient any of us seem, I think we have to be pretty happy with how well the draft is going so far. He we are entering the 6th round. Nicely done!

I somehow time-travelled from yesterday morning until now. And my head hurts.

Jayhawker -- I agree that we seem to be moving at a reasonable clip. I think impatience is so we can all get our chance to see who else we might get!

The pain of waiting through 16 picks is murder. Getting two of four picks is nice when it is my turn, but watching all of my well laid plans get destroyed is depressing.

Also, let me say...

CONGRATULATIONS! With DS's pick, we have hit the halfway mark!

I think everyone's plans are getting destroyed. That's part of the fun of the draft. Everyone is getting something they want and everyone is having to think on their feet about what their second/third/fourth options are.