A Republican Split

It would only work if we allowed them to get married.

The correct title is "mesosexuals," and no, they aren't gay just because their haciendas are impeccably decorated and they like pedicures.

I don't trust them. (I don't trust the Republicans either). I can show you every Republican saying the samething, but instead of universal health care, they'll cut taxes more. You wouldn't believe that.

The only reason I don't believe that is Bush II. He left the traditional "cut taxes, cut spending" Republican model in the dust with his "cut taxes, increase spending" agenda. This is far worse than any Dem I can think of, actually.

I'll need to have my faith in the Republican ability to maintain fiscal responsibility restored over time. But the Dems, despite dire Reaganite assertions to the contrary, never did the damage that Bush has done to the budget. I say give them a chance to screw it up.

Funkenpants wrote:

The correct title is "mesosexuals,"