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Mixolyde wrote:

Trying the troll/berserker that's recommended for newbs.

Are there any other good noob class/race combos?

I'm too stubborn to go for the noob combos. I learn any game with a straight-up bruiser (mountain dwarf fighter is what I started in Crawl with), but once I get the UI down reasonably well, I switch to whatever tickles my fancy.

I've taken a break from my Summoner attempts and am trying out randomly-generated ones. I rather liked the potential in the Deep Elf Reaver, will have to try that one a few more times.

Dagnabit. I've been doing pretty decent with 'gimped' combos of Trolls, to me you get some attack/defense alternatives to aid with the bashing in return for giving up a couple of points of STR at the start. Latest one I was trying to be real careful because I had poison resistance for the first time in the tourney and a +0 +8 ring of slaying so the Lair was gonna be a cinch. Of course Joseph and Erolcha are bumping uglies close to the Lair. Tried to make a run for it but she banished me to the Abyss and that's all she wrote.

What's really great about Crawl is that once you're past D3 if you die, it's almost always your fault. You can blame the RNG but when you look back at it you can see what you did wrong. Last game I should have read a teleport scroll, quaffed agility and speed. That should have gotten me away so I could come back at a better angle to get into the Lair.

EriktheRed wrote:
Mixolyde wrote:

Trying the troll/berserker that's recommended for newbs.

Are there any other good noob class/race combos?

The crawl wiki recommends these: http://crawl.chaosforge.org/index.ph...

John Harris has some "interesting" combos:

And an interesting post from google groups:

Generally speaking, the best character for a beginner player is a
Minotaur berserker, using axes or maces and heavy armour. This is a
good combination as minotaurs are very powerful in melee combat and
thus easy to survive with, and being a berserker removes the
complexities of magic as they are forbidden the use of magic by Trog.
The extra unarmed horn attacks also help.
Another common choice for beginners are trolls, especially as
berserkers using unarmed combat, as trolls can eat raw meat when not
hungry so rarely starve to death, a more common problem for beginners.
They also don't need to give much thought to armor, as they can only
wear certain types of armor.
Other suggestions are:
• Mountain dwarf fighters have good hitpoints and a shield, as well as
excellent armor skill, making early survival easy. They are best of
all races in following: axes (a bit better than minotaurs), fighting
skill (on par with minotaurs), armor, shields and maces & flails. They
are also extremely powerful in late game.
• Minotaur monks have the second-best unarmed potential (trolls being
the best with their claws), but much superior skill aptitudes,
especially defensively.
• Hill orc priests are competent warriors who can command literal
small armies of orc followers who make excellent comrades, receive
bonuses to wearing orcish gear, and can smite foes from a distance.
Switch to heavy armor asap.
• Spriggans, particularly assassins, stalkers, enchanters and venom
mages. (Spriggans are very fast and eat almost no food, however
Spriggan spellcasters will have serious food problems in late game).
• Deep elf conjurers, wizards, summoners, necromancers, and
elementalists (particularly Fire Elementalists, for those who wish to
kill from afar).
• Mummy wizards/necromancers - although very weak, they don't require
food at all, so can be played very slowly by more completive players.
• Vampire Enchanters - most likely the best choice for learning basics
of stealth-based characters, via abundance of food and using
enchantments to sneak up on enemies and Stab them.
• Vampire Death Knight - Due to Yredelemnul not requiring corpse
sacrifices and making up for poor spell casting abilities.
• Demonspawn Chaos Knight of Makhleb - They aren't super good but they
are fun and help you learn the basics of the game. Makhleb is the best
god of the three for beginners, as his powers are straightforward and
powerful. Xom, being psychotic, is not a great god for a beginner.
Also, Lugonu's granted powers are odd and difficult to use, as well as
she causes you to start in the Abyss. The mutations given from being
Demonspawn are almost always useful as well, but unfortunately this
class has only one skill it is good at, Invocations. However, this
does compound Makhleb's usefulness, as his Destruction will be
powerful and easy to cast, and his demons will rarely be hostile.

Giving a deep elf summoner build another shot, as I love the idea of running around with my own summoned army. Managed to luck into a few nice goodies early on (a ring of sustenance very early, and a ring of magic power soon after, really helped me get a good leg up) and I've been rampaging through the last couple dungeon levels with a horde of dogs (I think at one point I had more than 12, not sure how many more because it couldn't display them all on the mob list!).

They're tearing everything up.

I did have some really close calls in the early going, it's a difficult build to start off until you can support enough dogs to serve as protection from the more dangerous mobs for squishies like the deep elf to face.

I've beaten the game with a merfolk gladiator, and I've currently got nine runes with another one. Merfolk have the highest weapon proficiency, so you can max out polearms early and start putting experience points into something else. Moreover, they're also great at dodging, which is at the moment much more useful than armor (despite the slight boost in 0.7).

By the way, if you want to get any of the hell/pandemonium/tomb runes, The Shining One is an awesome god.

Yay, another character survives his debut. I even figured out how to get character dumps of still living characters. Hit # in game, then check a link similar to this one (using your account name, not mine):


If you search that file for "1/78" (without the quotes), you'll get to see when I nearly had heart failure earlier today.

Annnnnddddd dead. 10 runes, died in Pandemonium practically as soon as I stepped inside, beset by a horde of demons because I didn't notice that one of the dozen monsters I was fighting was a lich. Ah well, the poor guy was doomed anyway: 10% of his hitpoints rotted away, another 10% mutated off, eyesight so blurry he couldn't read scrolls, only six food rations left in the whole world. Sigh.

Does anyone know how to get .ttyrec playbacks working? You can grab playbacks of almost every game every played on the server and I'd love to see how the great players to what they do.


L17 Ice Elementalist, died assaulting the Nagas' vault on Snake: 5

My troll berserker never made it to the Lair. I hit my berserk before regeneration by accident and miscalculated some stair dancing. Fun combo, learned a lot. Trying deep dwarf necro now. Quite a bit different and interesting.

I was playing a hill orc priest (Orc Jesus) in the tiles version when I didn't have a net connection. All went well until I got the name of my God mixed up with another one, accidentally switched from Beorgh to Trog and things went sour. Tried to find an altar to Beorgh in the Orcish Mines but died trying. Never even got to enlist any orcish followers. Ah well.

Also, it looks like the team only has five of us listed. Who is missing?


Haven't had a lot of time for this lately, been trying attempts here or there when I get the chance, and man have I been stinking up the joint lately. Just either having rotten luck or just seeming to not get things to work out right.

Hey, it's one of those rune things. And this time I probably won't die 100 turns later.

Has anyone linked to Ascii Dreams yet? It's the blog of the developer for Unangband, which describes development changes to the game, game-design underpinnings for his development decisions, musings on Team Fortress 2 (unrelated but yay!), and other nifty stuff.

I fell in love with the @Play column on GameSetWatch when it first came out, but I'm only just now playing my first real Roguelike, Shiren DS. (I tested out Izuna a while back and kinda liked it as "baby's first steps", but other than that my only rogue-ish experiences were Spelunky and Toejam & Earl.) Right now I have only gotten a little bit past Cryptic Rock Valley in Shiren DS, but I'm learning a lot and have a gilded Mastersword +15 and a gilded Walrus Shield +6 in my storehouse for a special occasion.


Two runes! One more to go!


Awwww, so adorable


And silver makes three. Onward to Zot! Onward to victory (or horrible death)!

Go Ferret go! Watching you clear out Zot 5 right now. I've only made there one time. Was able to grab the orb but ran out of teleports and got killed on something like D20 trying to escape.

Heh. This may not be a fast process. Might wanna grab some popcorn.

Hooray! First win ever, and it was apparently with an unpopular race and class: GWJ Lair or Bust grabbed species high score for Humans, combo high score for Human Ice Elementalists, and an extra bonus for being the first win with a Human Ice Elementalist. Yay!

Congrats! Those summoned guys sure kicked some butt there. I liked that apportation trick you did the orb to get it to the level exit so you didn't have the demons on you right away.

Shadow Creatures is a fairly nice spell, I have to admit. The shadows don't last very long at all, but since it spawns stuff that normally appears on the level, a few casts of that will almost always be able to handle whatever bothers you. I probably didn't need it as often as I was using it (pretty sure I could nuke down solo Orb Guardians), but I was in full paranoia mode by that point.

Had some trouble with the Ancient Liches when they kept going invisible (no problem for me, big problem for most pets.) I tried to fix that w/ Corona before realizing my hopeless Enchantment skill was never going to let that land on something 'almost completely resistant to hostile enchantments'.

Fantastic run, Ferret. I read through the log a bit and must say it looked pretty wild, especially towards the end. I'm jealous, I just can't seem to get the hang of doing well in this game, but it's fun anyway!

Grrr, was doing so well last night. Cleared the Lair, Hive, Orc, and got halfway through the Snake Pits when I ran across Mara and Xtahua. Figured I would call it a night and do the Shoals today to level a bit before heading back. Doing okay until a snapping turtle showed up (they can attack from 2 squares away) and died. I kept blinking and tp'ing but it was never far enough away to heal up. Stupid me, I could have meph clouded his reptilian butt but forgot about that.

I was actually watching you play when you hit Mara. That jerk kept me locked out of D:19/Vaults for a long time. I sent you a message to warn you how vile he is, but it seemed like you already knew, you didn't waste any time teleporting to safety.

Sucks about the Shoals. That definitely seems to be one of the harder branches, especially if you get that unique who raises the tides and you don't have a good way to deal with her and/or that.

Hehe, yeah he's a little punk. If he's clones you and you can't teleport you're dead. Shoals 1-4 isn't bad if you can levitate or fly, but as per usual I got stupid

After that decent run with a naga fire wizard I'm trying ice. Either the RNG is being nicer or ice hits a little harder. I can't believe he's made it to level 10 with the bad luck I'm having. First a cursed ring of hunger, then getting mobbed a couple of times and getting away with 1 hp/1 mp. Next I find a nice artefact ring which of course put on without having any remove curse scrolls - Mut+, rN+, Acc+3. Finally got it uncursed but now I'm running around with permanent rotting, -10% hp, -10% mp so I'm betting good money this guy is gonna get me my first online rune

It's becoming a bad habit, having a great run and when I come back to continue the next day I die within 10 minutes. Think I forget my level of paranoia from the day before.

Started a new Deep Elf Summoner (I love that combo but man is it frail) last night and actually got a decent start for the upper levels, then ran into these twin elves that I was NOT prepared for and completely underestimated.

Ow. Bastard elves. I'll kill them all!

I hate those twins. They can show up very, very early for how nasty they can be. Especially given how much worse it can get when you kill one. Avoiding them can be tough for some characters, given the mage twin can haste them both if he thinks of it, in addition to shooting you from range.

Oh! They were those twins. Had I realized that I would have run for the hills the moment I spotted 'em.