APF2k8 - Legends League S2 - Week 4

Week 4 has already begun. Good luck everyone.

Gumbie already gave me my weekly ass-whooping so I'm just posting here so I can keep track of the thread in "My Recent Posts"

DS, I think we're up next....I'm available after 10 pm EST many nights, depending on my boy's willingness to sleep and my wife's willingness to do something other than watch the TV! I'll try to be on tonight...11pm EST might be a good starting time for me if you're around. If not, we'll just keep our eyes peeled. The weekends I can be on later...

I can probably swing that today, otherwise Saturday. I'll pop on tonight.

Wait, just looked on the web and it says Chris and Frankie only played 2 games.

Wonder what it says via the game.

Whoops, posted this in the wrong week!

Wow. I think I needed that little spanking. Fred's Goats seriously exposed my team. After trading opening TD's, he just kept scoring, and I just kept turning the ball over. Coates fumbles away a long pass, and then Montana throws three picks. I forgot who my running back is...

Goats 35 Gunslingers 21 (and it was nowhere near that close!)

Good game, Fred!

DSGamer wrote:

Wait, just looked on the web and it says Chris and Frankie only played 2 games.

Wonder what it says via the game.

I noticed that. The standing in the game are right, but seemed dorked on the web site.

Well, firesloth and I played a very odd game. At a couple given points I was up by 21 points thanks to his starred cornerbacks being unable to deal with Ben Coates.

But he passed his way back into it on the strong arm of Steve Grogan and an amazing kick return by Rod Woodson. In the end I won 42 - 35 in a bit of a shootout.

125.5 QB Rating 65.6% 288 yards 3 TD 0 INT


97.9 QB Rating 57.9% 347 yards 2 TD 2 INT

So how did I win a game where I lost the turnover battle and Rod Woodson made an amazing touchdown run? 18.3 yards per completion for Cunningham. Which means like olden days Ben Coates went crazy. Great game, firesloth. Looking at the stats it's weird. I don't know how I was up by 21 ever. My stellar D, I suppose.

I can't emphasize enough how cool the kick return by Woodson was. I've had some kickoff returns for touchdowns, but they're usually of the variety where my no-name kick returner sweeps around the end, gets some lucky blocks, the D overcommits to the other directon and off he goes.

This was firesloth controlling Woodson, throwing a spin move down on me, smartly following a great block and then bursting through a hole. I really really wish APF2k8 had saved films like Halo 3. I hope if there's an APF2k9 they implement this. I may have one, but I really want to see that play again.

Oh, and once again Marcus Allen is virtually worthless. No improvement over Okoye. I wish I had Okoye back.

That was a fun game, DS, as always!

It didn't really feel as close as the final score. I got my last TD right at the 2 minute warning. I'd already used all my time-outs, so I really had no shot short of getting an on-side kick. So, most of the game I was down by 14 or more. Your 28 point second quarter really killed me, as you might imagine!

My defense just did not stop DS, especially Ben Coates. I'd have a silver LB and a bronze SS doubling him, and it didn't really matter. One time I even had a generic CB in that mix, and he caught a pass in the middle of three players. He had some really huge catches...I see catches here of 19, 12, 30, 50, 69, 17, 53 yards...those 30/50 yarders were back to back! I played mostly man-to-man on him, because the 50 and 69 yard plays were against the zone! Ugh.

Then there was the one effective Marcus Allen run where I was controlling the LB that met him in the hole....see, it's good to let the computer do things, because I promptly did something stupid, diving my LB into the ground so that Allen could scamper for 48 yards. Ugh.

Well, I had two goals coming into this season: 1) Finish at or above 0.500; and 2) Be the team with the fewest or second fewest points scored against (my D was not so great last season). I may have to come up with some better goals!! The first will be hard. The second I was on track for...but DS scored more points against me than the previous three opponents combined.

The good news? Due to scores at about the 2 min warning in two games, all my losses have been by one score or less!

Hey, ho, Let's go! Chris, Bagga?? Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah, we're at a week now. I can start a week 5 thread, we can all begin our games, then I can roll the week forward officially once they play. Or we can decide they had their chance, especially seeing as we haven't even seen them on this thread attempting to get a game going.

Indeed...Chris?? Bagga?? Let's play!

I'll be checking online tonight to get the game in. Sorry guys!

Just sent bagga a PM... Again: Sorry guys!!!

Bagga must have been scared. He didn't show up or respond to any of my messages

Sorry, my site-reading frequency has dropped. I'm not happy about that. Anyway, care to play tonight?

Sure thing Bagga... I should be home by about 6pm EST. If you have a specific time in mind after that, just let me know.

Of course, I'm not sure when I'll be home. I was planning on getting home in time for Gears 'n Beers, so if the game's full maybe we can get our game in then? That or tomorrow all day, I'm available for my ass-whuppin.

Looks like week 4 is in the books.

Looks like I got rizzed.