College Hoops 2K8 - File Share

Part of my booty this Christmas was CH2K8. One of the first things I did when I started it up last night was check out the file sharing they have included this year.

It was much cooler than I had even thought it would be!

Basically, anything you can edit and save in your game can be shared over Xbox Live. Chants, Playbooks, Settings, and best of all, rosters are all part of what you can share. I was afraid I would have to do some searching to find a current set of rosters, but the game has a page on Xbox Live that has the Top 100 Files and Top 100 Users. Once there, you can see all of the files that have been uploaded, along with how often they have been downloaded and the rating they have gotten from users that have downloaded them.

Within minutes of booting the game up, I was hitting 3-pointers with Brandon Rush. I have always bought a memory card on eBay with the current rosters for $20 or so. The game is just better with real player names.

So even if I decide there are problems with this roster, I can search for better versions later, and it won't cost me a dime.

The game itself plays great. It does have a different feel than last year's, but not in a better or worse way. Not sure if we can take these rosters online, but I rarely play basketball online, as I am really bad at these games. Playing the CPU is more than I can handle as it is, as I really don't now the game well enough to even call plays A savvy player of Live would destroy me.

That is really cool, I've never played a College Hoops game but that fileshare is something most sports games should have

Very Interesting Ideas

Man is this the only thread?

Just picked this up yesterday for $5 at Gamestop. Community, at least over at Operation Sports, seems pretty active still. There was a 2010-2011 roster update on Feb 22 that's on 2kshare, at least for PS3.

March Madness finally caught up to me and I decided I needed to play something. Sure it's missing some of the newer features and graphics of NBA 2k11, but it still seems like there's a very complete game here start.

Even reading the one stickied thread at OS has a ton of specific suggestions for improving the game, like custom playbooks for your CPU opponents with the sucky plays taken out, that give the AI some balance to their offense and also positional plays that can highlight the stars of the team. Very interesting stuff.

And holy crap a complete playbook editor? And crowd cheer editor? Not even NBA2k has the playbook stuff, and of course EA's NCAA is missing a lot of this stuff that would really add atmosphere to the college game. Man I hope 2k gets the NCAA license back soon.