WoW reference thread: Zel has the +Shadow to cloak enchant

I just wanted to mention this on the forum in case anyone needed it. I just happened to get the +15 shadow to cloak enchant while randomly killing things in Netherstorm... it's got a 0.4% drop rate per WoWHead, and it's BoP. I now have the skill and the adamantite rod to cast it, and figured I'd post this in case anyone wants it.

It's quite expensive; 8 primal shadows and 4 large prismatics. I don't expect to do many of them, but I figured I'd let everyone know it's available in-guild.

(I often have prismatics if you're short.)

Zel, if you haven't already, look up enchants on Thottbot and sort by drop. There are several BoP drops that fall from specific mobs, both inside and outside instances.

The ones from outside instances are fairly easy to farm, and can be found in NS, BEM, and SMV.

The ones from inside instances, have been a thorn in my but-tocks for months (the +12 Agi for boot chant in The Crypts, for instance, drops from one of a handful of Raging Skellies, and has eluded me through more than 20 trips into that nightmare).