Mythos Update


For those that have Mythos account!

Hello Mythosians!
Great news! We have released a new update for Mythos today that adds tons of great new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It gives us great pleasure to present the following "patch notes" that detail some of the great things in this new version of Mythos. No need to reinstall, no need to download anything. Just log in and you will be automatically patched and ready to go.
* Guilds have been added! Speak to the Guildmaster in Tulin's Hope to start one at a cost of 5 Gold.
* Hardcore Mode has been added, for extra challenge! In Hardcore, when you die - your character is gone forever, so be careful!
* Elite Mode has been added. In Elite mode, monsters are faster, more aggressive, and tougher. Champions appear more often. You can only sell items for half of regular price.
- Note that Elite and Hardcore players cannot party or trade with players who do not match their setup, to preserve the economies of these different play styles.
* Re-specs are now allowed (although not in Hardcore or Elite mode) - speak to a Skillmaster in Stonehill or Tulin's hope. Re-specs are free from level 1 through 5, and above that, cost starts at 1 Gold and increases from there. There is a maximum of 3 re-specs beyond level 5
* Quests are now Trackable - check them in your log to view them onscreen at all times
* Maximum Questlog size increased to 8 quests.
* Hardware Mouse Cursors! This should make mouse response lightning fast. Hooray!
* Achievements system has been added - complete goals to earn equippable achievements that give you extra bonuses! Unlock a new achievement slot every 10 levels
* Emotes - there is an emote button above the chat pane that will show you the options
* Zivia's Puzzle Box!
* Party Finder – post your party and description and meet some new friends! You can also post yourself as looking for group to the list.
* Ignore List is now account-based and actually saves.

* Mossy Gothic Tileset.
* Sand Temple Tileset.
* Goblin City Tileset.
* 2 New Boss Battles.
* Many new monsters.
* New monster spawn layouts for Zone 2 that are much imporved.
* New Gadgeteer Dusters and Mage gear - including non-robe Mage gear.
* Tulin's Hope has guard patrols.
* New socketable gemstones.
* New level decorations and breakables in zone 2 outdoors.
* Lots of new sounds.
* Many particle updates.
* A few new quests

* Quest titles are color-coded by difficulty relative to your level.
* Maximum town player population has been increased.
* Chat instance size has been increased.
* Faster auto-map performance.
* You can purchase directly to equipment slots if they are empty.
* Ants are now more interesting as monsters.
* Zombies now no longer crawl out of the same hole.
* Skills only charge mana once they have fired, so you don't lose mana if interrupted during a warmup.
* You can now see party member mana.
* Chat box now waits a second before fading in, and does not fade in if LMB is down.
* Questlog improved - shows the full text of quests.
* Quest system streamlined - no more multiple clicking to accept quests! Quests automatically advance to the next chained quest too, so you don't have to re-click on the NPC.
* Chat enhancements. (context prefix, auto switch to pane when chatting to a different pane, etc.)
* All buildings/props now have bottom faces for nicer vanity views.
* Bargain Hunter shows you item requirements, and has a new icon to help identify him.
* Hirelings can have equipment and can be healed (use CTRL-hotkey to quickly heal them with potions from your Active Bar, or drag from your inventory onto their portrait.)
* Improved travel menu lists locations on the right. You may travel by clicking directly on the name. Additionally, legs of the journey are color coded to show you the furthest extent to which you may warp.
* Luck and Speed Bonuses displayed in details pane.
* Changing options that require restart should notify you that this is the case.
* Random quest-giver has better loot, and 3 choices.
* Chat box background is a little more opaque.
* Anchorstone can be placed in your Active Bar.

* Leveling rate improved - monsters now give about 30-35% more XP.
* Monsters about 15% tougher.
* Rifle damage nerfed past level 7 or so - it was pretty excessive.
* Partied players now get 100% credit for each monster kill.
* Quest XP balanced where it was ridiculously low (or oddly high).
* Trinkets now appear with higher level random stats at later levels.
* Trinkets have varying level requirements - low-level trinkets have no level requirement.
* Fang Rexes, Tongued Lashers, Boars have improved HP.
* Flaming Fist now has a higher interrupt chance, making it more useful.
* Early quest ranges re-leveled to take into account our faster leveling rates.
* Epic dungeons no longer give solo players full party credit (it was 3x!) for each kill.
* Mage robes now get damage effect affixes.
* Hollow Archer damage and refire speed reduced, accuracy reduced as well.
* Wider hit buffer on attack ranges to give you a better chance of hitting fleeing monsters.
* Pathing is improved when pathing to unreachable locations.
* More revised level layouts to make different level types more distinct.
* Item colors have been reorganized - the current progression is Green->Blue->Purple->Gold->Yellow(Unique)

* Friends list actually scrolls now, and properly sorts by tab.
* Several memory leaks repaired.
* Various network connectivity and stability fixes that we inherited from Hellgate. Thanks, guys!
* When going to a map location which you cannot fully warp to, you will begin walking at the nearest location - not the beginning!
* Pet icons shouldn't disappear, and neither should party members if they are on the same level.
* Monsters now respond to hits outside of their range - no more potshotting them at the corner of the screen!
* Disappearing item bug should be fixed.
* Pets shouldn't lurk in town after logout.
* Hopeful fix for the unloadable characters?
* Student Shoulders and Master Shoulders fixed.
* Sky in intro scene shouldn't look crummy on Low quality shaders.
* Many quest fixes.
* Blurry texture in Heath clearing fixed.
* Attempted fix for that nasty cave corner where everything gets stuck.
* Fixed up some of the crummier item affixes.
* Various incorrect skill icons fixed.
* Satyr male chain coif fixed.
* NPC satyrs now have horns.
* Fixed weird disappearing bosses with out of range resistances.
* Fixed irritating map bug that made it difficult to click on a location.
* Fixed goblin runt starting levels.
* Fix for some improperly leveled dungeons.
* Several bugs with Hireling damage and speeds fixed.
* Fixed monster poisons.
* Failed trades now show a proper message instead of a window that blinks immediately off.
* Fixed some oddly fullbright models.
* Tongued Lashers can stun again.
* Spin buttons on character select larger.
* A ridiculous ton of skill fixes and balancing.
* Stuck skills can now get "˜unstuck' by casting the skill again.
* Warping champions now don't do it so often.

* Piercing Barrage was often doing double damage, as well as too much of that. Fixed. Also doesn't do infinitesimal poison damage in early tier.
* Suppression and Mind Control widgets now no longer target the same monster.
* Blood Command missiles show proper speed on client.
* Flame Serpents third node damage bonus doubled.
* Razor Aura reduces max mana by 25% while on.
* Human male Gadgeteer Deafening Shot animation fixed.
* Bauble trap has a little less health.
* And many, many more balance changes! More than we can remember to list.

* The Friends system has been rebuilt, and so you will need to reconstruct your Friends list on your next login. The new system remains account based, but is much improved on the server side.

Huh. I may have to get back into this one. Haven't touched it on months... I wonder if my character is still active...

This looks like it might be fun. Signed up for beta, what are the chances of me getting an Email saying I'm in?

Is there a GWJ Guild?
I have 1 extra beta invite send me your email.

Hey Slytin, pass that beta invite here!

I need email addresses
Send me a message.

No more invites.

I have 4 invites for interested parties. PM an email if you fall under this.

I just signed up today - should be a decent timekiller :).

I have 2 invites, PM me w/ email address to receive em. First come first serve!


invites claimed, thanks!

Got my invite from AnimeJ. Thanks!

So, is this the game Hellgate London should've been ? Surely its surpassed HGL in polish by now, and it uses a no-nonsense, Diablo-style, pseudo-isometric perspective...

shihonage wrote:

So, is this the game Hellgate London should've been ? Surely its surpassed HGL in polish by now, and it uses a no-nonsense, Diablo-style, pseudo-isometric perspective...

Hate to say I told you so but I called this about a year ago when I heard that Mythos was the original Fate wedded to HellGate's network archtecture. If Mythos stays free then HG is basically useless. It's the same bloody gameplay but with cutesy fantasy graphics and waaaay better at apeing Diablo. I just installed Mythos tonight and got SUCKED in for a few hours.

shihonage wrote:

So, is this the game Hellgate London should've been ? Surely its surpassed HGL in polish by now, and it uses a no-nonsense, Diablo-style, pseudo-isometric perspective...

The thing about Mythos is that it started as a test bed for the tech used in HGL. Since then, it has definitely surpassed it in polish, and is a much better game overall. However, I'm still not much of a fan of either. Mythos is a Diablo clone, and HGL is.. well.. just not good. Graphically, it's way behind where it should be, and the world just feels so flat. I'm sure the folks at Flagship can fix all of that, but they've lost me.

I'm starting a GWJ guild send me a message in game. Names Slytin.

I've got one more beta invite available, if anyone is interested. PM w/ email address!


both are claimed, I'll post again if any more show up.

I finally used the beta key that a kind goodjer sent me. Created a Goblin Gadgeteer. Something about handling a gun while wearing shades, smoking a cigar, and being 3 feet tall was really appealing.

My account name is Vector and my character name is Dalat.

Can I get a guild invite?

HCE - Khyron
HCE - Zandar
HCE - Josey_Wales

I have gotten the HCE bug since playing it in HGL - never thought I would go down that path. However, once I tried it was hard to play the other way...

I just spent about a good two hours playing and I must say this is an A+ game after the update. Hard to believe that Mythos and HGL are from the same company. Do not get me wrong I love HGl, but if feels like HGL should be the one in beta and Mythos the release product.

Also the achievement system rocks!

I've still got two more invites to interested parties; same MO, pm me an email address if ya want one.

Oh, this is where all the Mythos talk is happening. I never venture into the MMORPG forum for fear of WoW relapse.

The guild functions could be a lot better. Slytin is the guild leader and the only one that can invite. Hopefully they can be sent to offline people.

Well Zandar bit the dust a level 8 HCE; however, has been reborn as Zandar again!!!

Can I get a guild invite?

HCE - Khyron
HCE - Zandar
HCE - Josey_Wales
SC - Cheron

Decided I needed a SC toon to play when I start making stupid mistakes - usually there is only one!

I sent out a bunch of invites.

Requesting an invite now that I have a PC that'll run it.

All out of invites here. I'll keep a periodic eye out for more.

Are any of you guys playing somewhat regularly? I have a beta account and enjoyed soloing for the first few hours but after my third character I got bored. Playing with others would help a lot I think.

Scaphism wrote:

Are any of you guys playing somewhat regularly? I have a beta account and enjoyed soloing for the first few hours but after my third character I got bored. Playing with others would help a lot I think.

I have an account, but I haven't logged in in quite some time. I love the game, but just can't get into it. More people might help, but I don't really have the time to invest into another online game; I'm already having to choose between WoW and my pile of Shame.

The game had a "WOW" (meaning cool, not World of Warcraft) feeling for a couple days but I grew somewhat tired of it. I think it was the overwhelming feeling of having too much to do! I hate when NPCs tell me I can't help because I have too much to do already!

I probably will give the game another chance down the road but for now I'm having fun with the games I have. Eventually I'll hit a bottleneck in all of the GW campaigns and I'll need somewhere to cry for a bit.

I play somewhat regularly. I scratches the Diablo itch and I enjoy how my character looks.

Thanks for the guild invite.

If anyone is playing regularly I will be happy to give guild leadership to them.

I needs me a guild invite!


I've got a couple of guild invites, if anyone still wants.