New ALIENS game gets subtitle

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I kinda liked the cheesy dialogue. For some reason, it seems to fit the movie. I just mainly love the mom vs. mom climax. I had forgotten about that part. It's such a great way to end a movie.


Damn it!

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More like:


I don't think I will ever be the same.

No gameplay, but I still think it's a pretty neat video. has a few gameplay videos posted...

Warning - These are pretty spoiler-filled!!!

"First Contact - Gameplay"

Marine Multiplayer Gameplay HD

Okay... here's where I go into rant mode...

Is it just me or does this look like a clunky mess!?

The environments are a little pretty to look at but everything else just seems kind of.... bleh. There's no weight to anything and it it looks like the player is moving through molasses. The handgun was dropping baddies with 2-3 shots but it takes entire clips from the pulse rifle to down a target? Did the Marines ship out with Nerf rounds or something? And the multiplayer... ugh. It looks like you spend most of your time waiting to respawn with how quickly the aliens kill your teammates and even then, what goals are there?

It all looked so boring!

Or maybe I'm just bored with the franchise...

"Hey, let's have our guy in the demo walk to show off the awesome visuals. Because that's what everybody does when playing an FPS, and this is a gameplay video after all."

Also, he's clearly using a pad and not a mouse, from the way the aim is moving. And the FOV is tiny, because it's a console version (please god don't let the PC FOV be fixed.)

Other than that, looks pretty good. I think the handgun vs automatic weapon thing is because he can't aim (because he's using a pad), so he's wasting a ton of ammo with the automatic weapons.

The MP has me more worried, though. What I'd previously heard about A:CM made me believe it was going to be something like L4D's co-op or versus modes. And it looks a lot more like super-lame deathmatch.

I think this game is going to hit a serious problem regardless of its quality.

At this stage, Aliens has been copied and borrowed from so many times that this game just appears derivative. That sucks, because it's not the game's fault that it's being based on a seminal work of sci-fi horror/action.

But I'm looking at all these elements, and I'm thinking, "Well, I sort of already played that in this game, or that game."

The outnumbered, outgunned rough-and-tumble Space Marine has been done a thousand times in a thousand games. The monsters bursting through walls and ceilings has been done. The "I insult you 'cause I love you, buddy" banter has been done. But the worst part is that Alien and Aliens did it before Halo, Space Marine (the video game), Duke Nukem, X-Com, Bulletstorm, Dead Space, etc.

I hope that the game is great, and that it sells and reviews well. In interviews, it certainly sounds like this has been a labor of love for them, and that they really enjoy working with this IP and in this universe. But I can't help but think that gamers and reviewers will be playing it and thinking, "Huh...this is just like the Flood from Halo" or "Oh, wow, the obligatory 'get in a mech' scene..."

My problem has nothing to do with things other games have done before and more to do with the game simply looking janky in every possible way.

February 12th, 2013. This is the first ironclad release date as well.

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February 12th, 2013. This is the first ironclad release date as well.

I wonder how much of the decision is because of Borderlands 2's September launch versus adjusting the game due to feedback from people that played it at PAX. Glad to see a developer that's able to take their time versus releasing a half-made piece of garbage (though how DNF figures into that, I don't know).

We has a collector's edition.

This is where I bitch and moan about yet another lack of a making-of DVD.