All Pro Football 2k8 - Season 3 Draft - Owner Roll Call / Draft Order

Trying to get an exact count on who's in and who's not.

So far I have....


Did I miss anyone? Anyone left to recruit so we have an even 12? (and don't offer to drop out immediately, Grumpicus )

The spreadsheet is created. I need email address to share it out. Not sure if they have to be gmail or not. It's just asking for email address to collaborate on the document.

Oh, and anyone without a GMail account who doesn't want to acquire one just for this can PM/Email their picks to me.

Adding people as I receive your address. Let me know if you have any problems. Also, make sure not to edit anything right now. Feel free, though, to poke around and offer any suggestions. Maybe there's a formula, for example, that could strikethrough a player's name when they're selected. I don't know. I'm not a spreadsheet wiz.

One thing to note is that if you're on either sheet there's a drop down available under the Formulas tab that lets you select an owner name. Kind of handy. Also, when we have our 12th player I'll draw names from a hat and begin seeding the rounds. How did you guys see that going down again? In terms of the order of drafting in rounds after that?

Say you have a round like this...

1. Player2
2. Player4
3. Player1
4. Player3

What does round 2 look like in order to make sure everyone gets a first pick, a second pick, etc.? And also to make sure that someone doesn't get stuck picking last most of the early part of the draft.

Most drafts are usually done in a snake fashion. In your scenario above player 2 would draft last in round 2, player 4 would draft 11th, player 1 would draft 10th, and player 3 would draft 9th. In the third round they would go back to the their original spot and it rotates like that through the draft.

Alright, that makes sense. Let's find our 12th and we can get the draft started soon.

Also, the season 2 championship needs to be decided.

Keep 'em coming. This is good.

Is everyone in that wants in? I stopped getting people's email addresses.

at gmail

Hey DS, I think I need you to send me another e-mail, I may have accidentally deleted the first one. It's still at gmail.


at gmail

Getting closer. I have 9 people's email addresses so 9 of us (including me) have access to the spreadsheet. I talked to Frankie today and he'd make 10 once I get his email address. We're missing Kush and that possible 12th person we never seemed to find. So are you there Kush? Do we have a 12th? Or is it a 10 person league? I want to get this started so everyone's juiced to get going with this.

I sent a PM top Kush, but he has not read it yet. I'd say we need to go with 10 person league, and base it on who has time to check in.

It's getting to that point, yeah. I always try to give a nice open window and then it takes forever.

Okay, if we don't get Kush and a 12th man by tomorrow night I'll seed the draft tomorrow night and it will begin Monday.

I say just set a date. I know things can get flighty, and I understand people have other occupations, but it's gotta get done.

The draft order and teams are set. Please check the new draft thread and let's start the draft. Grumpicus, you're on the clock.

Can I be closed? The draft has begun.