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Ferret wrote:

So, any suggestions for a clan name this time? I guess we could use "GWJ Lair or Bust" again too, but something different might be better. Maybe "Killed By Bad Targeting" since it sounds like Farscry and me both are pretty good at that? :)

Does it have to be a clan?
@ -> @ (Silly roguelikes with no body part identification)
Needs More Hats

I like something involving the pun: Orbituaries

Also any variation of something involving death to Sigmund. Pigf*cker!

Sigmund isn't too bad, but those damnable elven twins can go rot in the lowest level of the abyss.

Gonna need a clan name soon... I'd vote for-
GWJ Amiss in the Abyss
GWJ An ID away from death
GWJ My Other Ride is a cTele
GWJ Death by Bad Targeting

and because Ferret hates it so much- GWJ Ghost Moth Killahs

I like Amiss in the Abyss, and Yet Another Stupid Clan. Any other votes?

Okay, I think I set us up for our clan properly in my options file. Don't know yet since it takes a bit to update I think. Don't forget that you need to add "#TEAMCAPTAIN Ferret" to the top of your own options files' on the server too. More details here if needed: http://crawl11.dyndns.org/

chillblain, Mixolyde, Erikthered, Farscry, I already listed you as members with your GWJ forum names. If you happen to end up using something different for your tournament name, lemme know and I'll change it. I'm not sure if it's case sensitive or not, if you don't show up relatively quickly, tell me exactly what your player name is and I'll double check what I entered.

We've still got room for 1 more if anyone else wants to jump in. First come first served, no experience required.

Tournament starts this evening for most of us. Good luck!

I'll be signed up either tonight or tomorrow morning, thanks for jumping in and getting a clan started for us Ferret! I'll be showing up as Farscry again, I use that name everywhere i can. I can't remember if it's case sensitive either.

Another note, something that can be helpful for the clan is to make sure you pop onto Steam while Crawling and have your clanmates added to your Steam friends list! Last year Ferret and I often had a Steam chat window up while we were playing, and particularly for a newbie like me it helped to have some advice from time to time. Plus it's highly entertaining to lament horrible luck (er, I mean, "Fun!") to your fellow players.

We could also hop into vent while we're playing.

Also, given that I won't likely win any games while playing, is there anything I can do to help the team's score out?

Sure there are.

1) You get points for finding a rune. Less each time you find the same one, but always some points. (30/N each time you find a rune, N = number of times you've found that one.)

2) You get points for killing unique monsters, 5 each.

3) You get 5 points for having the highest score in a race/class combo. Doesn't necessarily require winning if you play something very obscure. 20 points for race high score, 10 points for class high score.

4) Apparently, there's a prize for dying at the hands of the most different uniques (one unique doesn't count twice)...

5) You get 2 points for killing a ghost...

6) ...and X-5 points when your ghosts kill someone (X is their character's level)

Oh, also, I wasn't clear from the tourney's page; does it start tomorrow morning or Sunday morning?

Farscry wrote:

Oh, also, I wasn't clear from the tourney's page; does it start tomorrow morning or Sunday morning?

I believe it starts at 8pm Eastern.

EDIT: Here is a countdown http://crawl.akrasiac.org/

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is consuming my life!

Creatures that run away totally suck though, I'm currently playing a Mountain Dwarf Fighter of Cheibriados and there's just no way I can catch them if I can't block them in a hall. Sure I've got a lovely +2,+2 Bow of Flame, but I'm not exactly skilled with it. Maybe I need to go back up a few levels and grind out some skill with bows...

Also, playing a Mummy is hard. I've yet to make it out of the first floor.

I don't suppose anyone with Linux/Unix/whateveritis knowledge has an idea how to actually add spaces to our clan name? I tried adding quotes earlier, but either it didn't work or there still hasn't been an update.

EriktheRed wrote:
Farscry wrote:

Oh, also, I wasn't clear from the tourney's page; does it start tomorrow morning or Sunday morning?

I believe it starts at 8pm Eastern.

EDIT: Here is a countdown http://crawl.akrasiac.org/


How can i make it so I show up on he clan page? http://crawl11.dyndns.org/clans/ferr...

Do I have to register somewhere? I do have an account on crawl.akrasiac.org

In your online account, after you select to play version 0.8, there should be an edit options option (I think pressing 'o' gets it open) Then, use the really archaic text editor to add a new line to the top of the file that reads:


Hint: Hitting "Esc" in the editor will open a menu that both lets you save and lets you exit.

Once you've done this, you should be added to the clan within 4 hours (the update check is every 4 hours, apparently.)

Updated my team captain. I am, in fact, Mixolyde with a capital M, I should be good once it updates.

Normally I pick a race/combo to try out and go with the same one a dozen times or so in a row until I get a feel for it and see if I like it. I think I want a conjurer of some kind, I'm not a sneak and stab kind of guy and I've been playing a minotaur berserker in a tiles game which is doing really well. Variety is the spice so they say.

I would try Hill Orc Priest, but I think working with all the followers over the telnet connection might be a little much.

I have a Human Conjurer right now who is doing fairly incredible things. Even Mara and new-to-0.8-Mennas have fallen to him. Shame he started earlier (after I blew my last HuCj up ) and doesn't count for the tournament. Vehumet is a very, very awesome god. The +33% success rate on destructive magics makes it really easy to cast high powered spells early, and the MP-on-kill + discount on big spells make it easy to keep the good times rolling. Only issue you'll have is casting spells you really shouldn't be able to consumes a lot of food. I'm not sure I'd be doing nearly so well without amulet of the gourmand (well, an artifact amulet w/ gourmand, but same thing) powering him.

Ok, I think I got myself updated correctly in my options file to be in the clan.

I'm think I'm going to try Sludge Elf Transmuter for a while. Tough beginning, but fun after that.

Whoa, I just picked up a +7, +5 scimitar of Flaming Death {flame, rPois rF++ rC- MR} on Dungeon 5. Even with the cold vulnerability, this is by far the best weapon I've seen so far. Sweet!

Is there still room for one more? My user name is IanDavid on CAO

Hello folks; I just joined the forums. Ferret got me addicted suitably last week which I've already passed on to another friend. Assuming no one else pops up with interest in the last clan spot, I'm going to try to make a decent attempt. If anyone else is interest in the clan spot, I'll bow out. My best showing so far was Lvl 12 DD Ne who was built like a tank until I died in the Swamp.

Sorry Omrii, KidC beat you to it on Clan #1. If we can get even 2 more others though, you could start another clan with them.

KidC: I've added you in, you should be there next update. (It says Omrii right now because I put carts before horses sometimes. :P)

I'm gonna roll a troll monk and go for either Mahk or Oka (probably oka for the hopeful dragon armours), I figure not many will try trolls or monks so why not. Plus I love playing trolls, so much fun early game with all the carnage... too bad their late game isn't exactly great. I have vent and steam so let me know if people are ever on.

Whoa, I thought it started tomorrow. No surprise elliptic already has a win. Guess I'll start out easy with a SpEn and a Naga Conj/Fire. The spell books changed, do any of the spellcasters start with meph and a decent attack spell still?

Ice Conjurers get:

Magic Dart, Throw Frost, Mephitic Cloud, Static Discharge, Lightning Bolt, and Bolt of Cold.

Only problem in there is the "decent" ones might be a little *too* decent for early use unless you go Vehumet or play a supercaster race.

Well that's done. My pre-tournament HuCj just left the dungeon with the orb and 3 runes. http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Fe... Now I can finally start playing for the clan.

To celebrate, I made this video of my character raiding the final orb chamber in Zot:5. Yes, he is a mage and he did (accidentally) pick up some unarmed skill! But he prefers Orb of Destruction, as you'll see...


Well, that was my first death of the Tournament, to Edmund. I had just found a +5 ring of dex too

Also, I'm Mixolyde on Steam for chat purposes. Sometimes I'm on our IRC server, too.