Recommend an old white guy some Hip-Hop.

The Most Important Hip-Hop Song of 2004

Chapter taken from Shea Serrano's upcoming book The Rap Year Book.

If all the chapter's carry over this humor, count me in.



If we let the darkies in, they'll ruin the sanctity of the game.

The kid made a charity for homeless coats.

Of all the rappers, Chance? Hilarious.

Thirteenth wrote:

Of all the rappers, Chance? Hilarious.


"Racist, offensive old white man spouts some ignorant bullsh*t"

RIP Afeni Shakur.

This is a THREE YEAR "Arise Thread!"


Well, anyway, there's been so much released since the last time I posted here, but man, Tyler the Creator's Igor is a really, really cool album.

Also, Bandana by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib.

Specifically, Cataracts. Holy sh*t.

I love MadLib, Madvillain, MF Doom is my fav and it ain’t close, and Quasimoto. A friend suggested them last year, except for Doom. That [adult swim] album by Danger Doom introduced me to him and I’ve been hooked ever since.

So I'd been sleeping on Lizzo, and am now a motherf*cking STAN.

Prederick wrote:

Also, Bandana by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib.

Specifically, Cataracts. Holy sh*t.

Srsly tho. This is my favorite rap track of 2019.

This has been a summer of Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs and Your Old Droog for me

Prederick wrote:

So I'd been sleeping on Lizzo, and am now a motherf*cking STAN.

Yeah a friend showed us the NPR concert this weekend and my wife made a Pandora station and wow.

My wife (who now self-identifies as "100% that bitch") is so far down the Lizzo-hole that I'm entirely burned out on her.

This album is very good this one right here dummy

Lizzo is so dope!

A few weeks ago an album came out by Murs and 9th Wonder. The album is called The Iliad is Dead and the Odessy is Over. Los Angeles based. G-funk and Jazz beats. Guest appearances by Rapsody and others. And it’s excellent.


Children of Wu-Tang. You can hear their fathers' style, but evolved. This one is a banger.

Duckworth is so good:

New Clipping! Thanks for the heads-up Ruhk!

Dark Lo's new album American Made might be his last for a while.. as he was arrested on Witness Intimidation in his OBH boss Ar-AB drug trial. Both are probably going a way for some time. Shame since they both have talent.

Benny (featured above) and his Buffalo, NY partner Conway the Machine guest on Styles P new album.

Killarmy keeps popping up with new singles.. makes me wonder if they might finally release a new album after a long silence. Feels like with the various Wu Tang television projects the various Wu Family groups are active again.

So, after getting infected by COVID-19 and (thankfully) recovering, DJ Jazzy JEff is doing live sets every Saturday. They are unsurprisingly amazing.

Nice, love it. My ten year old thinks it's weird.

To be fair, Jazzy Jeff is absolutely playing songs for the 30-and-up set.

DEBBY FRIDAY is legit. If you're into the Clipping./Death Grips scene you are almost guaranteed to enjoy DEBBY's work.

Ethereal Esoteric of CZARFACE makes food poisoning super funny.

Rattatat-tatted and all the puke and ish scattered