APF2k8 - Legends League S2 - Week 2

On to week two. Good luck everyone!

I just want to point out that, when frankie and I were in the lobby last night, I noticed that flexible scheduling was turned on. What that means is "you can play any round any time. If you can get all 8 of your games in on one night...go for it..... You simply join the lobby and if an opponent of yours is in there... challenge them. This is a nice feature so you do not have to wait for every one to finish each week." (Source)

Grump, you're the next in line to defeat me....If I don't play tonight, it may have to wait until after New Year, which is fine. Having said that, I'm not sure if I'll be on or not tonight, but I'll shoot you a message if I am.

frankie, I might could play late tonight if you can. Let me know.

EDIT: Just checked my stats for week 1.

Steve Bartkowski COM: 5 ATT: 23

OJ Simpson: ATT: 8 YARDS: 71

Looks like I need to get that ball in OJ's hands a little more and out of Bartkowski's.

I could probably play tonight, but I should be packing for tomorrow's 10-hour (counting stops) roadtrip to "grandma's house". If we can set a time in advance, I can schedule around it, but I can't really hang around waiting for a message. I'll be back online on 12/31 if not. Either way is fine with me.

Chris, going to another Blazers game tonight. So Saturday or Sunday would work best for me.

Grump -- How about we say *maybe* 11 pm EST. If I'm not on then, I won't be on until about 1/2/08. If you're not available then, well, I'll see you next year!

I'll check for you then +/- 5 min.

Firesloth: Last seen 6 minutes ago

I was online...

So, Grumpicus and I played to the same score I had last week: 10 v. 7, only this time I came out on top after finally managing to make a 40 yard FG.

This was an incredibly close game, meaning that it was a bit tense down to the wire. It was a game dominated by the RBs Earl Campbell (Grump) and O.J. Simpson. Campbell had 190 yards rushing, including one monster TD run for 72 yards in the 1st quarter. My leading tacklers were my strong safety followed by my free safety. Yeah, he ran over me.

I managed to score a TD late in the second quarter on a pass to Todd Christensen, my saving grace this game. He had 6 receptions. The rest of the team? Zero...0...yes, none. Simpson came in at 94 yards, but his 5.5 yards per carry was enough.

My game-winning FG came at 2:38 left in the 4th quarter. Grump had the ball with 40 sec or so left, but I managed to force him into a 4th down that he wasn't able to convert.

The stats and the play in this game were very close, with the exception of his larger rushing yardage and the big receiving day that Christensen had. Thanks for the great game, Grump!

Great write-up. Great game. Thanks, firesloth.

Bagga, if you check here, rather than last week's thread, I will be on around noon tomorrow. I can play earlier if you want.

I'll look for you around noon today.

And by noon, I meant noon central. I may be a few minutes late, but I'll check in.

Sorry, got caught up in a mother/daughter battle royale. Will check in now.

Good game, Bagga.

Well, similar to Bagga's game last week, we got shut down late in the fourth quarter. It was pretty much over by that point, as Bagga was facing a 4th and 20+ with less than two minutes left, and down by 11.

So my team can play pass defense. Bartowski's rating was 29.4 last week, and this week Elway was throttled to just an 8.8 rating. Of course, I am giving up a lot of yards on the ground. Bagga's Okoye averaged more than 5 yards a carry, and OJ Simpson averaged almost 8 yards a carry last week.

We had a pretty good game going in the first half. Bagga got on the board first with a nice 37 yard FG. I responded with a long Okoye screen pass for a TD. After that we held each other in check, until I mounted a nice 11 play drive (saved by a missed tackle on 4th and inches at midfield), capped by an 11 yard run up the gut with Okoye.

14-3, and I felt like I had control. So of course Rod Woodson runs the ensuing kick-off back for a TD, making it 14-10 going into the half.

We traded FG's in the third, and I finally finished off a drive with Okoye's third TD of the game to go up 24-13 with 3:32 left. That put Bagga in pass mode, and it got ugly from there.

DSGamer wrote:

Chris, going to another Blazers game tonight. So Saturday or Sunday would work best for me.

I'm actually going to be out of town tonight and tomorrow... but Monday or Tuesday anytime would be fine for me...
Or right now

I'm back earlier than I thought... maybe tonight DS?

ChrisLTD wrote:

I'm back earlier than I thought... maybe tonight DS?

Dang. Wish I would have seen this earlier. Just got back from hanging out with my mom, Christmas shopping and seeing a movie. I can do tonight until like 11:30 PST or maybe tomorrow after 3pm PST. Otherwise it will have to be later in the week.

Well, Chris and I played a good game. And odd game, but a good game. He was dominating me in terms of time of possession (I think this is going to be a running theme), but I eventually got Marcus going. Ben Coates wasn't my go-to guy this game. Dwight Clark, of all people, was. Chris played a great game. Made excellent use of Rocket Ismael (I wish I had him now) and I tried to give it to him via a couple missed PATs and a missed chippie field goal, but in the end found a way to scrap it out. Not sure how long that can last.

well me and fred will get our game in when he get back in town around the first of january