APF2k8 - Legends League S2 - Week 3

On to week 3!

Good luck, everyone.

Jayhawker, we're up! Our defenses have a lot of similarities so this'll be an interesting match-up.

I'm available late nights, usually after about 10 pm EST.

That just may be doable. I leave for work at 11:30pm CST (12:30 AM your time), so we should be able to squeeze in a game this week. Tonight may be good for me.

Every time I think I am about to figure this game out, I play a pick-up game with DS, where he reminds me that I still don't know what the heck I am doing.

Grumpy when do you want to play our game. just let me know

Jayhawker -- Crap. Sorry I missed you tonight. Our boy was up late due to our crazy travel schedule over the last few days. I'll look for you tomorrow...

No prob. Will be up watching the Orange Bowl. If the Jayhawks are getting whomped, I'll be looking to take out my frustrations.

I'm Tivoing, so I can stop to play even if we are winning.

DS Gamer and myself played one of the (if not the most) wildest 2k8 games I've had yet.

I had several bad calls go against me, but for every bad thing that happened, two good things would happen. It was a hard fought game on both ends. I really had no business winning it, but lady luck kept me in the game all the way till the end. To give you an idea of how crazy it was, with less than 10 seconds to go till halftime the score was 21-7. At halftime the score was 21-20. Figure that one out.

Good game DS, it was fun playing with you and I really do hope we get a chance to play each other again in the postseason.

RuthlessMuffin truly lived up to his name last night. I couldn't get anything going on the ground and my defense was absolutely hopeless against his star-laden offense. The best I could do was the moral victory of finally avoiding a shutout in the second half.

Yeah, good game, Gumbie. I was going to do the write-up, but you beat me to it. That's a game I'm happy to lose. Okay, not happy. I could have done without the late picks and the inexplicable fumble before halftime, but you controlled the ball well with Simpson and absolutely deserved to win. And went and looked at your QBs' stats and he raised them for that game, I think. He has an overall QB Rating of 27, I think and yesterday was over 50. So he had his "best" game against me.

A W is a W. I'd take it if I were you. And I hope we meet again. Only 4 teams make the playoffs (it was either that or 8), so we'll see if we have the chops to make the cut. In a way the playoffs are right now. Like in college football.

Sorry, Firesloth. I missed you by two minutes. I'm checking Xbox Live via my laptop, while watching the game. Let me know if you still want to play tonight.

Good game, Firesloth! What started out at a defensive battle, got rolling in the second half.

We traded FG's on our first drives of the game, and there was no more scoring until I finally rode Okoye into the endzone late in the 2nd quarter to go up 10-3.

Things got interesting in the second half, as we started to trade some big plays. The key was was INTs my team was able to get, and we held on for a 23-17 win.

Okoye rumbled for another good day of 122 yards, which made up for a sub par day for Montana. Both QBs had trouble hitting WRs, and we relied on our TEs to pass the ball.

Yeah, great game Jayhawker.

I thought I was in very good shape getting the ball back down 3 with 2 minutes left. Last season and so far this season I hadn't really had much problems with INTs, but I came out and threw an interception on that first play in the 2-minute drill.

Well, then I thought I was okay when i got the ball back down by 6 with a full minute left. I tried to go too long twice then the same route twice in a row and couldn't get the first down.

It was a close game, but every time I thought I was coming back and might have a chance, you ran right over me to score again. I got lucky with redzone defense a few times, forcing FGs...otherwise it wouldn't have been nearly as close.

EDIT: An open request to Rod Woodson -- Develop some hands before the next game so those passes that hit you in said hands stay there...

Anyone else having problem logging in to the 2K site? I keep getting an "Unable to verfly login" error. But there is no where to actually log in. I just get the error.

It's probably Live. Users are experiencing more problems with Live this weekend.

Jayhawker wrote:

Anyone else having problem logging in to the 2K site? I keep getting an "Unable to verfly login" error. But there is no where to actually log in. I just get the error.

I had this. My history had a link to our League page. So, I could access stats and such even though I couldn't log in.

One more game and then it's on to week 4!

As a side note, please feel free to PM me, hit me up on Live, etc. if there is a problem with your game. Frankie and Chris apparently had a hell of a time playing this weekend. I'm happy to temporarily grant admin privileges to people having issues so they can reset their own games and get through the Live issues going on right now. We all trust each other, so it's not an issue. I would do it permanently, but don't want someone to make something happen accidentally. Lord knows I've had a couple goof ups myself.

Anyway, just let me know if getting the game done is a problem. Also remember that we have a flex schedule. It would be nice to wait for the final two teams, but I believe it's possible to play Week 4 games right now. Just an option in case.

Whoa...we have a flex schedule? Nice! Wait, what does that mean? Can I play any of my games at any time, or just +/- 1 week?

Yeah, we can play games at any time. Personally, I like going at it a week at a time. I like to see how the season progresses, and we make adjustments. But it is cool that if we are going to be gone awhile, or if one game takes forever, that we can get going on the next week.

I had an insane time playing Frankie. The connection died on us during our two first attempts, one of them with only 2 minutes to go in the 4th with the game practically tied.

It looked like the same thing might happen in our 3rd game, the black screen of death came up momentarily a few times during the first half, but the XBL gods were kind and allowed us to finally finish the game.

In the first half, I had my offense running like a well-oiled machine, and my defense wasn't too shabby. The half ended with me up 21 to 7. Then the Frankie storm came. Despite many near sacks, and play calling designed to thwart long throws, Frankie had no trouble taking the lead in the second half (He has taught me to hate play action fakes).

It's hard to really describe the 4th quarter without laborious detail, but with less than a minute to go, Frankie threw what should have been the game winning 70-yard touchdown, but luckily I was able to get my own 70-yard heave to Jerry Rice as time expired... craziness.

I'm glad you guys were able to play your game finally. Things are a bit rough with XBox Live and unfortunately 2k seems to add an extra layer to things such that if Live is hurting then 2k's service will really be hurting. It's painful right now to watching it load up my profile, etc. And that was just to log in and reset your game.

Bagga, Freds..you guys gonna play sometime this year?

Yeah. It's been over a week. Time to roll the week forward? Or at least take advantage of the flex schedule, start a week 4 thread and move on? What do you guys think?

Bagga and Freds got their game in last night. Grumpicus and I went ahead and played ours for week 4.

What Gumbie means is that we had a great conversation while I watched him roll over me on O and completely shut me down me with his D. Final score: 41-0.

Oh, then on we go.

Fred, let me know when you might want to play. I just sent a message through Live. Looks like I missed you by an hour. Not sure what kind of hours you are on. Me? Tomorrow night is my last day working for Walgreens!!! WooHoo!!! So I will have a pretty wide open schedule for awhile.

Then on Monday I once again become a full time student, hoping to pick-up a teaching degree in a couple of years.

Wow. I think I needed that little spanking. Fred's Goats seriously exposed my team. After trading opening TD's, he just kept scoring, and I just kept turning the ball over. Coates fumbles away a long pass, and then Montana throws three picks. I forgot who my running back is...

Goats 35 Gunslingers 21 (and it was nowhere near that close!)

Good game, Fred!

Is this from Week 3 or 4? We have a week 4 thread now.

Unless we'd like to consolidate to one thread. I'm just the facilitator.