"bug sex?"

Demiurge wrote:
hubbinsd wrote:

Realistically, you could always just argue that he's learning the family business.

That would involve spending long hours looking up multi-syllabic words to use in casual conversations.

Which would be an awesome way to raise a kid, actually.

Don't knock it. I pretty much stopped my kids threatening each other (stuff like "I'll KILL you if you touch my stuff!" ) at my house by requiring them to use a cool word for it. It works two ways. A) the kid who's mad has to stop long enough to find a cool enough word, and b) the kid doing wrong has to look it up to refute them. It degenerates to an intense session of reading our two dictionaries, followed by an argument if the threat is cool enough or not.

It does have side effects. Like your kids knowing what "vivisect" means, and they will have used it on their sibling. If the FBI ever bugs my house they're going to think we're insane.

Oh, and dhelor, I CANNOT KNOW THAT! No spiders, thank you.

I've so far managed to avoid Recursive "Why?" Syndrome by requiring my children use a full sentence to ask the question. If they can manage to ask the question "Why does Rayleigh Scattering of photons from the sun bias to the blue end of the visible spectrum?", then frankly they deserve a more detailed answer.

I'll definitely be using momgamer's threat vocabulary augmentation technique though. That's a good one.