APF2k8 - Legends League S2 - Week 7

firesloth wrote:

If this season has flex scheduling, can you just do the game at a later time, or does rolling a week forward cut off all the previous weeks' games?

Hmm, good point. I believe it should be the case that we can play our game whenever.

What this will mean is that the league isn't officially rolled forward, but week 8 games can be played. Sorry I didn't read this until today. Had friends over for my birthday yesterday. I'll setup the new thread now and we can all play our week 8 games and figure out what to do once Grumpicus lets us know the ETA on his system and when he can play me.

DS, I can go tonight if you like. At/after 9:30c works best.

Hmmm.... Wife and I have a standing date every Sunday from like 5pst on. So maybe that would work. We'd be back by then. Let's try that.

I'll look for you. If I'm playing COD or Halo, send me a message and I'll be along as soon as whatever match I'm in ends.