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Synthetik is a lot of fun. Also, sales have been better than expected so they continue to add more content. A large new update is coming out soon. I haven't tried it, but the co-op is supposed to be fun also.

Note on the Co-op.... friendly-fore is most definitely a ‘thing’.

I got Synthetik and dutifully tried it as I try to do with most of my Humble games. It looked like something might like. I've played way more of it than I thought I ever would. It's like Crusader: No Remorse (sorry for the ancient reference) meets Nuclear Throne. Tons of items, meaningful upgrade choices and character that play differently tied to really fun action gaming. IMO play this one with mouse and keyboard. It's a top notch action game.

Have we not talked about Noita here? I've been obsessed for the last week. It's fun and brutally hard. I accidentally discovered the Touch of Midas recipe (sort of) this last run and had more money than I've ever seen. Sadly money cant necessarily buy you a badass wand and I couldn't keep up with the damage ramp.

Definitely has the one more run thing going for it.

Noita is immense!
I got excited and pumped 31 hours into it in the few weeks after it's release, subsequently making myself noita-sick, but I'll be back.

I love witches and I was a right little arsonist as a kid so setting the world on fire and floating around made me cackle with glee!

The enemy AI is joyously ruthless. The moment to moment strategising during firefights is so much fun.
It was easily one of the best games of last year and it isn't even out of early access yet.


My favorite bug was the deers drowning in their own piss

So back in the day we put some animals and had them roam around in the world. And also they had to urinate from time to time. Because the game is 2D, the urine would fall into these ditches. And what ended up happening is that deers would also hang around in the ditches urinating themselves. Eventually there would be so much urine that deers would drown in it. And the landscape was littered with these ditches full of urine and dead deers. Good times.

Noita looks pretty sweet but I think it might be a little to action/dexterity oriented for my tastes.

I'm also kinda averse to hooking a controller up to my PC. Anyone tried the game with k/m or is that just a dumb idea?

I’ve been pushing Noita for like 2 months. I stopped because I thought people were getting tired of it. Still have not finished a complete run.

Aaron D. wrote:

Noita looks pretty sweet but I think it might be a little to action/dexterity oriented for my tastes.

I'm also kinda averse to hooking a controller up to my PC. Anyone tried the game with k/m or is that just a dumb idea?

I honestly can't imagine playing it any other way. It's one of those games I didn't even consider trying on pad. I'm not even sure it had pad support at launch.

I use keyboard and mouse and it's easy and responsive. This is important for me because I am no longer a twitch platform gamer. Just can't do it. Noita, though, has much more in common with stealth action games than regular side-scrollers. You can catch a breather any time you want, just find some secure niche and wait for a bit. Also, a lot of wands are area effect, or spray and pray, so while aim is useful, it's not the most important thing. That's dodging, which with just 3 movement keys (okay, 4 in water) is much more intuitive than you might think at first.

It's a freaking blast. There are a few oddities to the physics sim, but that just makes it more humorous lol. Mostly, it's a game of "here's your starting kit, hope you find something good" action. Tons of fun.


Looks like Noita may actually be friendly to these tired old bones.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm 57, so...

Okay, Boomer.

I got a Noita mod from the workshop called Goki's Things. It can do a TON (via in-game configuration) but the main thing I'm using it for is just some randomized starting conditions. They're sort of 'classes' like the Butcher who's wand casts saw blades and who has the 'more blood' perk. I think an option in the mod is to let you select which you start as.

I also like the 'random robes' mod. All it does is give your robe a random color on start. Its a nice touch.

Technically, I claim Gen X citizenship, because I've always identified with them, and some definitions allow my year of birth to be Gen X.

Oh, and today's Daily Game is pretty good at the start.

Robear to Gen Xers.


Well, I was a nerd in school, so...

Vector wrote:

Robear to Gen Xers.


There was a great interview with Steve Buscemi on a recent episode of NPR's Bullseye, and they discussed the popularity of this bit.

He's actually carrying 2 skateboards!

Quintin_Stone wrote:

He's actually carrying 2 skateboards!

Well, yeah, check the environment. Steel for 'normal' kids and silver for, well, never know when you need to kickflip into some little snotnosed goblin.

Don't know if you lot have heard about this, but the beta was good fun, Roundguard is launching soon (march 13th).
It's like peggle mixed with a roguelite dungeon crawler, which is as compulsive as it sounds!

Oh, I am so into that one Clippa. Thanks for posting it.

Roguelike... Peggle?

I know, right?!

I don't know how Peggle isn't a genre...and now it is!

Roundguard is out today! $20 on Steam.

ok, someone be the guinea pig and let us know if it's any good

Played it for about 20 minutes. It’s definitely a Peggle roguelike.

Robear wrote:

Roundguard is out today! $20 on Steam.

Saw someone streaming it today and it looked really fun, so I asked for a key, AND SHOCKINGLY GOT ONE, so I'll be streaming it next week. Yay!

My only real gripe playing the beta was that runs lasted an awfully long time.
You can save and come back, and whilst that did help to some extent, I think the real issue is that I'd much prefer a shorter, tighter experience, especially with a game where there's leaderboards and more than a healthy dose of luck involved.

It reminded me of playing a pinball game, "demon's tilt" recently. Rather than playing the normal mode where you've got three balls and you can be racking up your best score ever on those first 2 balls but then lose your third ball instantly to a fluke bounce, I'd always much rather play the hardcore mode where you're betting all or nothing on one ball.

If you like peggle, if you want some cosy, brain off fun at the end of an evening, it's got you covered.

When I first heard of the concept, it sounded like it should be illegal, it sounded like the videogame equivalent of crack!
In all honesty, it didn't quite live up to the wonderland I'd envisaged, and I was expecting a slightly lower price at launch, but it's a good game.

One of the devs was absolutely darling to me on discord so I think I'm duty bound to fork out for it regardless, so I'll report back!

I felt the same way about Binding of Isaac, where the game is brilliant, but the runs are super long if you are bad at the game, like me. I loved watching the Binding of Isaac racing league, though.