Culdcept Saga: Catch All

Didn't see a catch-all for this. Anyone picking this up? Are we discussing this somewhere else? It's getting "meh" reviews so far, but CCG + Board Game = teh win for dramarent.

Further, I take issue with IGN's review. He's basically crying because it's too complex.

I loved the demo but I can't afford to pick it up at the moment.

I am really hoping there's an active community playing it still when I can finally buy it.

I'll probably pick this up to satisfy my MTG craving right now.

If reviews/impressions indicate that the online multiplayer is implemented well (good matchmaking/performance, and penalize quitters with a loss and the remaining player(s) with a win as is reasonable) then I will be grabbing this around the start of March.

I have it in my gamefly Q but it isn't available yet.

Wonder if this will be in my local Gamestop (shudder) today.

I plan on picking it up but I'd rather wait until payday which isn't for a couple of weeks. We'll see how firmly I can stick to that.

Wow, only $40, very nice. I just may pick this up in a couple weeks at that price, though i'm still convinced this should have been an arcade title to begin with.

I'm thinking about picking it up. I enjoyed the original one, and if multiplayer is properly done, I'm all for it.

Ooh! Another thread on it.
The Girlfriend loved the demo, so I'll be picking this one up. Need to encourage the little gamer in her! Also, I've got her buying Magic the Gathering cards. *sniff* I'm so happy!

I'm hoping you can save in the middle of a game, now. Fun game, but some of those games would go for quite a while.

I'm getting this via Gamefly. I enjoyed the demo, but wasn't crazy about the luck factor. I'm hoping the full game will give more options for controlling that factor a bit.

If so, I'll probably keep it. Especially at the $40 price.

Alright, I just bumped up to the 2-out Gamefly tier and put this at the top of my queue. It's not offered for sale yet but I'm hoping to come out ahead. Hopefully I'll have this in for the weekend.

Can I flaunt my anal nature and request a title edit to fix the spelling error?

My bad dooder. Fixed!

Ahhhh, it's like a great weight has been lifted.

I picked this up today. Please add me as a friend if your looking for some MP action.

Does anyone have any information on the print run for this? I'd like to wait until next month's budget but I don't want it to become an eBay problem either.

Ditto that; I'm planning to wait until March to see how it settles out, but I don't want another Persona 3 situation on my hands.

Anyone else find the AI dice rolls to be a little fishy? Yawr.

I have found the "luck" of the AIs dice rolls to be somewhat suspicious but I'm not quite ready to call shenanigans on it yet. It's nowhere near as bad as the AI in puzzle quest which did everything but pull out a folding chair and hit me over the head with it. I really love this game thus far, although it can be frustrating. I just finished a three hour battle royale with cheese against two AI opponents. This may be the game that makes me invest in a Gold membership.

Any word on if you can save in the middle of a match, now?

You can suspend in the middle of a CPU match.

dramarent wrote:

You can suspend in the middle of a CPU match.


This is about $30 on Gamefly when you keep it. Im close to pushing that button.

I've played about 5 hours so far (and no achievements, yikes) and I like it but I wish the game moved faster. The combat takes too long considering you really only have to make one decision. It would be nice if they'd add a version with some quicker movement. I could see each game only taking a half hour if it were properly tuned for it, but this is a backwards design from a region where backwards designs are born so Im not holding my breath.

The game itself is fun, but its frustrating. You'll lose. No doubt about that, but you do get a runner-up prize of some cards.

You also get cards even when you play private matches online, which Slytlin and I found yesterday. There may even be a way to boost the number of prize cards you get in those, Ill have to try it out.

I must agree the dice rolls seem really fishy plus the AI loves to tag team the player. I'll be in last place and both AIs will start slowing me. One AI even force me to roll a 1 so I land on the other AI's land. So far single player doesn't seem that great to me, but the couple MP games I've played seemed to be really fun. Main reason SP seems to kinda suck is the 3rd level took me roughly 6 hours to beat. I lost the first try, but won the second one due purely to luck. I only had two land pieces but they were 2400 toll each and the NPC that was about to win landed on both.

The Girlfriend bought this game for us on our Anniversary. We spent the weekend playing it. Do NOT. I repeat, NOT play this AGAINST someone you love or within striking distance. While playing matches against each other I felt compelled to turn to her and say: your anniversary gift is going to make us break up! You have to do some pretty mean things to win... and this game is random enough that a losing streak can be compounded by your opponents lucky streak. I once went 12 turns without drawing a creature I could play. THAT was a pleasant game.

Then we figured out how to play Alliance games. After setting up some mildly-retarded AI opponents with shockingly gimped decks we proceeded to work out our frustrations. The shout of delight when she unlocked the Dragon Egg card sealed the deal... we <3 Culdcept.

That said... I played a 3 hour round of the story mode. The third Arena Colosseum Battle. Me vs 2 other Cepters... I was losing for the majority of the game, and had the quiet sense of dread. The champion was amassing win after win while the interloper was running interference. My chains were broken, my defenders brought low by damaging attacks from one, and finishing attacks from the other. They were drawing perfect cards and rolling perfect moves. If there was an open spot they would draw they card of that color and roll to land on it. On the other hand, if an enemy land was leveled up it was guaranteed that I would land on it. Still... I persevered and in the last 45 minutes the tides started turning. I was clawing my way up the ranks and stalling the champion... and then it happened. He breached the 8000 mark. I got lucky and managed to break the spine of one of his chains and secured one of his highest scoring territories. The cards kept coming, suddenly I had G to spend and spend it I did! Within 6 moves I had the lead and he was back down to 6000. After leveling and fortifying I had enough to win! The opponents stopped fighting and just kept paying. All I had to do was cross the line. Meanwhile the champion drew and rolled perfectly to fill in the gaps left by my troops. I had a quarter of the board to go and over 12000G. He had just crossed the castle and sat at 7800. And that's when it happened. The interloper drew slow after slow after holy word 1 after slow. While Markt rolled perfect 8 after perfect 8. It was sick. 3 spaces away from the castle I looked at my girlfriend and said: You know this game isn't going to let me win... And rolled a 1. Markt hit the castle and with his bonus cleared 8000 to steal that victory from me. Am I bitter? My retarded AI profile uses his image and is named Dieck.

I think we can safely call BS on this game now too many people have pointed out that this game seems to be cheating. I have no idea why they would do this. There are other options to making a game hard rather than blatantly cheating.

Slytin wrote:

I think we can safely call BS on this game now too many people have pointed out that this game seems to be cheating. I have no idea why they would do this. There are other options to making a game hard rather than blatantly cheating.

Well, perhaps there is a skill element in Rolling the Die, that we humans are simply too slow, stupid, and filled with meat to exploit like our streamlined and non-biodegradable superiors?
The programmers did go through all the trouble of giving us the visual flipping of the numbers that we 'stop.' Perhaps it isn't really random.

I think we can safely call BS on this game now too many people have pointed out that this game seems to be cheating. I have no idea why they would do this. There are other options to making a game hard rather than blatantly cheating.

People said the same things about Catan on XBLA until the devs posted the random roll code and proved otherwise.

. Playing against AI opponents can also be frustrating as they have an amazing propensity for rolling the exact number that they need to land on and take your finest piece of land. It doesn't happen every time, but it's often enough to raise a suspicious eyebrow.

From IGN's review. I call shenanigans.

Heres another example I've noticed. In battle if the AI is attacking and is going to Win I've never seen them use a card to make sure they win. Even if I have armor cards they only use there item cards to push them over after I've used my item. When playing a human you have to decide if they are going to use their item or not and sometimes you end up wasting a item because they never used theirs.
I'm almost postive I've never seen the AI overly stack their damage just in case I use a armor card.