Will the Knicks lose by 50?

Right now, the wonderfully awesome NY Knicks are down by 47 points in the 4th quarter! 121-74.. oops, now it's 121-76! This team SUCKS so bad, it's hilarious!

... but Isaiah will not be fired.

Blow, NY, Blow, NY, BLOW!

Good god why didn't I get on the Chicago bandwagon as a kid.

to philly to boot. I wonder how long before someone just tries to kill him and they have to fire him for his own safety.

I want to know what Isiah has on Dolan. There has to be a stack of incriminating photos implicating Jim Dolan is some sort of bizarre druidic sex ring or something...noone would allow a megalomaniac with no visible coaching skills to coach and make personnel decisions for a Big Apple team unless blackmail was involved somehow.