Alienware curved display 2880 x 900 res. Wow!!

This is probably one of the most amazing prototype monitor I have ever seen. It's DLP. Technology is moving so quickly. I must have one. No MSRP on it yet but I can see it being probably around the $1500 mark. I still want one!

More pictures and video after the jump...

Engadget Article: Alienware curved display


I'm wondering what that covered "thing" is in front of the keyboard.. also.. DLP with OLED? eh?

Either that's the projector or a center speaker.

So they're using OLED as a light source for a DLP chip inside a foot thick curved cabinet?

DLP explains the poor contrast and black level. I guess it's easier to pack in a super thin OLED rather then a lamp of some form - should be able to cycle the OLED through R->G->B instead of using a color wheel.

In this video you can see the 4 distinct sections of the screen. I'd bet they're using 4 separate DLP + OLED light engines for each screen segment to keep the edge optics from looking hideous.

Somehow, I doubt it'll be only $1500.

edit: it's just a covered box that the monitor is sitting on top of for some height.

That looks awesome. But a bit more height of the screen would be preferable I think.

sh*t I thought the monitor was on the table behind the box, not on top. Damn optical illusion.

So did I at first! Thought it was a FP DLP, which would make some sense with a curved screen - it'd just take up a crap ton of desk space.

I thought the exact same thing. That means it's much smaller than I originally thought. Sigh.

Gonna take one hell of a graphic card to drive that many pixels.

Next gen cards should be out by the time it's available so there's hope. For me, it won't matter unless the final product has significantly improved image quality. Pricing will probably make it a poor value vs. just picking up a decent 30" panel.

I know if you've always wanted one of those three screen setups this would be a viable alternative. More expensive yes, cooler than sh*t... absolutely!

Edwin wrote:

sh*t I thought the monitor was on the table behind the box, not on top. Damn optical illusion.

Nothing like showing off a top of the line monitor on cardboard box thats covered with a pillow case. That's classy all the way!

If it uses OLED for lighting, expect the price to be $3000+.

Yeah the price on that thing is going to be astronomical.

Wow the excitement is overwhelming or I should say the complete lack thereof.

For the same price, you could get a home theater projector and 100" diagonal screen. Sure, the resolution is less, but the picture is much larger.

That is an awesome screen though, nothing I would ever want but it's cool in it's own right

The article says it's just good old-fashioned LED, not OLED. OLED wouldn't even make sense in combination with DLP. And the covered object in front is, in fact, not in front, but underneath. It's just a cloth-covered stand. The projectors are internal to the whole unit. Gizmodo's article shows multiple angles in the photos.

And $1500 is quite conservative, especially if the thing has four DLP projectors. A standalone DLP front projector at 720p still goes for a grand these days. I'd say this thing is going to be $6500+ at the very least. Not counting the additional cost in making your PC capable of handling four displays.

In the end 2800X900 is still far less pixels than a 30" LCD running at 2560X1600 for more money and lower quality image...

Nice try.. its at the very least cool looking and would be ideal for SIM fans.

nsmike wrote:

Not counting the additional cost in making your PC capable of handling four displays.

Oh I'm sure the electronics make it look like a single display. They'd be plain bonkers to drive them individually.

As for price, I keep coming back to the fact that this is Alienware. It's going be a damned expensive, poor value piece of equipment.

What amazed me the most about this is the possible use of it. As Gameguru said simulation fans would be in heaven. Flight or Driving sims would be very cool. Even FPS games would be cool. Not certain how RTS or MMO fans would like it. So regardless of the quality of the equipment or the company it's the concept and the idea I am excited about more than anything.