Adam Curtis presents: "The Trap" (BBC)

I found this BBC documentary to be quite interesting. The basic premise is that game theory, particularly that developed by John Nash, has invaded first the military, then the government, and finally society at large with a false idea of humanity as simplistic and entirely rational beings whose reactions can be modeled. This has led to, according to Curtis, a significant change in the very definition of freedom and the creation of a new aristocracy with less class mobility than any time before World War II.

Agree or disagree, it's an interesting series of documentaries. Somewhat long and it obviously has a slant, so I figure P&C is the best bet.


Part 1 - "F**k you buddy"

Part 2 - "The lonely robot"

Part 3 - "We will force you to be free"



He did a documentary a few years ago called "The Power of Nightmares" which would be a nice companion. Some of it even covers a few active threads in some way or another.

Part1: Its cold Outside

Part2: Phantom Victory

Part3: Shadows in the Cave